Ziggy Coat Hook

Ziggy is a fun, modular coat hook designed to be repeated in lines or patterns. Its super strong and likes to hold onto all of your things! here at KI..

Tri these on for size

Bloesem Living | Mathew Philip Williams tripod tables

This collection of tripod tables by designer Mathew Philip Williams based in Portland are simply stunning. With the common denominator being the layered order, the tables are a mixture of colors and materials like the maple, walnut and douglas fir used for the table tops. The tables were part of a collaborative show between Jason Lee Starin and Mathew Philip Williams.

Great pieces to have in your home don't you think? One of them, or preferable all of them together!

Bloesem Living | Mathew Philip Williams tripod tables

Bloesem Living | Mathew Philip Williams tripod tables  Bloesem Living | Mathew Philip Williams tripod tables

.. Mathew Philip Williams

Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods?

Dan Zak has created this excellent flowchart, for readers of the Washington Post to figure out..(Read…)

27 Fun Facts About Fun

27 Fun Facts About Fun..(Read…)

TAG Heuer Meridiist Infinite

The new TAG Heuer Meridiist Infinite has a got a Sapphire screen, entirely made of Titanium Grade..(Read…)

Mike Tyson Fights w/ Street Fighter Sound Effects Added

This is a video compilation of Mike Tyson fights with Street Fighter sound effects added. Cool..(Read…)

Photographs Of A Girl & Her Best Friends, an English Bulldog

Since the day her daughter was born, professional portrait photographer Rebecca Leimbach(facebook)..(Read…)

How Can One Man Cut a Log into Boards All by Himself? By Using a Logosol


At the Holz-Handwerk show there are tons of circular saws, tons panel saws and tons of CNC mills. But there’s only one Logosol M8 Portable Sawmill. This crazy contraption is something like a chainsaw combined with a tracksaw, and one man (or one Swedish man, anyway) can unload the thing off the roof of his Volvo, carry it into the forest, and start making boards.

You’re undoubtedly wondering, from the photos above, how that lone dude got that big-ass log up onto the stand all by himself. It’s not just brute strength, there’s design involved, as you’ll see around 3:08 in the demo video:


New York Subway Drivers Portraits

Le photographe hollandais Janus Van Den Eijnden a réalisé une série de portraits intitulée « New York Subway Drivers » autour des conducteurs du métro new-yorkais. Un bel hommage aux travailleurs qui ont des mines rigolotes, parfois déprimées et qu’on croise tous les matins et tous les soirs.


Training for the New Alpinism: An athletic approach to improving physical and mental toughness on the mountain

Training for the New Alpinism

Clinging to a precious step of granite, ice axes in hand, with the next rest 12 meters up, the only regret you’ll have as a climber is the training you passed up. Each centimeter gained vertically is a triumph as the lactic acid…

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