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Boardwalk Empire: Season 2 Teaser

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Agbaria House by Ron Fleisher Architects

Agbaria House by Ron Fleisher Architects

Tel Aviv architect Ron Fleisher has designed a house in an Israeli-Arab village that combines traditional Palestinian Islamic architecture with modernism.

Agbaria House by Ron Fleisher Architects

The facade features Arabic mashrabiya lattice screens and vents at the top of the house allow breezes to circulate.

Agbaria House by Ron Fleisher Architects

The house is entered through a double-height vaulted entrance hall, based on a traditional liwan, around which the private areas of the house are arranged.

Agbaria House by Ron Fleisher Architects

The Agbaria House is located on a steep hillside in the village of Musmus in the Haifa district of Israel.

Agbaria House by Ron Fleisher Architects

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Photography is by Shai Epstein.

Here are some more details from Fleisher:

Agbaria House

In a region where cultures usually clash, the house over the “wadi”(valley) in the village Musmus is a multicultural experience.

Agbaria House by Ron Fleisher Architects

A cooperation between clients that asked for a contemporary architecture, but didn’t want to forget the memory of the village they grew up in, and an architectural firm based in Tel Aviv created a reinterpretation of Palestinian architecture.

Agbaria House by Ron Fleisher Architects

The plan combines between traditional spaces, as the “liwan”- the entrance hall, and contemporary needs, as a TV room, and a formal dinning area.

Agbaria House by Ron Fleisher Architects

It reflects the will to keep an independent Palestinian identity within the Israeli society.

Agbaria House by Ron Fleisher Architects

The house is located on the top of a hillside overlooking “wadi ara”. The main entrance to the property is more than 17 meters down the slope.

Agbaria House by Ron Fleisher Architects

Between the gate and main house a driveway curves in a reconstructed agricultural landscape.

Agbaria House by Ron Fleisher Architects

The slope was divided with traditional terraces made from local stone collected in the families olive grove.

Agbaria House by Ron Fleisher Architects

The driveway surrounds the white barn, a staircase climbs to the top of the building to a wide balcony viewing the valley and welcoming the vistor into the private living area.

Agbaria House by Ron Fleisher Architects

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The house is in a dialogue with the natural landscape using classical Muslim elements as well as contemporary technology.

Agbaria House by Ron Fleisher Architects

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The entrance glass wall facing south is shaded with an interpretation of a “Mashrabiya”.

Agbaria House by Ron Fleisher Architects

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The “liwan” is ventilated with passive suction through shutters located on top of 3 vaults 8 meters high. The hot air is sucked out and replaced by a cool breeze. The main drawing room and the formal dining room open to a walled garden, colorfully framed by the white volumes.

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Conscientious Shoe Company Goes for Viral Marketing Pigeonhole


Carrier pigeons haven’t been considered as a practical, efficient mode of communication since World War II, yet eco-conscious shoe company Jojo has found a way to use them for deliveries, physically and digitally. Based on the video below, the Brussels-based brand’s flock is meant to deliver at least as much web traffic as they do shoes.

Quote of the day at 2:23…

The bit about having customers submit images of their neighborhoods (for the pigeons’ benefit) is pretty neat, though I’m curious as to how reliably the pigeons can find their destinations based on Google Streetview…


Still, the strange thing about the video is that they don’t mention the project—half of the proceeds go towards one of two “actions”: providing clean water or planting trees in Africa—at any point during the clip. Thankfully, it’s a straightforward metaphor:

…this shoe (or should we say this ribbon) conforms to the shape of the foot, just like a bandage meant to heal it, [which has] become the distinctive sign of our brand, directly linked to our eco-responsible philosophy…


For what it’s worth, the design ain’t bad… though I’m not seeing the “pigeon” option under shipping (for U.S. or Belgian addresses).


2011 IDEA Winners: Our Gold Faves

We broke down our favorite projects from this year’s 2011 IDEA Awards winners: ten Bronze and six Silver award projects. Drumroll please…Below is our five picks amongst the Gold winners of this year’s 2011 IDSA IDEA winners. Congrats to all the winners!


Scott Summit of Bespoke Innovations flips mass production on its side, using RP to produce highly individualized prosthetics for amputees. In a world of one-size-fits-all, Summit stands out by providing machined goods that will only fit you. Our interview with Summit was one of the highest-rated posts we produced in all of 2010.


