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“The media have as much opportunity today as they have ever had. The creation of content has never been more important. It’s wide open for all sorts of new creative ventures. The dissemination of content to every nook and cranny of the world has never been easier. It has gone from paintings on cavemen’s walls to the ability to digitally beam movies, television, news, information, and music into every cave in the world. The need for entertaining, informative, provocative, and important ideas has never been close to what it is today. I don’t think it’s all about user generation of material or democracy in media. It’s still about human beings coming together and deciding what is and isn’t interesting.” —New-media entrepreneur Michael Eisner, former CEO of Disney

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Call for Submissions: Chicago Clean Air Design Challenge


Chicago-based design organization, Design Makes Change, is sponsoring a regional design competition with one goal in mind: clean air. The Air We Breathe; The Chicago Clean Air Design Challenge is open to designers in graphic design, architecture, interior architecture, product design, and public space design. The goal of the contest is to provide a platform for designers to come to the table with innovative and creative proposals to raise awareness about air quality issues and help contribute to a solution. One of their main objectives is to encourage research and community partnership in the design process.

Focusing on clean air in two of Chicago’s most affected neighborhoods — Pilsen and Little Village. Poor air quality is an issue that affects all Chicagoans. However, residents of Pilsen and Little Village live below two coal powered plants that regularly emit lead and other toxins into the air. High rates of asthma and other air-quality illnesses are pressing concerns for the residents of these neighborhoods and for much of Chicago. This is the critical environmental concern of the moment in your city and you are a designer. What will you do about it?

Deadline for submissions until April 18th 2011. The best selections will be part of a group exhibition and symposium scheduled for May/June in the Chicago Arts District. Download the application or get more information about the competition here!


World of Bugs

Laser Peg’s newest toy lets you construct your favorite creepy crawly from LED lights

Adding a “World of Bugs” to their repertoire of lighted construction sets, Laser Pegs continues to entice children with their LED-powered educational toys. With one peg grounded to a power source (either batteries or an AC/DC power adapter), kids seven years and up can create a host of insects using the kit’s supply of low voltage connectors.

laserpegs2.jpg laserpegs3.jpg

While kids are encouraged to use their imagination, the “World of Bugs” kit comes with a set of “factoids” for building accurate renditions. An award winning toy company, Laser Pegs teaches important lessons on electric currents and construction for a cognitive learning experience that will spawn the next generation of D.I.Y. developers.

World of Bugs” will sell for $60 beginning May 2011 from Laser Pegs, where you can find a wide assortment of other models and kits.

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Sculpture Books

Des sculptures originales à partir de simples livres par l’artiste Brian Dettmer, vivant actuellement à Atlanta. Des transformations sur livres imprimés tels que des ouvrages d’anatomies, des dictionnaires ou des manuels, créant des formes très impressionnantes.
















Plus d’images dans la galerie – Portfolio Brian Dettmer

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Heinz finally rolls out new Ketchup Packet Design


It’s been a year and two weeks since we reported that Heinz had updated the design of their ketchup packet, and now they’re finally rolling them out. The new “Dip & Squeeze” package design is currently available nationwide, and on March 4th they’re doing a promotion with Chick-fil-A where you get free fries if you ask for the ketchup (from 2-4pm).


While many of you might not consider this “high design,” this is a great example of a humble product design that millions upon millions of people are going to touch and use every day.

Blog comments from our original announcement were expectedly divisive, with some lauding the package and others decrying it as wasteful. Our favorite exchange was one reader writing “Individually wrapped anything is stupid,” answered by the retort “Condoms aren’t stupid…”


Tamara Fogle

A proudly British label merges form and function with unexpected fabrics for truly unique handbags

tfogle1.jpg tfogle2.jpg

Feeling constrained as a freelance interiors stylist, Londoner Tamara Fogle abandoned editorial features in favor of following her own creative pursuit. What began simply as a desire to make “things” she liked, Fogle explains “now my job is a real reflection of me, and I love that fact.” Steadily gaining notoriety since its inception in 2007, her eponymous handbag label is now stocked by a wealth of specialty boutiques across the U.K., as well as at London’s edgy Hoxton Gallery and The British Museum shop.

Fogle’s passion for her work is evident in every bag, which are each entirely designed and made in the U.K.—a decision she says is “exceedingly important.” While this drastically reduces her carbon footprint, Fogle explains her real interest is in bolstering a “diminishing industry” that truly excels in craftsmanship. “By championing British production, I hope to evoke the heritage and create the quality that U.K. manufacturing was once renowned for. My focus is to create a quality product that will last forever, and won’t be thrown away in favor of next season’s fad. Instead, it will get better and better with age and wear.”

tfogle3.jpg tfogle4.jpg

In addition to ensuring sustainability, Fogle’s label also stands out for its fabrics, with the designer roaming the globe for unique materials and finishes that span French mattress ticking to Indian quilts. “Sourcing fabrics is the most fun,” she says. “For longstanding ranges like my Antique German Flour Sack range, I work with a few specialist textile dealers. Looking for new fabrics means I am constantly scouring antique fairs and talking to the most interesting and eccentric people.”


