3D Print your own music!


I just adore the Prinpl. You know why? Let’s first take a look at the name. It’s a lovely amalgamation of PRINt and PLay. It also sounds like Pimple, which does make sense once you get to know what the Prinpl does. That’s the second reason why I adore the Prinpl. It takes one of my favorite toys and gives it a modern twist. Designed as a New-Age MusicBox, the Prinpl actually reads 3d printed discs with braille-like bumps on them. The bumps then interfere with prongs on a fabricated piece of sheet metal, plucking at it to generate a tune. The cool thing about Prinpl is that you can now effectively 3D print your own tunes and play them on the Prinpl’s hypnotically soothing inbuilt-instrument. The catch is that this phenomenon only plays short, looped pieces of musical data, but the ability to print your own tunes means you can generate your own mini-library of music. Prinpl doesn’t however limit itself to just 3D printed discs. It also reads conventional data and mp3 CDs, making it an instrument at some times, and a music player at others. Versatile!

It also comes with an app, allowing you to remote-control the playback features. Color me impressed!

Designer: Jeongdae Kim












Luxury campsite in Antarctica offers tiny domed pods for sleeping and dining

This remote “glamping” site in Antarctica features a series of igloo-like enclosures fitted with upscale decor like fur-covered chairs and bamboo headboards (+ slideshow).

White Desert – billed as the “only luxury camp in the interior of Antarctica” – consists of heated, spherical pods made of fibreglass.

Antarctica Glamping Pods by White Desert

Six are designated for sleeping, with each designed to accommodate two guests. Additional pods house a kitchen, a dining room, a lounge and a library.

The domed shelters rest atop wooden platforms and are secured to the ground with metal cables.

Antarctica Glamping Pods by White Desert

“Each suite stands alone on a rugged strip of land in the interior of Antarctica, midway between a frozen lake and towering walls of ice,” states White Desert on its website.

The site is part of a growing interest in “glamping” – or glamourous camping – which enables people to stay outdoors without foregoing basic amenities like bathing and kitchen facilities.

Antarctica Glamping Pods by White Desert

Similar projects include a camp in South Korea that offers sculptural shelters with an engineered fabric membrane and the recently unveiled Autonomous Tent, which is a fabric enclosure with a wooden porch.

The 10-year-old White Desert camp, which was recently refurbished, was started by Patrick and Robyn Woodhead, a husband-and-wife team. The Antarctic adventurers wanted to provide a “new kind of camp – one that would be comfortable and heated, more akin to the old-world luxury of the early Victorian explorers,” according to the website.

Antarctica Glamping Pods by White Desert

The domed enclosures were designed by the Woodheads and their construction manager, who later went on to start a company called Ideal Pods. The interior design was a collaboration between the Woodheads and Sam Hendrick, a Cape Town designer.

Antarctica Glamping Pods by White Desert

The sleeping pods feature beds with bamboo headboards, white Eero Saarinen-style chairs, and wood flooring. Complimentary parkas hang from free-standing coat racks.

The headboard serves as a partition, separating the bedroom from the en-suite bathroom, where guests will find a composting toilet and upscale toiletries from the Lost Explorer brand, which was started by British adventurer and ecologist David de Rothschild. The partition is sheathed in leather-effect wallpaper.

Antarctica Glamping Pods by White Desert

Small windows illuminate the compact space.

The lounge pod is fitted with a curved couch, plush red arm chairs and a round banquette sofa upholstered with tufted velvet. A glass door and two small windows bring natural light into the space.

In the dining area, a circular oak table is surrounded by chairs wrapped with fur pelts. The team used a restrained colour palette of tan and grey for the room, where guests gather to eat meals prepared by a professional chef.

Antarctica Glamping Pods by White Desert

As a zero-impact campsite, all waste generated at the property is transported back to Cape Town.

The hotel has 11 staff members, including seasoned high-mountain guides, who cater to guests’ specific needs and desires.

“We are very used to tailoring each trip to the individual and designing an itinerary that exactly suits our guests,” the owners said. Activities include climbing, skiing, flying to the South Pole, visiting a penguin colony and trekking through ice tunnels.

Antarctica Glamping Pods by White Desert

The camp is located at 71 degrees latitude, where summer temperatures can reach -5 Celsius, “which most clients find very easy to deal with,” the owners said. The property is open in November and December.

An eight or 11-day stay costs $72,000 (£54,900), which includes roundtrip airfare from Cape Town. Past guests include Prince Harry and the Saudi royal family.

Photography is courtesy of White Desert.

