The Sewing Studio


When I was a kid, I used to spend summers with my Grandma in Lubbock, Texas. I loved (and still do!) going to Grandma's and digging through her sewing projects, pulling out the fabric she had gotten since my last visit, and laying on the bed watching her hard at work at her sewing machine. When I got old enough, she taught me to make a dress from a pattern. I struggled through it, and remember thinking it was a heck of a lot easier to just to go buy a dress.

Since then I have only dabbled with sewing… and never from a pattern. I've recently had the itch to really learn how to sew, so I found a class, and a rad one, at The Sewing Studio in Toronto. By the end of Introduction to Sewing, I will be able to make a skirt, from a pattern. The Sewing Studio offers all levels of classes, taught by a wide range of instructors. The space is cozy and inviting, and what I like most is it feels more like getting together with girlfriends than an uptight how-to. If you are in Toronto, and want to learn to sew, check them out.

The Sewing Studio

Get Ready to Drool… Blue Ribbon Design


Blue Ribbon Design is a Brooklyn based stationer lead by designer Kimberly Driessen. Drawing inspiration from ornamentation, china patterns, textiles, and, I found this particularly interesting, historic iron work found in New York City, Blue Ribbon creates exquisite note cards, invitations and announcements. And… If Blue Ribbon's work isn't inspiration enough, they also have a blog, Something Blue.

Blue Ribbon and Something Blue

Thank You For Reading!

If I'm honest, I let my Typepad membership lapse and finally got around to updating my information. I am so overwhelmed with the readership I've had while I've been "gone". Sorry I haven't been answering your comments. I've got some good stuff to share with you, so keep reading! 🙂 eva

Welcome, Yellowknife!

Ever since one of our second cousins held a brief teaching job in Yellowknife (62°27’ N – 114°22’ W) in the seventies, we have been wanting to go there ourselves. Just because of the coolness of the name. (We’ll tell you about our trip to Muckle Flugga another time). Canada actually has lots of cool names; we have previously visited Moose Jaw and Medicine Hat, just to mention a couple. The reason we discovered our honoured visitor from Yellowknife, is the interesting Who’s Amung Us service, thet we have had on the site for a while now. With it, you can see what visitors are reading, and with the map, where they come from. As you can see, most of our visitors come from Europe and North America, but we are very happy to see the little stars pop up Asia, Australia and Latin America, too. If you have a blog or website of your own, you could find Who’s Amung Us worth a closer look.brbr

Angle cutter.

From now on, it will be easier to make nice and straight angles on. This tool is called the Ultimate Easy Cutter and it looks really simple, all right. Just set the desired angle (from seven pre-set) and cut away. From Amazon- at USD 23:40.brbr

Doorstop alarm.

Travel can have its perils. Imagined or real. A good alarm may help you sleep better at night. This doorstop not only stops a door from opening (providing it opens into the room), but it is also promised to make a frightful noise (125 dB) when the wedge is depressed. There is also a movement sensor with adjustable sensitivity to activate the alarm if tampered with, and an on/off switch to keep it from going off in your luggage. USD 15:- at Stunster.brbr

Emergency flashlight – always charged and ready.

Our newest flashlight is charged by induction while it sits in its holder in the wall power outlet. That means it is always charged and ready for service when it is needed. One other smart thing is that it automatically lights up if the current is lost, for instance in case of a power outage or when you remove it from the charger. While charging it emits a soft blue light to make it easy to find. It has seven LEDs, three power settings, and it is promised to provide about five hours of light when fully charged. We have not had the time to test this, however. Available in black, silver or white from Clas Ohlson where it is SEK 149:- (about USD 23:-).brbr

Baby thermometer for the forehead – or built into pacifier.

Checking a baby’s temperature is no easy thing. But with either of these new thermometers the job might be a little easier. The first one (A) is made to measure temperature outside of the body. You place the sensor against baby’s forehead, and the results can be read on the display in a couple of seconds. The thermometer measures from 35,0 to 42,2°C. Available at Clas Ohlson for SEK 198:- (about USD 30:-). The other (B) is made to measure temperature inside the mouth and it is cleverly hidden inside a pacifier. It makes its measurements in two minutes. From Dosis, and available at Clas Ohlson, for SEK 98:- (about USD 15:-).brbr

Smart bottle cleans foul water in a jiffy.

Michael Pritchard of Ipswich, UK, has invented a bottle that makes foul-smelling, infected or polluted water drinkable in seconds. Pritchard hopes the bottle will find use in disaster regions where access to clean drinking water is vital. The military, however, seems to become his first customers. The military think the bottles will have huge benefits for soldiers who hate drinking iodine-flavoured water. Michael Pritchard’s water purification bottle can clean up any water – including fecal matter – using a filter that cuts out anything longer than 15 nanometers, which means that even viruses can be filtered out without the use of chemicals. That is pretty amazing, but it does not come cheap. The bottles are GBP 190:- (about USD 383:-) a pop.brbr

Super mini flashlight #3 (at least).

We have written about miniature flashlights like this one twice before, the first one in May 2005, more than three years ago. But we still think the idea is so neat and useful, we are not ashamed to post on this one, too. However, there is a clear trail of evolution, here. The first and the second ones both had two LEDs. This one has three. The first one was USD 24:95, the second was about USD 18:-, and the newest kid on the block will hopefully be under USD 10:- when Kikkerland (website down today) starts shipping them in October.brbr