Cool Hunting Video Presents: The International Banana Museum: From soda to silverware, a look inside the largest collection of banana items on Earth

Cool Hunting Video Presents: The International Banana Museum

There are many interesting and odd things to be found off the shores of the dying Salton Sea in southern California but maybe one of the most unique is the International Banana Museum. Recently transplanted from Culver City, the museum occupies a squat building on the side of the…

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Charge Custom Saddles: Mash up your seat specs with the British bicycle maker’s online platform

Charge Custom Saddles

After dropping Stateside just over a year ago, the UK’s Charge Bikes has continued to impress with a full range of titanium mountain bikes, urban commuters and freestyle fixed gears, not to mention a comprehensive range of components. Today, Charge launches a new online customization platform for their award-winning…

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Philips Partners with Apple on Their Own Wi-Fi-Enabled, User-Controlled Colored Bulb


Remember the LIFX, the wi-fi-enabled smart LED bulb? While its Kickstarter funding period ended two weeks ago (well past its $100,000 target with $1.3 mil in pledges), there’s no word on when production will begin; on November 12th the LIFX team wrote that “It’s not possible to make final [production decisions] until we perform detailed thermal modeling and standardized measurements of light output, color rendering index, white balance agility, etc.”

In the meantime Philips has been stumping for their own wi-fi-enabled, color changing offering, the Hue bulb. Interestingly, one of their marketing points is that you can select the output color (using an iDevice) via a method that will be familiar to Photoshop eyedrop tool users. Check it out:

Being the corporate giant that they are, Philips has adopted an interesting marketing technique: They’ve chosen to make the device available only through Apple Stores (both online and brick-and-mortar), taking preorders now and shipping in several months. At 200 bucks for a three-bulb starter pack the things ain’t cheap, though they’re about the same cost as the LIFX’s initial $69 Kickstarter buy-in.

Rogue retailers, by the way, are re-selling Hues through Amazon at an usurious $100 per bulb; it remains to be seen if Philips will crack down.

On LIFX’s Kickstarter comments page, some expressed skepticism about this project; but internet trollage aside, if Philips has thrown their weight behind a similar concept, you can bet they’ve concluded there’s a market. Now we’ll have to see whether it’s David or Goliath that wins this early battle in the smartbulb war.


CH Gift Guide: Kids and Pets: Feline turntables, Hello Kitty plants and toy skate soldiers from the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

CH Gift Guide: Kids and Pets

The may be short in stature, but you still need to give them presents. (If you’ve ever tried to shortchange a well behaved toddler or a treat-deserving terrier, you know what we mean). Kids and pets can be a troubling demographic for both parents and masters, which is why we’ve…

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In Brief: Alexander Wang to Balenciaga, Magnus Berger Joins WSJ., Awards Roundup

Rucci Redux. Looks from Alexander Wang’s spring 2013 collection.

• Wake the kids and phone the neighbors: Alexander Wang is taking the creative helm at Balenciaga. Look for the PPR-owned house to make it official next week, according to WWD. Wang will replace Nicolas Ghesquière, whose departure was announced earlier this month and becomes effective today. Wang’s brand has soared in recent years, staking out a lucrative turf between contemporary and designer pricing. His spring 2013 collection ripped off borrowed liberally from the design signatures–if not the technical prowess–of Ralph Rucci, a true innovator in the mold of Cristobal Balenciaga himself.

Paula Scher and Seymour Chwast are the recipients of this year’s Collab Design Excellence Award, bestowed annually by a collaboration of design professionals supporting the modern and contemporary design collections at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Past winners of the award include Zaha Hadid, Alberto Alessi, and Philippe Starck. Scher and Chwast receive their award tomorrow at the museum, where they’ll inaugurate an exhibition of their work that opens to the public on Sunday.

• Fans of The Last Magazine will be particularly excited to learn that the publication’s co-founder Magnus Berger is headed to WSJ. as the magazine’s new creative director. Look for his fresh look to debut with the February 16 issue.

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Gad Scott Tal’s Wood and Leather Flashlight


A tactical flashlight it ain’t. Designer Gad Scott Tal’s Flashlight No. 01 is made from reclaimed wood, burnished with beeswax, and finished with leather and brass details.


Originally commissioned for a benefit auction by the Bay Area’s Headlands Center for the Arts, the No. 01 will be put into production by Tauro, Tal’s high-end leather goods company.

“Initially, it might be enjoyed as a curio,” says Tal, “but its practicality would likely be realized during the next rolling blackouts.”



Word of Mouth: Toronto Soul Food: Five local spots to taste the American South in the Great White North

Word of Mouth: Toronto Soul Food

by Ryan B. Patrick Befitting Toronto’s large size and multicultural makeup, the types of cuisine one might find in the energetic northern metropolis are as diverse as they are flavorful. As counterintuitive as it may seem, the city is home to an impressive range of soul food options—as far as…

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Daily Obsesh: Fold Over Tote

imageAccessories such as handbag plays a huge role in your outfit for color and style. That is why it is important to have a stylish and creative bag in handy to complete your fashion. Our favorite pick today is this Leather Fold Over Tote from Maison Martin Margiela. What looks like a plain rectangular bag with two handles becomes a trendy prism shaped clutch when it is folded over. The bright and vibrant coral color creates more fun and unique feel, making this tote bag stand out even more.


I’m starting to get the hang of it…

Dezeen Music Project: Die For Your Love by Atomic League

We’re ending the week on Dezeen Music Project with this lush electronica track by Glasgow artist Atomic League. Die For Your Love builds up to a gentle crescendo with catchy melodies and syncopated drum rhythms layered over the big, pulsating synth at the track’s heart.

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