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GoPro Content Slate Includes Show About New York Motorcycle Cops

It’s a risky move. Be that as it may, Variety Silicon Valley correspondent Janko Roettgers has the scoop this week on GoPro’s decision to try and reverse the course of several money-losing fiscal quarters by turning itself into a media company.

Roettgers paid a visit to the office of company CEO Nick Woodman, who teased some of the 32 (!) short-form series the company plans to roll out in late 2016 and 2017:

Some of the titles in production include the travel show Beyond Places, the music format Off the Record and the family-themed This Is Gonna Be Fun and Kids Save the World. GoPro also teamed up with Real Madrid for a series on the legendary soccer club, and there’s one about New York motorcycle cops in training.

The shows are being produced by the company’s entertainment unit, which, until earlier this year, was headed by former CBS Corp. executive Zander Lurie. Lurie left in January to become CEO of SurveyMonkey, and the division is now being led by Ocean MacAdams, who at various points has held programming posts at MTV, Warner Music and the Madison Square Garden Co.

There’s little doubt some of this content is going to be compelling. But can it be monetized? Then again, at the Emmys this year, one of the nominees is the GoPro-driven concoction Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

ListenUp: Sampha: Blood On Me

Sampha: Blood On Me

Having recently contributed to Frank Ocean’s visual album Endless, British singer/songwriter/producer Sampha has now released a new track of his own. “Blood On Me” is from his upcoming debut LP Process and as his 2013 EP Duel pleased listeners, this……

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The Illustrated Book of Sayings: Weird, funny and gross idioms from all over the world that sometimes just don't translate

The Illustrated Book of Sayings

Writer and illustrator, Ella Frances Sanders’ new book “The Illustrated Book of Sayings” is a charming collection of idioms that get lost in translation. The kinds of phrases you don’t often hear in traditional language lessons, these are the sayings……

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Made.com First Parisian Showroom


C’est l’une des nouveautés de la rentrée. Le site de design et de décoration made.com a ouvert son premier showroom en plein coeur de Paris. Avec une superficie de 840 mètres carrés, ce concept store devient le plus grand d’Europe du la marque de décoration en ligne.

Et ce n’est pas fini. Pour attirer le plus de visiteurs possible, made.com a imaginé un bar à coussins, à tapis, et même, une exposition des best-sellers de la marque anglaise.    

La nouvelle adresse du showroom : 52 rue Etienne Marcel 75002 Paris . 

What I Learned From Living With Monks in Thailand

On a daily basis my head is quite fully occupied, whether I’m thinking about what to eat for my next meal, the e-mails I need to answer, a new project or how I’ll finish my to-do list. Especially in our world of data, there is always something more to check or catch-up on, with hardly any moments of rest in-between. Even on the toilet I watch Youtube! This creates a condition that I like to call “monkey mind:” the result of too many random things going through my head, and my inability to control any of them. I start to think about something and before I know it, one hour (at least) has gone by. 

I recently decided it was time to learn how to better control my mind, so I went on a Buddhist retreat in Thailand and immersed myself in the practice of Vipassana meditation. For ten days I lived among the monks and was fully-focused on meditation—no talking, reading, writing or anything else, really. It was super boring but an amazing experience! They taught me not to think about the past or worry about the future, just live in the now and focus on the little things that make up the present moment: really tasting the food I eat, feeling the sun on my skin and the air I breathe. Obviously I didn’t master this amazing skill after only ten days, but I definitely learned a lot from them.

Have any of you tried a form of meditation before? I’d love to hear about your experiences–whether successful or not—in the comments below!

This story originally appeared on Story Hopper, a collection of design stories worth sharing, squeezed into short videos.

Link About It: A.P.C. + Outdoor Voices Collaboration Collection

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The Greek God of Smarphones


Samsung managed to bring the Curved touchscreen to the masses, but the Sony Zeus concept phone really showcases it in all its glory! In the front face, literally all you can see the display, making it look like some sort of magic. Integrated into the super-thin bezel on the sides, are the controls for volume and locking/unlocking. To make the phone truly screen-centric, the fingerprint reader is put at the back (y’know, Nexus style), although it seems to be a little too low, functionally.

Known for its superior cameras, Sony also gives the Zeus phone a dual camera at the back… a trend that started barely a month ago. Has your jaw dropped yet??

Designers: Steel Drake & Nurlan Kumashov.










Adorable Socks Packaging

Pour vous faire craquer pour ces chaussettes la graphiste Gwyn M. Lewis a crée cet ensemble de packaging qui utilise malicieusement les petits bouts de tissu. En plus d’être irrésistiblement mignon, ce packaging illustre parfaitement le nom de la marque: Barking Dogs Soothing Socks. Une idée qui a du chien!