With the Life on Record Audio Line, TDK and Ziba Design brought the boombox back from the dead, and struck that perfect balance between a form that pays homage to the original and an object that’s undeniably new and fresh. This isn’t a design re-hash; it’s a design evolution, and one that seems to have skipped a few generations ahead.

Check out the case study for TDK’s Life on Record project from Paul O’Connor and Carl Alviani.



By moulding a sheet of plywood a wall luminating shelf is created. The bend gives room for the integration of light and makes an invisible fixation po..

Quote of Note | Don Freeman

“I wanted the book to be like an interior design magazine, but with more pages and more images. Normally, a beautiful interior design story is only six pages, and you really don’t get enough. So I wanted 20 pages of these houses, and I also wanted really tight, detailed shots. There’s a lot of text in the book [written by Michael Owen Gotkin] and you can learn a lot by reading it, but that wasn’t an essential goal of mine. Through photography, I wanted to give people a perspective on these houses. Yes, you could visit them, and maybe you can’t, but you’ll never see them in the way that I photographed them. I shoot in natural light. I shoot the way the house looks. I don’t bring in massive amounts of equipment. I shot the whole book on negative film with long exposures. I painfully tried to create a sense of romance and nostalgia—and silence.”

-Photographer Don Freeman, speaking with us about his new book Artists’ Handmade Houses (Abrams), a collection of 13 homes handcrafted by artists and craftsmen including George Nakashima, Sam Maloof, Wharton Esherick, and Russel Wright.

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Thread Wizard

Tiny ink-inspired tapestries from a needlepoint ace

NeedlepointTats-5.jpg NeedlepointTats-2.jpg

Passing her needle through cloth instead of skin, Ontario-based artist Ursula Thompson creates tiny sewn canvases inspired by classic tattoo designs. The self-taught Canadian “Thread Wizard” hand embroiders bright red roses, ships, anchors and skulls, creating beautifully shaded needlepoint tattoos sure to make even Sailor Jerry proud.

NeedlepointTats-3.jpg NeedlepointTats-4.jpg

Thompson sells the needlepoint tattoos online through her Etsy shop. Just like tattoos, prices vary depending on complexity, but typically span $60-100.

Core77 Photo Gallery: Sofia Design Week 2011

Photography by Brit Leissler for Core77

Returning to the Bulgarian capital for it’s third year, Sofia Design Week took over the city for eight days with a packed schedule of exhibitions, design talks and workshops. The festival—a relatively newcomer to the design calendar—is as much about generating design awareness amongst the locals as it is a platform for showcasing new and emerging design talent.

Brit Leissler was on the ground for Core77 scoping out this year’s highlights including the Cherga Group exhibition which took place in Lozenets Water Tower, a dramatic setting for the young Bulgarian designers capturing the uniqueness of the city.

Live Blog Coverage from Sofia Design Week:
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2011 IDEA Winners: Our Silver Faves


IDSA’s IDEA Awards have been honoring excellence in Industrial Design for over 30 years. Today, they unveiled their list of this year’s winners. We shared our top 10 picks for Bronze…up next, Silver award winners. Amongst this group of faves is Eton’s Emergency Field Radios and Flashlights, a water bottle that filters out the more than micro-muck and power tools for framing and extraction—we’re prepping for 2012. Congrats to all the winners and stay tuned for our roundup of our Gold ribbon faves.


You know the deal: You’re at a family reunion, and when extricating yourself by wriggling out of the picnic table—never an easy task—you accidentally hit your cousin with your foot, he accuses you of kicking him on purpose and punches you in the face, and next thing you know bottles are breaking and everyone’s getting each other into headlocks. Or maybe that’s just my family. Anyway, the Hopper picnic table provides easy in-and-out access at two of the corners, so you’ll have to find another pretext for kicking your cousin.


In cities, part of the workout of being a cyclist is schlepping it up and down the stairs in your apartment building. But sometimes that can be dangerous, or maybe you’re just too tired from fighting your cousins and you want to skip the hauling. The Bike Pullway would provide a good solution, providing a grooved rail that lets you push rather than schlep.


The one thing we all have in common on this planet is we all drink water. The Pure Water Bottle would be handy for everyone from rural village-dwellers to campers to urban travelers getting tired of shelling out Euros, Yen or Yuan for a bottle of Evian. Fill the Pure up from puddles so dirty you don’t even want to step in them, and the two-chamber filters work in conjunction with a wind-up ultraviolet bulb to give you fresh, clean agua.