Pull-down shelving for kitchen cabinets.

High kitchen cabinet shelves can be hard to reach. Not just for kids, but especially for the disabled and of course for us shorties. The solution is to make the shelves come down to a convenient height. We have bee looking for a solution like the American Rev-A-Shelf (A) for sale in Sweden, but we have not found any. However, we have found a different solution to the same problem. Granbergs of Norrköping develops, sells, and builds shelving systems for kitchen cabinets where the inside of the cabinet is lowered through the bottom. Picture (B). There is also a version where the entire cabinet is lowered. The Granberg shelving is power assisted and you can even get them with remotes. The Rev-A-Shelf is hand powered, but probably somewhat more affordable A Rev-A-Shelf shelving addition comes from about USD 200:- depending on cabinet width and is available on Amazon- among other places. The Granberg system is POA.brbr

Cable management for wires you don’t use all the time.

Design firm Harry Allen of New York has come up with this cable management device called The Wire Stay for Doug Mockett. The simplicity is striking; an extruded rubber shape holds the cables you don’t use all the time. The Wire Stay can be mounted on a wall or a table top by drilling through the middle or simply by using good old fashioned double sided tape. The WM25, as it is also called, is available in powder blue, mango (yellow) and avocado (green). The device is USD 33:75 a piece up to 11 examples, which feels like robbery, but if you can’t live without one you have to pay the price…brbr

Microplane citrus tool with four functions.

We often use peel, or zest, from lemons or lime in cooking. Or both, for instance with oven baked salmon. To grate the peels we use the razor sharp and remarkably effective Microplane grater Now we see that Microplane has come with a new citrus tool, where they have combined the super sharp grater with a scorer and two strip zesters. We have not tried this new tool (yet) but considering how well our other Microplane tools work we’ll start looking for this one in the shops right away. Soft handle. Washing machine safe. USD 12:95 from Williams-Sonoma on Amazon.brbr

Über serious crustacean crusher.

Johan Norin and Erik von Schoultz, the guys behind the Drosselmeyer nut cracker are back. This year’s new product, found at the Formex fair, is called Caretta and seems to us to be an utterly serious and competent lobster crusher. Made in Sweden from heavy duty stainless steel, the Caretta has the feel of a product that could last for several lifetimes. What the shop price will be is not determined at this point, but even though we fear it’s not going to be cheap, we still want to be in line to secure one of the first examples…brbr

Twelve-year-old invents twice as efficient solar panel.

William Yuan, 12, from Beaverton, Oregon, has impressed scientists and engineers with his innovative idea for a three dimensional solar panel for both visible and ultra violet light. His idea can absorb as much as 500 times the light of commercially available solar cells and up to nine times the light of advanced 3D cells. If his idea can be commercially produced it could produce twice the amount of electricity as the best existing solar panels. He has also developed an idea for at solar tower and software to simulate and optimize the performance of the towers. William Yuan has been awarded a USD 25,000:- scholarship by The Davidson Institute for Talent Development. He is also looking for a manufacturer for his new solar cells. brbr

Modular fridge for students and work places.

Stefan Buchberger, a design student at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, submitted this concept for a modular refrigerator to the Electrolux Design Lab 2008 competition. The fridge is designed for student’s dorms or other places where a shared refrigerator is common. With the modules, every inhabitant can have his or her own fridge to stock with one’s favorite food. The logical development of the idea would of course seem to be locks on the different modules so that one can keep one’s goodies away from pilfering co-inhabitants. The fridge is powered with the base unit, to which can be added up to four fridge modules. Link to more pix of the different EDL 08 entries on a Flickr after the jump.brbr

Bookcase with it’s own stepladder.

Conceptual designer Danny Kuo has come up with this bookcase to help us use our wasted or unused space better. He calls it StairCASE and the idea (like most good ideas) is pretty simple. But with the StairCASE it’s clear we could use a lot of space that otherwise would be unused or littered with never-looked-in boxes. Click for a link to Danny Kuo’s own website.brbr

Bike with belt drive instead of chain.

A few years back we had the pleasure of owning and driving a Harley-Davidson motor cycle. This bike did not have a chain transmission and it did not use a shaft like for instance BMWs do. Instead the transmission of power to the rear wheel was handled via a belt drive. We should admit that we were a little skeptical towards the belt drive at first, but it proved to work perfectly and never caused any problems. Now, American bicycle brand Trek has introduced two new bike models (called District and Soho) with a similar belt drive system instead of a chain. The advantages are a lighter, quieter, cleaner and more reliable transmission. The downside? It’s more expensive. The District model is USD 930:- and the Soho is USD 990:- for the 2009 model. And the Soho is the only one with gears…brbr

Four wine glass clips.

We couldn’t resist staying on the party theme a little bit longer. But instead of party plates, we have four different clips for resting your wine glass (works only with stemmed glasses) on the edge of your ordinary plate. Three are plastic and one is stainless steel, but they are all designed around the same basic idea. Prices, however, differ a bit. Number 1. From It’s All Wine. Plastic. Similar to number 3. USD 5:- for four. Number 2. From Waitstuff. Plastic. USD 0:98 a piece. Number 3. From The Wine Cellars. Plastic. Similar to number 1. USD 1:99 a piece. Number 4. From Handpicked Collection. Stainless steel. USD 19:95 for six. Which would you choose?

Party plate with room for more food.

It’s called the Go-Plate and it’s yet another attempt to create the perfect party plate. What’s different with the Go-Plate is that you use your bottle, can or cup to support the plate while you use your other hand to stuff your face. It seems clear, however, that you would be wise to shift your grip and remove the plate from the bottle before you attempt to take a sip. Otherwise we can see guacamole all over the front of your shirt. The Go-Plate is USD 20:- for an even dozen.brbr