David Rockwell Brings NYC to LA in Oscars Greenroom


How do you luxe up a windowless room in the bowels of Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre? Architectural Digest poses this question to one designer each year as it creates a backstage lounge for the Oscars. The task of creating the AD Greenroom (the 12th!) for the 2014 Academy Awards (the 86th!) went to David Rockwell. Having perhaps exhausted his interest in Hollywood Regency and cinema magic through his work on the on-stage proceedings, Rockwell looked to New York City loft living as inspiration.

Faced with the equivalent of a basement studio, he focused on “urban simplicity, but married with film glamour.” The latter came in part from actress Susan Sarandon, who helped select works from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences archive that line the walls: on one side, a wall of screens powered by Rockwell LAB software display digital images from socially conscious, Oscar-winning, and Oscar-nominated films, while on the other side, 14 framed works features images from classic screwball comedies—one of Sarandon’s favorite genres.

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iF Design Awards Top 20 Gold Winners

Its way past midnight as I file this report, I have just got back from a spectacular evening spent at the BMW Welt, Munich. BMW opened its doors to the iF Design Awarding Ceremony. Designers from all across the world were present for the event; about a thousand design-inspired folks were present at the event. Highlights of the evening was the 75 iF Design Award Gold winners who had come to collect their award. And of course the master of them all Ralph Wiegmann.

Glittering trophy in hand and fingers pointing to their name on the winner’s wall, was a sight to be seen! This is my second trip to Munich and I must congratulate Ralph and his team for pulling off such a great show. Well timed and precise there were only a few key things to do (of the winners)… collect their awards, get the Year Book, Pose at the Name-on-wall and the official photo booth. Last but not the least: eat amazing food and dance the night away. Perfect recipe for a fun evening! More updates and pictures on my 3-day trip will be posted next week, but for now just go through my recap of best iF Design Award Gold Winners.

MINI Kapooow! – Installation by BMW

The MINI Paceman installation looks smashing and was showcased at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2013.

My Taxi by Hyundai Card

The “My Taxi” is a taxi adjusted to the urban setting and inhabitants of Seoul, following the concept “Small, Spacious, Smart”.

Social Kitchen by Alt Group

For the Social Kitchen 2012, guests embarked on a linear food journey along a custom 65 m kitchen to hunt, gather, store, prepare, cook, cool, clean and share. On the journey guests interacted with Fisher & Paykel designers and engineers about the experience at hand and their memories of food, cooking and life lived around the products. The insights gathered from these interactions will influence future generations of appliance design.

Metronomis LED Range by Philips Design

Metronomis LED is the first street lighting range in the world to offer a palette of environmental lighting effects to give projects a unique contextual or esthetic touch.

Lifeline GoSafe, HomeSafe by Philips Design

HomeSafe is a range of wearable help buttons that enable voice communication with the Lifeline help service.

DesignLine PDL8908S/12 by Philips Design

The Philips DesignLine PDL8908S/12 combines uncompromised picture quality performance with groundbreaking dimensions, making it the most enjoyable viewing experience on the market. The innovative use of full glass integration within the design of the DesignLine PDL8908S/12 allows the LED TV to blend seamlessly into any interior, while also communicating a high performance television.

NOVA by Lunar

Nova is a climbing wall that redefines training at home through a new take on design expression and a compelling interactive interface.

XS Quattro by Tatic Designstudio S. R. L.

This very slim door fitting with integrated access control and card reader unites various functional areas with modern design while offering space for all essential components.

SmartHeater by BALMUDA Inc.

SmartHeater is a unique aluminum radiator heater, which warms the room gently by convection and radiant heat.

TRACE + NICE by Tobias Grau GmbH

The TRACE track system permits a sequence of spots and pendant lamps.

Vakka by Aalto + Aalto

Designers Elina and Klaus Aalto had an idea to create an esthetically pleasing container, that does not look too much like a container and lends itself for a variety of uses, including serving as a stackable piece of furniture

Leimu by Magnus Pettersen

The Leimu table lamp has been inspired by the striking combination of glass and concrete in modern architecture.

Ultimate Ears BOOM by NONOBJECT

Unlike most speakers, the Ultimate Ears BOOM is not designed to be a precious object made to passively entertain. It’s the center of action – passed around, held or hanging from a backpack.

ZERO 1 by Adamidesign

Wireless – Digital – High-end. ZERO 1, the first digital all in one horn speaker system in the world.

Fitbit Force by NewDealDesign LLC

Wireless activity and sleep wristband – comfortable and advanced Fitbit Force is the first and only wireless activity and sleep-tracking wristband featuring an OLED display with real-time access to all your activity stats including stairs; wirelessly syncs to leading Apple and Android devices.

G Flex by LG Electronics

The G Flex is conceptualized as a curved smartphone; to put it into commercialization, LG has newly developed all its major components, such as LCD and battery, to be bendable in shapes.

Formwork by Industrial facility

Formwork desk containers have been designed to help bring order to papers, tools, and artifacts – the things that surround us and allow us to be productive and comfortable.

Nike Studio Wrap by Nike Inc.

