It’s Small Time: Core77’s 5th Annual Ultimate Gift Guide is LIVE with 77 Gifts under $77!


Big news! Small Time, the 5th annual Core77 Ultimate Gift Guide, is now live, with 77 perfect gifts under $77.

This holiday season, we’re considering the potential of the small things in life, from bottle openers to wristwatches, campfires to bubble wrap. Though compact in size or understated in gesture, the gifts we’ve chosen will enrich the day-to-day experience of your loved ones in big ways, clearing room to relish the ordinary with creativity, thought, and delight.

It’s the little things that count: a woodfire candle, a monthly delivery of fine bacon, and some time spent with Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson make life grand in ways not much else can. Imagine the anticipation of turning over leaf after leaf of sartorial kitties in United Bamboo’s Cat Calendar or the blithe lakefront outing possible with a set of perfectly engineered skipping stones. The eye clock encourages us to disregard the time, the firestarter kit brings us closer to the material realities of heat, and the 33 Beers Notebook will send us well on the way to expertise. All notions of the small (and. therefore, the big) are touched on, to be enjoyed daily for years to come.

Much gratitude to this year’s contributors: Rob Giampietro, Martine Syms, Alex Lin, Jessica Charlesworth, Tim Parsons, James Tichenor, Matt Brown, Hand Eye Supply, Sara Jacobson and Lisa Smith.

Browse Small Time here!

And…Happy Holidays from Core77.



Walking Dead poster

I love Andrew Kolb’s Walking Dead poster!

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Sponsor Spotlight : The Naked Squirrel


Please welcome my new sponsor the Naked Squirrel.  Founder, creator and artist Marlo has been creating things on and off throughout her life.  I believe it's the first time I have read about a theme for an  etsy shop collection but I love Marlo's one:  'blooming love'…. and what I like evenbetter is her choice for materials and colors…linen and greys….the whole collection looks warm, friendly and precious. Enjoy browsing around at the Naked Squirrel. 

Issue 8 teaser

The number 8, part of Bethany Heck’s favourite woodtype letters

Image by Snap + Tumble of part of their letterpress submission

Issue 8 will feature an interview with Studio on Fire

Oh, issue #8. So much great stuff to look forward to!

In addition to our usual topics, we have two themes that are explored in the forthcoming issue:  

1) Letterpress! We love ink on paper and this issue includes an interview with Studio on Fire, a collection of wood type and the ABCs of letterpress printing. And to explore the tactile quality of letterpress printing, 50 amazing designers and printers are sharing samples of their work with UPPERCASE readers. Each copy of the magazine will have an actual letterpress sample, be it a greeting card, small art print or other treat dreamed up by one of the participants. (Above is a preview of Snap + Tumble’s submission… Tanya printed these little bags within which she includes a marvelous card showing the virtues of print. Each bag is numbered… her details are impeccable!) There will be a few lovely sampler sets containing all 50 letterpress samples which will be given away in a draw of our subscriber list.

Albertine Press
Angela Liguori
Birddog Press
Blackbird Letterpress
Blush Publishing
Bon Vivant Press
Cleanwash Letterpress
Clementine Press
Cranky Pressman
Create Two
David Wolske
Delphine Press
Full Circle Press
Greenwich Letterpress
Hello Lucky
HYC Creative Letterpress
Ink Meets Paper Press
Inky Lips Press
Lucky Bee Press
May Day Studio
Mpress Studio
Nomadic Letterpress
Olive Route
On Paper Wings
Paisley Dog Press
Paper Parasol Press
Pomegranate Letterpress
Product Superior
Purgatory Pie Press
Rohner Letterpress
Ruby Victoria Letterpress & Printmaking
Sapling Press
Sarah Drake Design
Satsuma Press
Smock Paper
Smokeproof press
Snap And Tumble
Studio Olivine
Studio On Fire
Thomas Printers
Tiny Pine Press
Twig And Fig


2) Small things! A celebration of miniature and playful distortions of scale and proportion… Bonsai, buttons, dollhouses, things kawaii, children’s books, and matchbox labels. Each subscriber’s copy will include an authentic vintage matchbox label from my own personal collection! I’ve had an ebay score of labels waiting for the perfect opportunity… I’ll post more about that soon. You have to see it to believe it.

