Animal-Free Milk

There are many milk alternatives, but Strive is the first of its kind. It uses lab-grown, animal-free whey, making it a real dairy beverage that’s void of cholesterol, soy, lactose and nuts. It looks, feels and tastes like animal milk and, most importantly, acts like it too—whether you’re whipping it or baking with it. Price reflects a pack of two.

Pearl & The Oysters feat. Laetitia Sadier: Read The Room

Tinged with glam, surf and psychedelic rock, the new track from Parisian duo Pearl & The Oysters (aka Joachim Polack and Juliette Pearl Davis), “Read The Room,” features Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier. Short and sweet, the 2:22-minute song (from the pair’s upcoming album Coast 2 Coast) comes accompanied by a trippy, retro-leaning animated video by Mickey Miles. It’s lyrically spare but big on layers and atmosphere.

Special Edition Asus tablet designed by ACRONYM is functional and striking work of art

Asus likes to experiment with unique collaborations with creative outfits, and more often than not, the results are excellent. Back in 2020, they joined forces with Berlin-based ACRONYM to create the ROG ZEPHYRUS G14-ACRNM laptop and now the two camps have again collaborated for a limited-edition tablet.

ACRONYM co-founded in 1994 by Errolson Hugh, a pioneer in the technical-apparel industry, has struck partnerships with the likes of Nike in the past, and now they developed the functional and stylish ROG Flow Z13 ACRNM RMT02 tablet for Asus.

Designer: ACRONYM and Asus

The gaming tablet’s industrial chassis is very artistic, which is obvious since Hugh leveraged the design prowess of Phil Saunders who designed the Iron Man suit. Ideation for this cool-looking machine propped up to go with the existing line-up of ACRONYM jackets, and project head, Rod Chong (LA-based creative director) delivered exactly what was needed. Both camps worked for almost a year on this design and the results are stunning. The package comes with an integrated strap in the body, rubber holds for improved grip and reinforced corners for protection from bump damage. The keyboard and screensaver on this edition have been visually ramped up for that extra flair. All of this while being ultra-functional and looking stunning with any modern outfit.

According to Hugh, Republic of Gamers was the perfect partner for their next big creation since ROG has a very open-minded approach. “Its engineers were willing to go into unknown territory, and they had the know-how and the competence to deliver those ideas.” For Shawn Yen, ROG Vice President of the Gaming Business Unit, their collaboration with ACRONYM opened their perspective towards looking at things “from a different angle.”

Based on the Asus ROG Flow Z13, the one designed by ACRONYM also gets a bump up in specifications for ultimate performance. While the vanilla version has an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4050 graphics card, the special edition gets an RTX 4070 instead. The same goes for LPDDR5 RAM as well, there’s 16GB on the normal one and 32GB on the ACRONYM edition. Other than that, the 13.4-inch IPS QHD+ (16:10) screen having 165Hz refresh rate, the 13th-gen Intel Core i9-13900H processor, 1TB of M.2 SSD storage and the 56Wh battery with 130W charging are identical.

According to Asus, only 14 limited edition versions of the ASUS ROG Flow Z13 ACRONYM will be available to purchase. The price for all the added perks and exclusivity will be a mind-numbing $2,500, so one should better stick to the Surface Pro, iPad Pro, or Galaxy Tab S6!

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Last Weekend to Finish Entry Before Core77 Design Awards Final Deadline Thursday, April 6th

Final Deadline April 6View the full content here

Siren Sunglasses

Handmade in Japan, VADA sunglasses are high-quality and sturdy with a distinctly jaunty look. Their Siren design features diamond-shaped lenses and are crafted from organic cellulose acetate. This material, along with the 18k gold-plated hardware, makes them feel anything but flimsy—though they are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Available as spectacles or sunglasses, Siren comes in various colorways from black onyx to bright green spearmint and candy pink Urchin (pictured here). With 100% UVA and UVB protection and an anti-reflective coating, they provide function and flair in equal parts.

Five interior design roles listed on Dezeen Jobs

Coloured zones in LOQI Activity Office by Studio Aisslinger

We’ve selected five opportunities for interior designers that are available on Dezeen Jobs this week, including positions at CLOU Architects, PDP and Cousins & Cousins.

 The outside of Hackney extension by Cousins & Cousins

Mid-weight interior designer and FF&E manager at Cousins & Cousins

Architecture studio Cousins & Cousins is looking for a mid-weight interior designer and FF&E manager to join its team in London.

The studio added a timber and glass extension to a semi-detached house in Hackney, north London, complete with a spiralling steel staircase. A rear extension was also added to provide the extra space needed for the client’s growing family.

