Link About It: An Echolocation Bracelet for the Blind

An Echolocation Bracelet for the Blind

Referred to as an enabler of a sixth sense, the Sunu bracelet employs echolocation technology to help blind and visually impaired individuals understand what’s around them. The device sends forth a high-frequency sound-wave up to 14 feet away. When……

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Pet-Friendly and Easy-to-Assemble Burrow Sofas: A modular couch system that adapts to your moves

Pet-Friendly and Easy-to-Assemble Burrow Sofas

by Sun Bak

While we’re still waiting on Campaign to make its promised splash in the furniture world of urban dwellers, a newcomer has made its way into the market first. SF-based start-up Burrow offers a sofa that moves and grows with its customers……

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"Be Cool Be Nice" Interactive Book and App: Gerry DeVeaux's collaborative, art-driven effort to fight cyber bullying

Be Cool Be Nice (BCBN) launched to great fanfare last year, with the help of Willow Smith through her appearance on the cover of Garage magazine. The anti-bullying movement is back, this time with a brand new official interactive book and a

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Form Range

Form’s minimal, clean lines add a sense of light and openness to a room. Expertly crafted from steel and finished with matt lacquer, this table ..

That sole, folks!


3D printed shoes are coming for sure. There’s no denying how insanely effective the technology will be to create footwear that isn’t just unique or difficult to counterfeit, it also means designers and scientists have zero constraints. Designing for pure function and aesthetics, shoe production will not be hindered by molding/manufacturing capabilities, and the Adidas Grit seems like a prime example.

Designed with a sole that is a shock-absorber in itself, the Grit has a design so mesmeric and unique, you can’t really tell where the midsole or the outsole begins on the shoe. Designed with a sole that wraps itself around the upper half of the shoe like crazy cobwebs, the Grit was made to make you look like a million bucks and feel like you’re running on air. The latticed sole collapses when your foot lands on the ground, and material physics pushes it to expand when your foot is lifting off the ground too, allowing it to absorb impact, and release energy. Aside from that, it looks nothing short of desirable… and I can’t wait to see what sort of tread patterns it would leave on soil or sand! Besides, did you notice the subtle nod to the Adidas branding on the side of the shoe??

Designer: Aarish Netarwala









Horse Riding in the Mongolian Steppe by Pehuen Grotti

Le photographe Pehuen Grotti a passé deux mois à dos de cheval en Sibérie mongole, à la rencontre du peuple Tsaatan. Pendant plus de 400kms, avec son cheval acheté à Oulan Bator, il photographie les steppes et ses habitants, la gentillesse et l’accueil des yourtes. Du désert, chaud ou glacé, Pehuen livre un témoignage photographique empreint d’émotion et de bonheur. 

Retrouvez ses aventures sur Facebook et sur Instagram.

Surreal Earth Pyramids in the Alps by Kilian Schönberger

Dans le series Otherworldly, le photographe allemand Kilian Schönberger capture ces étranges « pyramides de terre » du Tyrol du Sud dans des Alpes. Il est resté sur place de l’aube jusqu’à midi pour capturer les formations rocheuses dramatiques. Les roches sur le dessus sont de l’argile moraine, déposée sur la montagne depuis l’ère glaciaire. Leur matériau solide protège le sol contre l’érosion, tandis que le reste du sol est balayé par la pluie. Suivez Schönberger sur Instagram.

ListenUp: Willow: Romance

Willow: Romance

A great departure from her debut single, but similarly guitar-centric and lullaby-esque to her more recent releases, Willow’s new song “Romance” is a folky, powerful tune. From her just released record The 1st, it’s just Willow, a guitar, and an astute……

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Link About It: Photographer Laurence Rasti's "There Are No Homosexuals in Iran"

In 1979 Iran became governed by Sharia Law, meaning (among other things) that homosexuality was outlawed, punishable by death in extreme cases and jail time in others. Many Iranian refugees travel to Denizli in nearby southwest Turkey, where they await……

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Your Child’s Imaginary Friend Made Real!

UPDATE: Less than 72 hours left, grab yours now!

“Studies show that children do not fully understand the concept of time until around 8 years old.” The next time your toddler wakes you up at 4 in the morning because he thinks it’s playtime, maybe this statement will shine some light on why. A child’s non-adherence to time often spills into the adult’s life too, making parents lose precious hours of sleep or work because they need to attend to their meddlesome children. You can’t simply explain to a child that it’s bedtime (many have tried), however a child learns from their environment… and the Mella tries to be that environment.

The Mella is a smart clock that anthropomorphizes the concept of time… in short, it’s a clock face with a literal face! Designed to become the child’s friend, the Mella, through example, shows the child when it’s playtime and when it’s sleepytime. The face on the clock ‘falls asleep’ when it’s nap-time, giving the kid context as well as a companion to sleep with. The child, over time, begins to understand that he/she must sleep when the Mella is asleep, and must wake up when the Mella is awake.

The Mella was created in part to help children grasp the concept of time, but it was also designed to give adults an extra few hours of sleep! Parents can configure the Mella to their convenience, allowing the adult to communicate to the child through the friendly medium of the clock. Along with its cute expressive face, Mella comes with a color-altering halo-light. The light not only works as a night-lamp, it also plays a role in helping kids understand the significance of color. The yellow light indicates to the child that it’s okay to be awake, but nap-time isn’t over yet. As soon as the light turns green, the child knows that they can get out of bed. Perfect for getting children to follow YOUR schedule, the Mella is ideal for naps, time-outs, or even indicating playing times. Its sleep-sound generator and soothing night lamp work along with the cute LED display face + clock to put the child to bed when you go to bed… Go ahead and get that extra hour of sleep and thank me in the morning!

Designers: Stephanie Lai, Dennis Liu & Eran Weinberg of Little Hippo

Click here to Buy Now: $39.00 $50.00


At 3:43 AM


At 6:36 AM


At 8:15 PM


Set the desired sleep time and every night, MELLA will go to sleep with your kid. MELLA sleeps through the night so your kid knows to stay in bed.


Good things come to those who wait! Half an hour before the wake time, MELLA will display a playful expression and glow a yellow light. Teach your kid to play quietly and wait patiently until the light turns green!


Set the desired wake time and MELLA will greet your kid with a smile and glow green. It’s time to start the day!




Choose from five soft night light colors to keep the bedtime monsters at bay!


Choose from three relaxing sleep sound options to help your kid fall asleep quickly: rain, white noise and ocean.

Click here to Buy Now: $39.00 $50.00