Let’s Get Personal in the Netherlands with Hellen van Berkel


The home of Dutch Textile designer Hellen van Berkel 

D:: Dutch is …Being so Lucky to live in a free and save country, being able to say what you want, and do what you want.


Hellenvanberkel3 Hellenvanberkel4 Hellenvanberkel5 Hellenvanberkel6 Hellenvanberkel7 Hellenvanberkel8

E:: entrance, when entering my home you will notice I collect a lot , am very tidy and all things exposed mean a lot to me.

S:: style, means just being yourself and being proud of that.


I::   interesting places in my city are; I live in a very very small village with actually only some farmers and some animals. The beauty of the nature in my living environment is stunning, and changes with every season. There is nothing like it!

G:: gardening is something I love, and would like to do much more, but I cannot find enough time.


N:: new, in my home is that I just moved into the most beautiful little garden house that I can call my studio now! The new thing is that now I have space to show all my collectables, instead of putting them all away in closets.  This give the place a very personal look.


H:: hobby, I always make time for…work, since this is what I love doing the most!

O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is a  pair of jogging pants sneakers and a big cardigan


M:: make, I start creating when…I feel like it, and when I need new material.

E:: enjoy, I can't live without… my children. I know it is a bit a boring answere, but it’s the truth. On top of that they are proud of me       and the work I make, and wear it with enthusiasm. 


{image above: series of floor cushions Gelderland Benches}

 Thank You Hellen for sharing your home with us!


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Shiv Temple by Sameep Padora & Associates

Shiv Temple by Sameep Padora & Associates

Photographer Edmund Sumner has sent us his pictures of a temple by Mumbai studio Sameep Padora & Associates.

Shiv Temple by Sameep Padora & Associates

Called Shiv Temple, the project involved simplifying a traditional temple design by removing the usual decoration but maintaining symbolic elements.

Shiv Temple by Sameep Padora & Associates

A wood-clad frame wraps around one corner marking the entrance, while the interior is illuminated by a skylight.

Shiv Temple by Sameep Padora & Associates

The temple was constructed by the villagers using local stone from a quarry near the site.

Shiv Temple by Sameep Padora & Associates

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Shiv Temple by Sameep Padora & Associates

The information below is from Sameep Padora & Associates:

Designed in dialogue with the priest and the people from surrounding villages the temple design is a collaborative effort.

Shiv Temple by Sameep Padora & Associates

Built through ‘Shramdaan’ (self build) by the villagers, this temple was constructed on a shoestring budget, using a local stone as a primary building block because of its availability from a quarry within 200 meters from the temple site.

Shiv Temple by Sameep Padora & Associates

The stone’s natural patina seems to confer age, as if the temple had always existed… before inhabitation.

Shiv Temple by Sameep Padora & Associates

In realizing the temple design in close consultation with the temple priest & the villagers, we attempted to sieve out through discussion & sketches the decorative components from the symbolic. Adhering to the planning logic of traditional temple architecture, the form of the temple chosen evokes in memory, the traditional shikhara temple silhouette.

Shiv Temple by Sameep Padora & Associates

Only embellishments integral to the essence of temple architecture in memory actually appear in the finished temple.

Shiv Temple by Sameep Padora & Associates

The heavy foliage of trees along the site edge demarcate an outdoor room, which become the traditional ‘mandapa’ (pillared hall), a room with trees as walls and sky the roof.

Shiv Temple by Sameep Padora & Associates

The path to the temple winds in between white oak trees till two free-standing basalt stone walls embedded in the landscape create pause as well as direct a person onto the East-West axis on which the garbagriha / inner sanctum lies.

Shiv Temple by Sameep Padora and Associates

Click above for larger image

Entry to the sanctum is through an exaggerated threshold space which in turn frames the outside landscape for the inside.

Shiv Temple by Sameep Padora and Associates

Click above for larger image

Stepped seating on the southern edge of the site negotiates steep contours while transforming the purely religious space into a socio-cultural one used for festival & gatherings.

Shiv Temple by Sameep Padora and Associates

Click above for larger image

Religious Iconography in the form of statues of the holy cow, Nandi and Lord Vishnu’s avatar as a turtle become installations in the landscape and hence find their positions in a natural setting of the metaphoric sky-roofed mandapa.

Shiv Temple by Sameep Padora and Associates

Click above for larger image

The ashtadhaatu (8 metal composite) temple kalash (finial) is held in place by a frame which also anchors a skylight to allow light to penetrate the inner sanctum/garbagriha.

Shiv Temple by Sameep Padora and Associates

Architects: Sameep Padora & Associates Design Team: Sameep Padora, Minal Modak, Vinay Mathias
Documentation: Viresh Mhatre, Anushka Contractor, Maansi Hathiwala, Prajish Vinayak

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Robocop Kid Hits Detroit City

Il piccolo Robocop sorveglia Detroit City.

Robocop Kid Hits Detroit City

Airwalk Enigma Jpn Collection

Consiglio per la Airwalk: se rimettessero in vendita i gloriosi modelli anni ‘80, farebbero di nuovo il botto. Queste sono le riedizioni del modello Enigma, io l’ho consumata a furia di vedermela e rivedermela sul vecchio catalogo treesse. Purtroppo queste riedizioni, sono dedicate solo al mercato giapponese.

Airwalk Enigma Jpn Collection

Wayne’s World Gif

Tu si che sgargarozzi!

Honda Projection Mapping

Une superbe “projection mapping” produite par Seeper à l’occasion des Vimeo Awards 2010. Financé par Honda, cette projection d’animation a transformé l’apparence géométrique du batîment IAC à Chelsea West designé par Frank Gehry. A découvrir en images dans la suite.


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Dezeen’s top ten: cantilevers

Following the popularity of our story about MVRDV’s Balancing Barn holiday home with a 15 meter cantilever (above, bottom left) we’ve compiled our most-read stories about cantilevered buildings for this month’s top ten.


1: in first place is this mountain-top viewing platform above an Austrian glacier by Astearchitecture.


2: this museum overlooking Mexico City by Rojkind Arquitectos and BIG is in second place.

3: Herzog & de Meuron’s Vitra House comes in third.

4: Zaha Hadid’s MAXXI National Museum of the XXI Century Arts in Rome is fourth most-popular.

Torreagüera Vivienda Atresada by Xpiral

5: our fifth most-clicked story about a cantilevered building is this Spanish house by Javier Peña of Xpiral.

Balancing Barn by MVRDV and Mole Architects

6: MVRDV and Mole Architects’ Balancing Barn holiday home is sixth most-popular.

7: the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec by OMA is in seventh place.

Mountains and dzn_Opening House by Eastern Desighn Office

8: next up is this studio over a Japanese house by EASTERN Design Office.


9: this art museum designed by Coop Himmelb(l)au to perch above the city of Calabria in Italy is in ninth place.

154 Ha-Yarkon Street by Ron Arad

10: at number ten is Ron Arad’s apartment block for 154 Ha-Yarkon Street in Tel Aviv.

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