Her latest find is a stockpile of vintage Belgian army tent bags that are “enormous and falling apart at the seams,” but by playing with the proportions, Fogle says “the fabric can be made up into fantastic bags that combine textures like soft leather hides, hard bridle leathers and other ‘scruffy textiles’ for a distinct aesthetic.”

Tamara Fogle bags sell in a variety of styles and patterns, and are stocked in the U.K. at Elys of Wimbledon, Flint in Sussex and 18 The Mall in Bristol, as well as Iena in Japan, online at ModCloth in the States and Le Grenier in Australia. Prices typically span £125-330.

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Book Review: CULT-URE: Ideas Can Be Dangerous, by Rian Hughes


Rian Hughes’ new book Cult-ure is bound in faux leather and gold trim. The biblical references don’t stop there, as the author handily provides a fabric page marker for the reader to keep track of what page/psalm they’re on. Interestingly, the yellow and black dust jacket barely covers the front. On the back of that caution-strip, explanatory prose clarifies the allusion, stating that Cult-ure is meant to be “Gideon’s Bible for the boutique hotel.”

Positioning the strip one way presents the reader with a fragment of the title “CULT,” followed by the phrase “IDEAS CAN BE DANGEROUS.” While he spends very little of the book addressing the Bible itself, the rational free-wheeling fount of ideas spilling from this book could easily be taken as an affront by people with religious memes. Indeed, even the word meme (which Hughes uses a lot) was coined by atheist commentator Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene, and refers to the survival of the fittest of ideas in the forest of the human mind. When Internet entrepreneurs refer to ideas spreading virally, they’re talking about memes, and they, along with Hughes, owe quite a debt to Dawkins.


Hughes is a former comic book artist currently practicing in graphic design, but what makes Cult-ure relevant to design readers is not Hughes’ background, but its connection to non-hyphenated “culture.” Hughes references Tim Hewell’s comment that, “the battle for ideas is far more complex than the battle for territory — and likely to last even longer.” Culture is where it will take place; every product designer thinking about market share should be thinking about share of mind. Especially in the wake of recent events in Egypt, new media resources allow for the spread of ideas faster than ever before.



Lady Gaga – Born This Way

Voici le nouveau clip de Lady Gaga sur le titre “Born This Way” dirigé par Nick Knight (Tribute to Alexander McQueen), sur une chorégraphie de Laurie Ann Gibson. Le retour de la chanteuse avec son album à paraître pour le 23 mai. Un univers sombre, à découvrir en vidéo dans la suite.



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Daily Obsesh – Sobral USA Big Retroz Dome Ring

imageThis season the 70s are popping up everywhere, from flared jeans to platforms to sheer oversized shirts. I don€™t know about you, but I for one, have always wished that I could dress like Farrah Fawcett in her Charlie€™s Angels days without looking like I was on my way to a theme party.

Keeping up with this wonderful new trend, Sobral USA has come out with a chunky multi-colored ring reminiscent of a 1970s mood ring. The Big Retroz Dome ring is a stylish accessory that brings some attention without being too gaudy or flashy.

Because it’s multi-colored, this piece of jewelry will work with almost everything. Funny how ‘multi-colored’ can render can accessory ‘neutral’ when done well … And this ring is done well!

Bring the flower child attitude of the 1970s into 2011!

Where to BuySobral USA

Price – $48.00

Who Found ItBrookeElisabeth was the first to add the ‘Sobral USA Big Retroz Dome Ring‘ to the Hive.

Papela by Meirav Barzilay

Papela by Meirav Barzilay

Product designer Meirav Barzilay of Tel Aviv has designed this crumpled papery pendant light that comes scrunched up in a ball.

Papela by Meirav Barzilay

Called Papela, the lampshade is made of paper-like Tyvek material allowing it to be reshaped  and crumpled as desired without tearing.

Papela by Meirav Barzilay

The shade is hand-stitched together and comes in two different colours.

Papela by Meirav Barzilay

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Papela by Meirav Barzilay

Here’s a tiny bit of text from the designer:


Papela is a playful paper lamp. Crumple, squash and reshape it as you like.

Papela by Meirav Barzilay

Papela is delivered as a paper ball, which by a simple set of actions transforms into a unique wrinkled lampshade.

Papela by Meirav Barzilay

Its minimalist structure is created by thread stitches only, hand sewn out of a colored paper sheet. Papela is available in two different designs.

Papela by Meirav Barzilay

Materials: Tyvek | Dimensions: 32cm x 45cmØ , 26cm x 45cmØ X-LARGE 55cm x 85cmØ | Year: 2011

Papela by Meirav Barzilay

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