The Nike Studio Wrap is designed to help women make the most of workouts typically done in bare feet, including yoga, dance and barre.

Concept S-Klasse Coupé by Daimler AG

This S-Class Coupe study unites tradition and emotion in a symbolic embodiment of the Mercedes-Benz style of design: sensual purity.

Yumi by Shigeru Ban Architects

Yumi means bow in Japanese. Yumi is both delicate and strong: a clean design and simple shape that blend into a lightweight yet sturdy structure of composite material, wrapped in a carbon fiber coat with a surface brushed to a gloss finish.

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California Squares by Tim Ronca

Basé en Californie, le photographe Tim Ronca a fait la série intitulée « California Squares » pour représenter l’état dans lequel il habite sous un format carré. Quelques cactus, des vieilles voitures et des stations d’essence abandonnées au beau milieu du désert : voici un échantillon de la Californie.

California Squares 10
California Squares 9
California Squares 8
California Squares 7
California Squares 6
California Squares 5
California Squares 4
California Squares 3
California Squares 2
California Squares 1

Professional Juggler Creates Crazy Hinge System


Sweden-based Erik Åberg has created a rather crazy system of hinging cubes together. Even more interesting is his background: Åberg is a professional juggler.

There’s a subset of juggling done with not balls, but boxes: “Cigar box manipulation,” as it’s called, dates all the way back to the days of vaudeville, and we surmise it has led Åberg to his creation. Before we get there, we’ll show you what cigar box juggling looks like. The following video is of juggling legend Kris Kremo, and scanning through the video should give you the idea. (Don’t miss what he starts doing at 2:34!)


Dan Gluibizzi: Between Friends: NSFW watercolors inspired by how we pose for cameras and modeled on photos from across the internet

Dan Gluibizzi: Between Friends

Sex, bongs and the internet—these are the motifs explored in the watercolors of Portland-via-New York artist and Tumblr addict Dan Gluibizzi (pronounced “glue-busy”). Opening tomorrow, 1 March 2014, at LA’s ); return…

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Hyper Realistic Paintings by Joshua Suda

Focus sur le travail du peintre américain Joshua Suda qui peint des tableaux hyper réalistes en s’appuyant sur des photographies. Le rendu est incroyablement précis et le spectateur pourrait confondre une peinture avec une photographie. Une sélection de sa série est disponible sur son site et dans la suite de l’article.

Joshua Suda 15
Joshua Suda 14
Joshua Suda 13
Joshua Suda 12
Joshua Suda 11
Joshua Suda 10
Joshua Suda 9
Joshua Suda 8
Joshua Suda 7
Joshua Suda 6
Joshua Suda 5
Joshua Suda 4
Joshua Suda 3
Joshua Suda 2
Joshua Suda 1

Hibou, I love you


This vase is a radio. This radio is an elegant vase. Both are beautiful lies, because it is yet another heartbreakingly unavailable prototype and you can’t actually put flowers into it. Designed by Celia Torvisco and Raphael Pluvinage, the Hibou Radio is a smooth and tactile radio with a subtle and conductive paint job.


The ceramic base is screen printed with palladium in carefully arranged patterns, allowing you to control power, volume and channel with gentle finger swipes. While the materials and techniques involved are pointedly oldschool, the tactile interactivity feels like modern tech objects anyway. If you don’t naturally want to touch this thing I don’t know who you are anymore.


URBAN JUNGLE – 25hours Bikini Berlin Hotel

For 25hours hotels, one of the most advanced and innovative hotelmakers in the world Werner Aisslinger and his team created a concept which connects t..

3D Printed Animal Chair Miniatures

L’artiste espagnol Maximo Riera a imaginé une série de chaises miniatures imprimées en 3D à l’image de divers animaux. Des représentations très réussis utilisant la forme de l’éléphant, du rhinocéros ou encore du scarabée qui peuvent être achetées à la boutique de l’iO Art Gallery. Plus de détails dans la suite.

3D Printed Animal Chair Miniatures19
3D Printed Animal Chair Miniatures18
3D Printed Animal Chair Miniatures17
3D Printed Animal Chair Miniatures16
3D Printed Animal Chair Miniatures15r
3D Printed Animal Chair Miniatures15
3D Printed Animal Chair Miniatures14
3D Printed Animal Chair Miniatures13
3D Printed Animal Chair Miniatures12
3D Printed Animal Chair Miniatures11
3D Printed Animal Chair Miniatures10
3D Printed Animal Chair Miniatures9
3D Printed Animal Chair Miniatures7
3D Printed Animal Chair Miniatures6
3D Printed Animal Chair Miniatures4
3D Printed Animal Chair Miniatures3
3D Printed Animal Chair Miniatures2
3D Printed Animal Chair Miniatures20

Moncler Lunettes Mido 2014: Mens and womens sunglasses inspired by the 1950s styled for the slopes and the streets

Moncler Lunettes Mido 2014

Following up on their successful launch only a year ago, and a critically acclaimed partnership with Pharrell Williams in Autumn 2013, French-Italian outerwear and accessories company Moncler is expanding their…

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