New Year’s Then vs. New Year’s Now

New Year’s Then vs. New Year’s Now..(Read…)

Squirrel Pencil Sharpener

I like it.$14.75…(Read…)

Basset Hound Running in Slow-Motion

Just ignore the music and concentrate on that goofy face. Especially the close-ups after the 0:46..(Read…)

1968 Soviet Cosmonaut Survival Kit

NASA spent nearly 20 years developing a form of space ice cream that astronauts found palatable…(Read…)

A Map of the 124 United States of America That Could Have Been

Andrew Shears has created a map that shows 124 states that could have existed in America, big pic!..(Read…)

Female Bodybuilders by Martin Schoeller

Female bodybuilders by photographer Martin Schoeller, 43, who is perhaps best known for his..(Read…)

Skyscraper Candles

Skyscraper Candles designed by Jing Jing Naihan Li, a 32-year-old designer, who’s worked with Ai..(Read…)

Art Directors Club Convinces Milton Glaser, James Victore to Feed Their Art to Laser Cat

The feline world takeover continues apace, one adorable kitten Vine at a time. Cats have even infiltrated the highest reaches of the creative community, as evidenced by the Laser Cat that has been gobbling up the work of designers such as Stefan Sagmeister, Milton Glaser and Sue Walsh, Kevin O’Callaghan, and James Victore, with plans to project the artworks onto Miami’s Bass Museum of Art. Then it’s onto the moon. Say what?

Laser Cat is an art installation dreamed up by Barcelona-based Hungry Castle, also known as Dave Glass and Kill Cooper. The poptastic duo has joined forces with O’Callaghan, the original Mr. Big Stuff, to create a giant cat armed with powerful “laser” projectors that will be part of the Art Directors Club’s 93rd Annual Awards + Festival of Art and Craft in Advertising and Design, which takes April 7–9 2014 in Miami Beach. Still confused? Just watch these videos—pew, pew!


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Dropped into a turbine engine

Rare opportunity to demonstrate a sound that no turbine tech wants to hear…..(Read…)

Cool video of an Air Tahiti plane’s voyage, shot with multiple GoPro cameras

This non-commercial "airplane fan" video of an Air Tahiti plane’s voyage. Cool..(Read…)