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Having some fun for a feature article in UPPERCASE magazine!


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saw this poster on my way to work. Kinda made me chuckle. Watch all 4 episodes of SPIKED HEEL!

Which Hollywood Starlet Had The Most Radiant Oscar Red Carpet Hairstyle?

While this year’s Oscars may have gone to the Slumdogs, everyone was a winner on the red carpet when it came to show-stealing looks in fashion and beauty. While we’ve already gone ga-ga over the gorgeous gowns that floated from the carpet to the stage on all of Hollywood’s stunning starlets, everyone knows that an Academy Award ensemble isn’t complete without an equally glamorous up-do. After all, a girl’s got to look just as breathtaking in her close-ups! From elegant swept-back styles like Best Actress winner Kate Winslet’s to chic side buns like Marisa Tomei’s and loose and tousled half-down waves like Jessica Biel’s, award show-worthy hair may look like a million bucks, but according to Frederic Fekkai stylists Renato Campora and Adir Abergel, creative coifs like these don’t need to cost an arm and a leg — in fact, you can even do it yourself with the right products and tools! First, vote on your favorite Oscar hairstyle below, then click “Read More” to see how you can achieve these red-carpet ravishing looks at home with tips straight from the pros!
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bags that protect by 959

959 the new re-d. brand launches its collection of bags made entirely out of recycled seatbelts. 959 establishes new relationship rules in the world o..

Kevin McCullagh: Design and the Depression

Kevin’s got a great piece in the April Blueprint, entitled Design and the Depression. Here’s the (bitter) sweet spot:

But the Bring-On-The-Slump crowd are equally self-indulgent. Recessions are marked by bankruptcies, mass unemployment, house repossessions and general misery, not by moral renewal. A mean-spirited Puritanism lies behind those beckoning recession.

Their outlook reveals a shocking detachment from economic and historical realities. The recessionistas just don’t get it, they have not grasped the depth of the economic crisis we face. This is no mere downturn, blip or ‘natural correction’; it’s a process that will last years. It could inflict a terrible toll on the profession. No doubt these commentators come from the kind of backgrounds that weren’t blighted by previous busts, but few practising designers and architects will be able to maintain such glorious indifference in the face of the coming havoc.

The prospect facing young designers is particularly bleak. Ian Cochrane, director of Tice group and former managing director of both Fitch and Landor Europe, recently gave a clue to what might happen. He recommended that design agencies should consider a three-day week, and advised design students to ‘get out of this business… [which] does not need you’.

Read the whole thing here.


Let go of your clutter crutches

Regular readers of the website may have noticed that I use the words “terrific” and “wonderful” in almost every Workspace of the Week description. I didn’t realize I did this until a co-worker pointed it out to me, and now I cringe at the sight of those words in my writing. They’re stale and lack the punch of much more descriptive choices. Terrific! Wonderful! Ugh.

The more I think about these vocabulary crutches, the more I realize I have similar crutches in other areas of my life. Some of these crutches are good — like when I need a friend to listen, I turn to the same trusted people again and again — but others aren’t so positive. In fact, most of my crutches create clutter in my life.

For example, when I am really busy at work, the first thing I cut out of my day are magazine and newspaper reading. All incoming magazines are stored in a “to read” Stockholm project case and hang out with the idea that I’ll read them when things calm down. Except, when things calm down, I have that day’s reading materials to tackle and not enough time to read two week’s worth of information. I have a project case to hold my “to read” materials, but no set plan to ever empty the case. Weeks and months pass, the box becomes jammed packed, and I end up tossing the materials straight into the recycling bin without ever looking at them. My crutch is this box, and all it does is create clutter.

Each day for the next seven days, I’m going to try to eliminate one clutter crutch from my life. I’m going to look at how the problem came to be, what is wrong with the situation, and how I can change my behavior to immediately deal with the clutter. I’m also going to try not to use the words “terrific” and “wonderful” in my writing or speech.

What clutter crutches do you have in your life? If you’re game, make a seven-day commitment with me to banish these clutter creators!

(Thanks to Michelle who writes Design Evolution for inspiring me to do something about my terrific and wonderful vocabulary!)