Mediabistro Circus Is Coming to Town

vintage circus.jpgWhat’s better than a great conference? A great conference that gives us an excuse to use vintage circus graphics! Back by popular demand is the Mediabistro Circus. The third annual confab on the covergence of digital and traditional media is set for Thursday, May 20 at 92YTribeca in New York City. This year’s Circus is focused on media “visionaries and provocateurs” who also happen to be women. Among the speakers are Dwell President Michela O’Connor Abrams, Gilt Groupe CEO Susan Lyne, and Lisa Hsia, senior vice president of new media at Bravo. Click here for the full agenda and then prepare yourself by perusing, our favorite online collection of circus memorabilia. Feeling nostalgic? Check out our design-minded coverage of last year’s Circus here.

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U.S. National Soccer Jersey

nike-uskit1.jpg nike-uskit2.jpg

As the world gears up to watch the exciting quadrennial battle between soccer’s finest, every detail plays an important role—all the way down to the uniforms. Made from eight recycled plastic bottles, the United States Men’s National Soccer Team home jersey incorporates sustainability with the best in technology and design to ensure the players are in top form and inspire fan pride during the World Cup 2010 games.

Outside of the obvious concerns such as breathability and aesthetics, this year’s competition presents another set of challenges with the games taking place in nine cities throughout South Africa with three different types of climates (hot, cold and wet). Nike improved their already innovative Dri-Fit fabric by making it 10% more flexible, 7% more ventilated and 15% lighter overall to keep players drier and more comfortable.

1950-us-world-cup-team.jpg ussoccerjersey50s.jpg

Designed by creative director Phil Dickenson, the jersey is the upshot of immense research and a glimpse at the past, referencing the red stripe of the 1950 U.S. National team uniform with a gray sash across the front. Meant to read as a shadow of the original, the inspiration comes from the team’s historic upset against England 1-0 in Brazil’s 1950 World Cup. Also incorporated on the inside of the jersey, the “Don’t Tread On Me” motto serves both to inspire players and as a rallying battle cry for fans.


The kit sells in Nike’s online store for $70 or at Niketown stores, where it can be customized.

Faces of Stupid Contest


The id rebels against the ego in Diesel’s “Be Stupid” campaign: freewheeling models enter danger zones, taunt animals and ignore the laws of gravity. But as explained in an accompanying video, the campaign’s ethos reminds us that that risk-taking, discovery, and achievement often take place without the safety net of reason.

Diesel invites you to share your most defining “Stupid” moment in its “Faces of Stupid” contest, for a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Each week, voters on the Diesel site will choose the top five “Most Stupid” contestants. A panel of Diesel judges will determine the “Most Stupid” contestant of the bunch, who’ll walk away with a swag of gadgets: a digital camera, a Flip HD camcorder and an iPad.

On 24 May 2010, finalists from each week will compete in a showdown for the title of “Most Stupid.” The grand prize? A motorcycle trip through Europe, a shark-diving tour off the South African coast, a journey through Mongolia by train—it’s your choice.

To enter, get a “Be Stupid” sticker from a Diesel near you, stick it on your forehead, take a picture, and email it to You’ll automatically receive an entry form. Submissions will be accepted each week until 16 May 2010.


Spring Skin Awakening

Doing a little something extra for your skin is a good idea year-round, but spring makes a good excuse as any to do a deep cleanse and rejuvenate your routine. We recently met with skin expert Joie Tavernise (who runs her own clinic J Tav on NYC’s Upper East Side) to get her recs on how to best treat skin during these transitional months. See her suggestions below, along with some of our favorite new products, and some tips for polishing up your look.

Doing a deeper exfoliation or peel after a winter’s worth of dead skin build-up is a good idea (we like
Ren’s Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask
for $55), but Tavernise’s three essential tips for everyone during spring months are switch to a lightweight moisturizer, always apply sunscreen, and regularly exfoliate.

springskin1.jpg springskin3.jpg springskin2.jpg

One lightweight moisturizer Tavernise favors, Swiss bio-pharmaceutical brand NeocutisBio-Restorative Hydrogel contains hyaluronan—a polysaccharide known to reduce inflammation and repair skin. The oil-free hydrogel reduces fine lines and wrinkles and helps skin return to its glowing state. It runs about $100 from

Tavernise recommends Clarisonic’s new Opal Anti-Aging Serum along with the Sonic Micro-Massage Cleanser ($245 from Clarisonic) to keep skin looking young and healthy at home.


