Google Street View Trekker Camera Now Available To Loan

The Google Street View Trekker Camera pilot program allows third parties to borrow Google’s..(Read…)

Magic Automaton

What sorcery is this? Swedish artist Per Helldorff made this cup-and-ball automaton called The..(Read…)

3D Printed Cast

Called the Cortex, the 3D printed cast pictured above is a concept and prototype designed by a..(Read…)

Surveillance Cameras Wear Party Hats for George Orwell’s Birthday Party

To celebrate the 110th birthday of George Orwell, surveillance cameras in the center of the city of..(Read…)

Car and Railroad Playmat T-shirts

Car and Railroad Playmat T-shirts by bky kid(etsy seller). Perfect for father-son playtime…(Read…)

Snarkitecture Table Tennis

Coup de cœur pour le studio Snarkitecture basé à Brooklyn et qui a imaginé cette superbe table de ping-pong appelée « Slice ». Cet objet noir composé de richlite, d’acier et de caoutchouc offre un design très impressionnant. L’ensemble est à découvrir en détails et images dans la suite de l’article.

Snarkitecture Table Tennis 22
Snarkitecture Table Tennis 5
Snarkitecture Table Tennis 4
Snarkitecture Table Tennis 3
Snarkitecture Table Tennis 2
Snarkitecture Table Tennis 6

The Red Heels

La jeune Olesya Shchukina a réalisé dans le cadre de l’école d’animation « La Poudrerie » une courte vidéo décrivant la perte de repère. La vidéo ne dévoile que les éléments qui sont à l’échelle de l’enfant, la rendant fois touchante et légère. À découvrir en détails sur son portfolio et dans la suite de l’article.








Dezeen archive: micro homes

Dezeen archive: micro homes

As we’ve published a couple of tiny architecture and interior projects this week, here are all our stories about micro homes. See more micro homes »

See all our archive stories »

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Google Reader Is Dead, Long Live RSS

There is no time to shed tears over the demise of Google Reader; many of you have probably migrated to another stable RSS Reader. This post is a quick shout-out to all our Yanko Design fans that have been busy with stuff, now is a good time to drop all things and quickly transfer ALL your lists and feeds (including Yanko Design) from Google Reader, before they shut doors permanently. We think readers like Feedly are great. They offer easy migration and can automatically transfer all of your feeds for you. had compiled a list of alternate readers for you and you can pick the one that suits you best. We think Feedly will be a good fit since they offer a standalone web version and its own cloud syncing service. If you act now – before Google Reader shuts down – Feedly will allow you to transfer all of your feeds for you and retain that Google Reader look.

*image courtesy Mashable.

We hope to see all our 250,000+ RSS subscribers through the new channels!

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