Recently I went to a friend's home and saw that his family had put up a huge wall decal of a flower in their living room. That decal really brought a whole new life to the space considering how little effort it required to be put up. 

Decals fall into that same category of changing up your space on a budget. One online store that can help you do just that is Cherry Walls! They are a wall decor shop that you can find a huge range of decals in. From decals with quotes to decals of nature or even animals, you can find a decal for any personality type or room. Now that i knew how easy it was to actually put up a decal, my only other concern was whether it would cause any damage to the walls, or whether i could take it down if i wanted to replace the decal or paint the wall. No worries though! Cherry Walls uses a matte removable vinyl that comes off easily.


No fuss. No damage.  Just a cool removeable quote on your wall!


.. Cherry Walls

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Perfect Circles

Apsis is based on the circle’s most fundamental quality – rotational symmetry.The laminated beech wood body revolves freely around a limestone trey base, without the need for complicated mechanisms commonly associated with adjustable lamps. In placing the base ring over the circular stone base, a bearing is created, allowing the lamp to rotate freely.The cable and LED components are hidden within the body and head, creating a clean, uninterrupted aesthetic that emphasises the lamp’s simple geometry.

Designer: Zak Stratfold

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Front-Wheel Fixie: An Old-School Bike Designed to Promote New-School Materials


When last we checked in with chemical giant BASF, they’d developed injection-molded plastic automotive rims, looking firmly towards the future. Now the materials company is looking back to the past, and asking an interesting question: What would a certain primitive product design have looked like, had its inventor had access to modern-day materials? BASF’s resultant “Concept 1865 – Rethinking Materials” project seeks to answer that by looking at a vehicle that predates the automobile, and even the modern-day bicycle: the Penny Farthing.


As for the project’s title, 1865 was the year BASF was founded, and the velocipede would go into mass production just two years later.

As a tribute to this era of enthusiasm for technology and invention, BASF and the DING3000 design studio have developed a velocipede with today’s state-of-the-art technology—including 24 high-performance plastics, specialty foams, epoxy resin and polyurethane materials from BASF.

And this e-velocipede of the 21st century runs! Concept 1865, a ready-to-ride prototype with an electric drive, is made almost entirely of modern plastics from BASF. Only its brakes, axles, and motor are still made of metal. Everything else is lightweight construction.