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Wooden grid facade at Sanya Farm Lab by CLOU Architects

Interior designers at CLOU Architects

CLOU Architects is seeking interior designers to join its new office in Lisbon, Portugal.

The architectural practice designed a gridded wooden canopy for an agricultural education centre in Sanya, Hainan Island, which references traditional straw-roofed houses.

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PDP London refurbishes art deco office block with jewel-like extensions in glass and steel

Interior designer at PDP

Architecture practice PDP London is looking for an interior designer with strong architectural fit-out experience to join its team in London.

The practice renovated an art deco office named Eighty Strand in London, restoring its original finishes and complementing them with glazed pavilions that reference the style’s geometric forms.

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Senior interior designer at HTA

Architecture studio HTA Design has an opportunity for a senior interior designer to join its team in London.

HTA Design built a two-tower housing scheme in Croydon, south London, which the studio claimed was the world’s tallest residential modular building at the time of its completion in 2021.

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Coloured zones in LOQI Activity Office by Studio Aisslinger

Interior designer at Studio Aisslinger

Design practice Studio Aisslinger is seeking interior designers to join its team in Berlin, Germany.

Studio Aisslinger created an adaptable workplace for accessories brand LOQI in Berlin, which was completed with coloured curtains, folding screens and “work capsules”.

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Morris Adjmi uses domed brick on facade to evoke historic New York

Exterior of the red-brick Grand Mulburry building by Morris Adjmi with a textured facade

US architect Morris Adjmi took cues from tenements that once housed Italian immigrants to create a new mixed-use building with a decorative brickwork facade.

Rising seven storeys, Grand Mulberry is located on a storied site in Manhattan‘s Little Italy neighborhood.

Exterior of the red-brick Grand Mulburry building by Morris Adjmi with a textured facade
The seven-storey building was informed by New York tenements

To design the new building, architect Morris Adjmi – who leads an eponymous local studio – took cues from the area’s history and architecture, including its tenement buildings dating to the 19th and early 20th centuries.

For the street-facing elevations, the architect designed a rounded corner and a grid of rectangular, punched windows surrounded by red-orange bricks. A distinctive “Morse code-like” pattern was created using bricks with domed extrusions.

Exterior of the red-brick Grand Mulburry building by Morris Adjmi with a textured facade on a street corner in New York City
The building has a rounded corner and a grid of rectangular windows

The domed bricks are arranged in a way that evokes the tripartite facade of a building that once stood on the site, making it a “ghost of the past building”, said Adjmi.

The ground level contains space for retail and a new home for the Italian American Museum, slated to open in 2024. The upper portion of the building holds a total of 20 condominiums.

Exterior of the red-brick Grand Mulburry building by Morris Adjmi with a textured facade
The exterior is covered with domed brickwork

“Given the project’s setting, the objective from the onset was to design a building that was contextual yet unmistakably contemporary,” the firm said.

“With a nod to the traditional Italianate tenement embedded in its bones, Grand Mulberry is a brand-new building that does not completely erase the site’s history and that doesn’t necessarily make passersby mourn for the New York that was.”

Exterior of the red-brick Grand Mulburry building by Morris Adjmi with a textured facade
The domed bricks were arranged in a pattern that references a building that previously occupied the site

At the base of the building, the ornamental bricks – hand-moulded by Glen-Gery– form horizontal bands. At the middle and top levels, they are arranged to evoke pediment windows and arched widows, respectively.

“Looking carefully, one can see the mark of the traditional tripartite façade that consisted of a base, a middle and top layers, with differing details and brickwork used for each portion,” the architect said.

“At the same time, the bricks’ path and dimensionality create a visual texture that adds energy to the block, building on Little Italy’s distinct flavour.”

The rear elevations are faced with a combination of metal panels, concrete and bricks.

The building is topped with a cluster of volumes that is set back from the streetwall and wrapped in light grey cladding.

Within the building, the team drew upon traditional materials and techniques, the architect said.

Interior of a kitchen with wood flooring, white kitchen units and a white marble island
Traditional materials were used in the interior

In the lobby, one finds black-and-white, mosaic-style flooring and plaster finishes. The residential units feature wooden flooring, marble countertops and decorative tile backsplashes.

Overall, the building “encapsulates traces from historical architecture while engaging with the neighbourhood”, the architect said.

Interior of a white bathroom with a walk-in wet room and wooden vanity units
Grand Mulberry contains retail space and apartments

The building is named after its location on the corner of Grand and Mulberry streets – a site once occupied by brownstones that partly dated to the 1830s.

