Link About It: The Mexican Morrissey

The Mexican Morrissey

Although he’s known to many as the world’s greatest Morrissey impersonator, Jose Maldonado will admit he’s just another fan of the indie rock icon and former The Smiths lead singer. Maldonado spends his days patrolling the beaches of Los Angeles as……

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Link love + Mother’s day sale

Bloesem living | Mother's day sale 20% off storewide

Enjoy everything you see here at a very special rate just because we are celebrating that special someone. Mother’s day gifting made yummy with this 20% off Bloesem storewide (online only!) with ‘WeLoveOurMom‘.

Teatowels inspired by the beauty of nature.

Pretty packaging changes everything.

Unexpected colour blocking in interior spaces..

Mmm.. rose, geranium and chamomile..

10 things to get rid of now

A hair studio like no other..

Spotted in Thailand: An adorable store we visited this week, more pictures to be shared on the blog soon of course!

Last week to get a spot in our tapestry weaving class with Natalie Miller. Book a spot for mom and yourself and spend a great Mother’s day weekend together, weaving and bonding, we can’t think of a better way to spend the weekend. (Maybe get some cake too after class!)

Xo, The Bloesem team


Meet an Industrial Designer Who Ditched ID for Something Better

Ben Cramp is a man who had a career in industrial design, and ditched it—twice. The lure of the shop was too strong to keep him behind a desk, and while he still designs, now it’s for himself, for objects that he will make in his own shop, with his own hands.

Another lure that proved powerful to Cramp was that of reclaimed wood. There are no sheet goods in his collection of nearly two dozen objects, nor even any recently-felled lumber (save for one local beech tree that was knocked down by a storm); all of the wood he uses used to be something else. And the appeal is easy to see—take, for instance, his French Oak Key Holder:

The Oak used in this Key holder originally served as flooring and walls of French Railway Wagons hauling goods for the SNCF (Société nationale des chemins de fer français). These wagons are up to 80years old and are nearly all now decommissioned and replaced with less romantic steel versions. When we first get our hands on the Oak boards they are coated with decades of soot from the old steam trains that hauled them. Hiding under that soot lays an incredible timber full of characterful burls, knots and cracks. Time has allowed the soot to seep into the cracks and holes beautifully highlighting them in jet black. It’s a real privilege to work with timber with such an amazing story and a real joy to give it new meaning and a new life.

Speaking of a new life, Cramp’s career arc and story is one that’s well worth hearing:

Check out the rest of Cramp’s work here.

Art Lebedev Studio's Valikus Patterned Paint Roller

Leave it up to Art Lebedev Studio to recast something as basic as the paint roller in an entirely new light. Their Valikus roller is made from silicon and embossed with a floral pattern. Behind it sits a second roller, which applies paint to the first roller. (Frankly speaking, I can’t work out how that second roller is loaded in the first place.)

A steady-handed user can then apply a pattern to a wall thusly:

The tricky part was getting the pattern dense enough to read as a whole, but sparse enough to deal with the eyeballed edge-to-edge alignments. “It has to be both simple and complex at the same time,” the team writes. “[The pattern must] align with different [passes] which [are] unavoidable in real life.” They experimented with different patterns, which you can see below and read about here.

I think the real challenge would the limitations of the user’s height, and keeping the pressure of the stroke even from high to low. If I tried to continue a stroke upwards by dragging a ladder over, I have no faith I’d be able to line the pattern up again.

In any case, it’s a cool concept. Oh wait a sec—not a concept; it’s actually in production! The Valikus goes for 33 Euros, or about US $36.

NY Jobs:, Digiday, Blue State Digital

This week, is hiring a digital photo editor, while Digiday needs a reporter/blogger. Blue State Digital is seeking a project manager, and Exclusive Group Travel is on the hunt for an online photo editor. Get the scoop on these openings below, and find additional just-posted gigs on Mediabistro.

Find more great NY jobs on the Mediabistro job board. Looking to hire? Tap into our network of talented media pros and post a risk-free job listing. For real-time openings and employment news, follow @MBJobPost.

Link About It: Lab-Grown Leather

Lab-Grown Leather

Brooklyn-based start-up Modern Meadow is currently developing the world’s first lab-grown leather. By taking advantage of recent advances in cell engineering, the company is hoping to shape a future that is “cultured not slaughtered.” The leather is……

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Topo Designs + Salomon Collection: An outdoor collaboration drawing on different design philosophies

Topo Designs + Salomon Collection

For most outdoor brands, the chief objective of their products is to heighten the outdoor experience—whether that means keeping you dry in a sudden downpour or making a piece of gear that’s so faithful it becomes an adventure companion. Colorado……

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Live Below the Line with Chef Gabe Kennedy's Three Recipes: The chef takes up the challenge to spend less than $1.50 a day for food and drink to raise awareness (and money) toward eradicating extreme poverty

Live Below the Line with Chef Gabe Kennedy's Three Recipes

In many cities, it’s almost too easy to pay $8+ on specialty coffee and a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich in a blink of an eye—before even starting the work day. Placing the spotlight on these daily, offhand choices is the global Live Below the Line……

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Melancholic People Photography

Cette sélection de photos réalisée par Alec Dawson met en scène des hommes, femmes et enfants de notre époque se retrouvant dans un état de mélancolie intense. Si cette tristesse rêveuse se lit expressément sur leur visage, elle se traduit également à travers les lumières et les décors. Un travail saisissant, à découvrir.

Melancholic People Photography-8
Melancholic People Photography-7
Melancholic People Photography-6
Melancholic People Photography-5
Melancholic People Photography-4
Melancholic People Photography-3
Melancholic People Photography-2
Melancholic People Photography-1

Bombay Sapphire Distillery in England

C’est en pleine campagne anglaise que le designer anglais Thomas Heatherwick, présenté en 2012 pour sa remarquable flamme olympique, a inauguré cette étonnante structure architecturale accueillant la distillerie de la marque de gin Bombay Sapphire. À découvrir dans la suite.

Bombay Sapphire Distillery in England-2
Bombay Sapphire Distillery in England-1B
Bombay Sapphire Distillery in England-1
Bombay Sapphire Distillery in England-0