A good sunscreen should have an SPF of 15 or higher and contain ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays. (A good mineral-based option is Skyn Iceland’s SPF 18 Antidote for $)The type of sunscreen can be a personal choice, but Tavernise recommends a mineral sunscreen powder. Options like the SPF 20 Powder Sunscreen by iS Clinical ($40 from
) often work better since many oils don’t actually contain a sufficient amount of sunscreen and gels easily wipe off while sweating in the sun, causing a greater need for reapplication. Tavernise prefers iS because of its broad spectrum of UVA and UVB protective elements and no-hassle application.

springskin7.jpg springskin8.jpg springskin9.jpg

The Organic Pharmacy offers wholesome sun creams, packed with all-natural ingredients that will not only protect skin from the sun, but will also nourish and encourage cell growth while preventing the effects of aging.

Using their patented Cell-Ox Shield technology, La Roche-Posay combines intense anti-oxidants with powerful sun filters in their Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid ($28). The mixture also includes the tropical leaf extract Senna Alata, known for its antiviral and skin healing properties.

Channeling the beneficial effects of wine,Caudalie‘s Vinoperfect Day Perfecting Cream ($68) provides an SPF of 15 while enriching skin with ingredients like pea and sodium hyaluronate, chamomile extract, tangerine and mint.


Exfoliating skin not only removes dead skin and evens out its overall texture, but generates the growth of new skin cells while also diminishing visible sun damage and age spots. The process dates back to ancient Egypt and has since evolved to a fine science. While exfoliating at home is simple with a gentle scrub containing tiny grains, a twice-weekly ultrasonic exfoliation at the spa will dramatically boost the skin.

springskin4.jpg springskin5.jpg springskin6.jpg

For a gentle exfoliator try Sco‘s Refining Face Scrub, a base treatment that will clarify and even out the skin’s tone and texture.Customize your exfoliator with Sco infusers like lavender or ginkgo biloba for an extra boost, or pick up an already-formulated mix that includes papaya, lemon and juniper berry from Honey In The Rough‘s online boutique for $70.

A rice-based enzyme powder, Dermalogica‘s daily microfoliant ($50) activates upon contact with water releasing nourishing ingredients like papain (a protease that stimulates cell growth), Aspergillus (helps reduce the skin’s melanin production for a more even tone), colloidal oatmeal (soothes and smoothes out skin) and more.

If you worry that daily buffing is too intense, several products on the market offer a gentler formula. Odacite‘s make their tender Jojoba Beads Exfoliant ($45) with pure Jojoba wax, so that the rounded beads scrub without leaving micro-lacerations. Leaving out any preservatives or harmful chemicals, Odacite guarantees each product is fresh and full of active ingredients for complete effectiveness.


Another good option for once or twice weekly, Ren also uses micro Jojoba oil beads to help deep cleanse by removing dead skin cells, adding Juniper and Peppermint essential oils for toning and other benefits. The Jojoba Micro Bead Purifying Facial Scrub will set you back $35.

A new product from Wei Beauty, their
Pomegranate buffing beads
($20) mix into the cleanser you already use to delicately scrub dead skin away. Made with finely ground pomegranate peel, the age-old antioxidant helps brightness and even skin tone.

springskin10.jpg springskin11.jpg springskin12.jpg

Put an extra bounce in your step with a blow out, like the on-the-go service offered at NYC’s Blow bar ($40). We also recommend their Beach Blow spritzer ($21) to separate and tousle hair without weighing it down, maintaining that fresh-out-of-the-ocean look year-round.

To get feet ready to go al fresco, Feet First buffing pads are the best we’ve found for getting feet clean and soft. The simple scrubbers remove calluses, cure dry heels and revive tired feet with their nonabrasive formula.

Other than great skin, a perfectly arched set of eyebrows can do wonders for making both men and women look great. For New Yorkers, we recommend professional makeup artist Ramy, who works with bone structure to achieve the ideal shape for your face (“The best you possible,” as he puts it) and always goes for a fuller, more classic look. Shaping by Ramy himself runs $75, but a new service at Duane Reade’s Look Boutiques gets you brows by a technician personally trained by Ramy for $30.

For those downtown, the wonderful esthetician Rosie offers a Friday brow-shaping special for $25, or $50 at other times, at her salon housed in the Honey in the Rough boutique.