And more:

An interview with Ed Emberley

Behind the scenes with Faythe Levine

Yarn design with Blue Sky Alpacas
From my perspective as a designer and publisher, I am always striving to grow and learn… and exceed my own expectations. The forthcoming issue marks a leap forward for the magazine, not only in content, but also in size (116 pages) and print run. Issue #8 is going to be great!

(Issue #8 will be distributed and mailed in early February.)

Live from Hand-Eye Supply! – Amber Case

Check out more here


José Cruz

A video teaser on the Mexican maestro of glass engraving

by Gregory Stefano

On a recent visit to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, we had the privilege of meeting José Cruz Guillén Peña, one of the few remaining (and quite possibly the best living) master craftsmen of the “Pepita” method of glass engraving. Enjoy this peek into how José Cruz carves beautiful designs using a stone wheel, and check back for a full video detailing the artisan’s work with tequila brand Casa Dragones.

Ribbon House by G2 Estudio

Ribbon House by G2estudio

This mountainside house by G2 Estudio in Argentine Patagonia is wrapped in a stone and wood facade.

Ribbon House by G2estudio

Called Ribbon House, the single-family home is criss-crossed internally by diagonal columns and windows.

Ribbon House by G2estudio

Overlapping planes form canopies and terraces.

Ribbon House by G2estudio

More residential architecture on Dezeen »

Ribbon House by G2estudio

Here’s a bit of text from the architects:

Ribbon House

The juxtaposition of the different volumes between the public and private spaces of the house, the social and family life, gives place to a dynamic walk-through while the users visit the different instances of the house.

Ribbon House by G2estudio

This way we can appreciate an up-down experience, connecting all the corners in the house.

Ribbon House by G2estudio

The morphology and materials used, were thought to achieve that the strong transform in fragil, the solid in ethereal, the supported in support, the dynamic in static, and vice versa.

Ribbon House by G2estudio

So the house is a search between the balance, juxtaposition, ribbon, viewing-point, vital tour, and hug.

Ribbon House by G2estudio

Country: Argentina
City: San Carlos de Bariloche, Arelauquen G&CC

Ribbon House by G2estudio

Surface: 320 m2
Program: One-family housing

Ribbon House by G2estudio
Architects: G2 ESTUDIO

Ribbon House by G2estudio

Ribbon House by G2estudio

Click for larger image

Ribbon House by G2estudio

Click for larger image

Ribbon House by G2estudio

Click for larger image

Ribbon House by G2estudio

Click for larger image

Ribbon House by G2estudio

Click for larger image

Ribbon House by G2estudio

Click for larger image

See also:


VitraHaus by
Herzog & de Meuron
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Andrés Remy Architects
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30 Second to Mars – Hurricane

Voici le film et clip très controversé du groupe 30 Second To Mars, censuré sur les chaînes américaines. Il présente des scènes de combat, de sexualité et de religion dans une version longue de 13min sur le titre “Hurricane” dirigé par Bartholomew Cubbins (alias Jared Leto).



Previously on Fubiz

On Set With Aston Martin

Our behind-the-scenes look at the making of Aston Martin’s upcoming short films

Like many brands, where car manufacturers once relied on lifelong customers, changing market factors (globalization as a whole, the Internet, etc.) has empowered buyers to venture beyond local car lots to find an automobile that truly speaks to their needs and desires. While Aston Martin‘s reputation for luxurious motoring may be enough, at nearly a century old, the manufacturer hopes to engage a new generation of drivers with its series of interactive films centered around their new Rapide. (See the full story on the four-door sports car on CH here.)