The site was famous for housing a bank that operated from 1882 to 1932 and was used by Italian immigrants.

Domed brickwork on the exterior of the Grand Mulburry building by Morris Adjmi
Bricks with domed extrusions decoration the exterior facades

Born in New Orleans, Morris Adjmi began his career working with the Italian architect Aldo Rossi in the 1980s. After Rossi’s death in 1997, Adjmi established Morris Adjmi Architects in New York. The studio also has an office in New Orleans.

Its other projects include a 25-storey, glass-and-steel tower in Philadelphia that contains apartments and a hotel.

The photography is by Morris Adjmi Architects.

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Core77 Weekly Roundup (3-27-23 to 3-31-23)

Architects Amelia Tapia and Juan Ruiz designed Iwi, a collapsible cabin that serves as a space-saving extra room on demand.

Image: JAG Studio

Image: JAG Studio

Image: JAG Studio

Image: JAG Studio

Japanese stationery company Lihit Lab makes this handy, tiny portable bag or headphones hook. It folds flat and attaches to any horizontal surface using gravity.

This audio-cassette-shaped object, which comes with its own vintage-Braun-looking speaker, actually lets you stream to an analog boombox. It’s by Hong-Kong-based NINM Lab.

Fora Form’s lightweight Clip Table was designed with the legs offset on one end. This allows them to be stacked for storage, and provides a point of registration when the tables are joined end-to-end.

Nothing’s new Ear (2) wireless earbuds, with that eye-catching transparent design, suggest an empowered design team.

This innovative design concept for an overnight train’s sleeper car adopts a diagonal layout, increasing the amount of berths that can be fit into each car.

Ford’s German-built electric Explorer is easy on the eyes. It also looks like there wasn’t a lot lost between the design renders and the sheet metal. And there’s a fancy movable touchscreen inside.

This beautiful Maple Stool, which has an innovative tilting mechanism, is by Danish furniture designer Line Depping.

Here are two designs for modular stacking shelves with unusual connection methods, by furniture designers Hampus Penttinen and Hemmo Honkonen. (Click the link to see how they work.)

This Muji-inspired Dusty waste bin with integrated dustpan and brush is by industrial designer Liam de la Bedoyere, a/k/a Bored Eye Design.

Forss, by industrial designer Jake Naish, is a brilliant design for an easy-to-clean, size-adjustable thermos/water bottle.

This experimental Canti chair is by industrial designers Mirko Ihrig and Casey Lewis, a/k/a Lotto.

Norwegian industrial design consultancy Minoko designed this Kelvin Epos 300, an easily-adjustable film/photography light with a striking industrial aesthetic.

This unusual Pop-Cycle shrinks for storage and expands for use not by folding, but by sliding.

This low-tech Pill Popper medication tracker, by product design consultancy Klugonyx, hijacks the bubble-wrap-popping pleasure center part of brain.

These Syncline Folding Desks, by Australia-based Sylex Ergonomics, are designed to be linked together and also folded/nested for storage.

This minimal tado° thermostat, by industrial design consultancy Pong, visually disappears when you’re not using it.

This leather, cork and plywood Bond Stool is an unusual piece of storage furniture by designer Ricardo Sá.

Unusual Industrial Design student work: Thorben Heuer’s porcelain ISO16 coffee mugs trade a handle for heat-sink fins.

Pongamia Trees Offer a Sustainable Alternative to Palm Oil

Palm oil and soy are two of the world’s largest drivers of deforestation, with the former destroying almost 25 million acres of forests in Indonesia and 47% of tree cover in Malaysia. A new method from agriculture company Terviva offers a climate-friendly alternative to both palm oil and soy by using the resilient pongamia trees. Capable of growing with minimal resources on degraded land, the trees have beans that are rich in oil (which is why India has used it for oil lamps and varnishes). Terviva discovered that when they process the bean and remove its bitterness it results in an oil (which they called Ponova) that’s rich in Omega-9 fatty acids. Ponova has already entered production and is used in a plant-based protein bar from food brand and B-corp Aloha. Meanwhile, Terviva plans on partnering with farmers whose lands have been devastated by climate change or disease in order to grow pongamia trees and strengthen their land. Learn more about the promising mission at Fast Company.

Image courtesy of Terviva

Unusual Storage Furniture: The Leather, Cork and Plywood Bond Stool

This Bond Stool, by Portugese furniture designer Ricardo Sá, is an unusual piece of storage furniture:

It’s intended to be made of plywood, cork and leather. As it stands it’s just a series of renderings/Blenderings; Sá has a full-time design gig at a luxury furniture company, but as many designers do these days, he posts self-initiated projects on his Instagram.