Jenny Holzer Shrugs Off Twitter Impostor

fake_holzer.jpgJenny Holzer may have raised laconic yet principled word bursts to an art form, but she is not behind the Twitter account attributed to her. “Maybe it’s somebody’s conceptual art project,” Holzer told Jori Finkel of the Los Angeles Times. “I would be embarrassed to do it myself—I like being invisible. But when I look at the website, I think: Go, Not-Me.” Holzer’s Twitter impostor has been posting all-caps, Holzer-flavored truisms since May 2007, attracting more than 16,000 followers. On Wednesday in L.A., the artist herself was presented with the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Award to Distinguished Women in the Arts. A fitting honor, as Holzer designed the bronze award plaque back in 1994. It reads “It is in your self-interest to find a way to be very tender,” a truism that yesterday appeared on Twitter.

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Friday Photo: Dustin Wayne Harris Takes the Cake

(Dustin Wayne Harris).jpg
“Chloe,” a 2010 photograph by Dustin Wayne Harris

As we look back upon the month that was, our mouths still water at the thought of “Cake Mixx,” Dustin Wayne Harris‘s recent solo exhibition at Heist Gallery in New York. A recent SVA grad with a taste for delicious detritus, Harris served up photographs of cakes baked by people he dated. The work is bold, festive, moody, and fascinating. One chocolately effort suggests a giant inflatable Oreo, another has the otherworldly glow of a cartoon planet Earth. In a kind of Wayne Thiebaud-meets-Freud epiphany, Harris came to realize that the appearance of the cakes—baked at his request after a first date—would inevitably become a metaphor for the relationship. “Whereas some people consult astrologers, read Tarot cards or tea leaves to predict the future, cakes tell it all,” he said. “Take Chloe for example. You can see from her first cake (above), the relationship had great promise. The second tells you that it ended badly.”

New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media.

Reader profile: Kristin Loffer Theiss

“I live in the Skagit Valley—about an hour south of Vancouver, BC,” writes Kristin. “The tulip fields are one this areas biggest agricultural features. My husband and I took my son out to the fields for pictures last night—right after the new mag came in the mail. So, it made an appearance.”

Kristin makes children’s toys and clothes (you may have seen her ad in the UPPERCASE marketplace pages). Visit her Etsy shop for more cuteness…

She has a lovely workspace! Irene at Bloesem has an extensive interview posted where you can see more of Kristin’s home. Visit the KLT blog for more inspiration and insight into Kristin’s creative process.

Thanks, Kristin. I’m so happy to have a reader like you.

Family Stuff

Cette série “Family Stuff” est le fruit d’une collaboration entre les deux photographes Huang Qingjun et Ma Hongjie. Ces artistes ont voyagé il y a quelques années à travers leur pays afin d’immortaliser des familles chinoises présentant l’ensemble de leurs affaires domestiques.












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Giveaway: Shift Calculator for the iPad

My husband and I tend to be fairly early adopters when it comes to new Apple products. We’re certainly loyal Apple users! I’m thinking back to my first computer that I purchased while in college, the Power Macintosh 7100 circa 1994. I think we’d already own an iPad (for magazine “research and development purposes”) if hadn’t had to replace a studio computer a few weeks ago.

Shift sent out an email today offering a giveaway of their new calculator for the iPad. The large numbers and simply elegant design immediately caught my eye. If you have an iPad and would like this app, please leave a comment and on Monday I’ll draw three names and email you a promo code which will allow you to download a free copy of Digits Calculator for iPad from the iTunes App Store. 

Best of American ID scans, circa 1951

div style=”align: right;”img src=”” width=”468″ height=”666″ alt=”0id195101.jpg”//div

pFlickr user A HREF=”” Weetstraw/A has a couple dozen A HREF=”” scans/A up from IIndustrial Design in America, 1951/I. (The publication was put out by the Society of Industrial Designers, an early constituent part of today’s IDSA, that was originally helmed by Walter Dorwin Teague.) Here are some of our faves:/p

div style=”align: right;”img src=”” width=”468″ height=”519″ alt=”0id195102.jpg”//div

div style=”align: right;”img src=”” width=”468″ height=”583″ alt=”0id195103.jpg”//div

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div style=”align: right;”img src=”” width=”468″ height=”282″ alt=”0id195105.jpg”//div

pHit the link above to see ’em all, high-res./pa href=””(more…)/a
pa href=””img src=”” border=”0″ ismap=”true”/img/abr/
a href=””img src=”” border=”0″ ismap=”true”/img/a/p