To check out how Aston Martin’s Marketing Director Markus Kramer and his staff are creating something beyond a cliché TV commercial, I recently traveled on the brand’s invitation to Lisbon where the team was busy shooting the trio of 90-second videos. The creative mind behind the project, James Temple of digital agency R/GA explained that the genesis of the project is “True Power Should Be Shared,” with each film highlighting four people on a mission to deliver a time capsule from Lisbon to Zurich. Recognizing the limited amount of time the Aston Martin client has, the work aims to show how time is one of the most precious commodities today.


On set, there was some mystery as to how the narrative will develop, but I learned that the script is broken down into three separate stories which will launch in three segments beginning next month to make one complete short film come February 2011. To keep its audience fully engaged and interacting with the brand, Aston Martin placed clues throughout each film that can be cracked for a chance to win prizes associated with not only themselves, but the partner brands within the film.


Read more about my exciting behind-the-scenes experience after the jump, and see more images from the shoot in the gallery below.

astonmov3.jpg astonmov4.jpg

The night shooting in central Lisbon covered a scene in which the four protagonists of the movie (all wearing Ozwald Boateng suits) are trapped in a small alley by two aggressive vehicles. Despite the cold and the rain, the atmosphere on the set was relaxed and the enthusiasm of the local and British crews (almost 60 people in total!) was high.


The second day brought us to Alges, where the scene featured a mysterious black helicopter performing impressive maneuvers under the vigilant eye of the “bomberos” (local firemen) and director Donnie Masters from Serious Pictures. After this we drove to the hills of Arrábida where the stunning ocean views and curvy streets promised intense performance from the Rapide.

From here I finally experienced the car first hand. In the back seat Steven Egan, General Manager Marketing Operations at Aston Martin, explained to me that what makes the car super special “is what it delivers to the driving performance, the feeling when you are one with the road—it’s a driver’s car.” Egan also touched on the practicality of the four-seater, but saying the car is still very emotive. “In the heart it’s still a sports car—everything is at your fingertips and you always feel in control of its power.” From a passenger’s point of view, it’s clear how the cocoon-like seats are designed to keep you feeling safe and molded to you, “like a hand that fits into the glove,” Steven states.

I also had the chance to take part into a small portion of the filming, with an experienced driver taking the Rapide to the limits in the small street of Arrábida, closed to the traffic. The roar of the engine, the quick accelerations and the sudden braking made me feel the true power and the possibilities of the car.


After this breathtakingly unique event, I got back to the base camp and spent some time with Donnie Masters. The director told me how happy he was with the process, revealing more details about the story. A meeting in a restaurant, a mission, a tunnel, martial arts, flashbacks and more set the tone. “It’s not going to be a dark film, but it will carry a tone of excitement, a dense atmosphere. The movie will find its natural length in less than 10 minutes. I want it to be long enough to enjoy, but not indulgent.”

Donnie has worked for years directing commercials for the automotive industry, but this time is a totally new and different approach. “Aston Martin should be making films like this” he says. “Because now they know they can do something more than classic car commercials. Here the car is the hero, but in a very humble way—we’ve got characters, story, wonderful dialogue by Sean Doyle—but still the car is the thread all the way through the film, in the same way it does with James Bond.”

"Security!" 18k-gold-plated pin by Justin Gignac


We’re always interested to see creative types exploring the culture of objects; taking an oblique look at the physical manifestations of our society.

NYC based artist Justin Gignac is attempting to do just that with his newly released “Security!” pins. Best know for the Need (and Wants) for Sale collections, Gignac has teamed up with jewellery designer Max Steiner to create this 18k gold-plated “opulent interpretation of the shoplifter’s worst enemy”.

Much of Gignac’s work celebrates the banality of such objects; elevating them momemtarily from their lowly positions (see for example his quite genius “NYC Garbage”)—but one has to wonder whether such sumptuousness is the only way to go about this:

“[the security tag] is one of those things that I’ve ignored for years. What better way to call attention to it than make it gold and throw some diamonds on it”

slap these things on a few rappers and consider shoplifting duly glamourised!

“Security!” pins are now available for sale from NY retailers Reed Space and Poundcake—as well as the dedicated e-store. A veritable steal at $700 a piece—$550 if your willing to forgo the point diamonds.


(via Cool Hunting)