Here’s the Apple TV remote that Apple should have made a long time ago

In what seems like a rather cruel joke, Apple unveiled the AirTag at the same time as they debuted their new Apple TV remote… while conveniently forgetting to build a tracking chip into the sleek remote. Apple lets you track all your devices on their Find My network – from phones to laptops, to watches and even AirPods… but the TV remote – a device that’s almost certain to get lost, misplaced, or slip into the crevasses of your sofa? Well, you better not lose it because it’s un-trackable.

Almost instantly, companies and creators began building workarounds – remote cases with dedicated slots to put an AirTag of your own. Most of them are made from plastic or silicon, and you can even 3D print your own if you want. Nomad, however, designed a case with a difference. It comes made from Horween leather, looking like something you’d put on an iPhone. Beautiful to look at and smooth to the touch, Nomad’s Leather Cover for the ‘Siri Remote’ looks a lot like something Apple should have designed in the first place… apart from actually putting a UWB tracking chip inside the remote, of course.

Designer: Nomad

Nomad’s Leather Case is a slick-looking number that, aside from giving your Apple TV remote tracking abilities, also makes it a tad thicker so it’s actually more comfortable to hold and operate. The case forms a slim bezel around your remote, and discreetly hides an AirTag in the ‘floor space’ below.

The $39.59 case comes made from Horween Leather, known for being one of the highest-quality leathers globally. The leather outer feels great against the skin (as opposed to the cold metal finish of the existing remote), while a microfiber inner layer actually protects both the remote and the AirTag from getting scratched, scuffed, or damaged. Moreover, the leather actually patinas over time, becoming more and more unique and individualistic… something that should come through pretty well because you’re probably not going to upgrade your Apple TV for at least 3-4 years.

Just pop the AirTag in the case before you put in the remote, and you’re all set. The case has clearances for the IR blaster and for the charging port on the base, and you can use it just as you normally would… except now if you accidentally lose your remote, leave it in another room, or if your dog decides to run off with it, that AirTag on the back comes super handy. You can now track your remote using Apple’s Find My app. Rather handy, no?

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How Freelance Journalists Are Changing the Media Industry

The media landscape is vastly different today for freelance journalists than it was 15 years ago. According to the Pew Research Center, full-time U.S. newsroom employment has dropped 26% since 2008. And while traditional newsrooms shrank, digital publishing has grown—along with freelancing.

Both freelancing and media are evolving in a way that shapes the other. What does this mean for the future of the media industry? Well, it will continually shift to cater to freelance journalism. Here are some ways in which their role is changing the media industry.

Freelancers offer broad skills & perspectives

Instead of going through the process of onboarding new full-time employees, hiring freelancers has allowed outlets to share voices from diverse backgrounds—ones that traditional media sources may typically overlook.

A freelancer’s skillset today is also different than it was 15 years ago. They are more well-rounded, with skills including video editing, filming, voiceovers, and more.

Freelancers offer remote work flexibility

While the news cycle operates at all hours, traditional newsroom employees aren’t able to work 24/7. Freelancing, however, can be done at any time and any place—for the most part—creating flexibility for media outlets to publish content around the clock.  

Freelancers offer their own brand

Instead of news coming from a handful of media outlets, it’s coming from both freelancers and media outlets, decentralizing the traditional model. Freelance journalists are writing for multiple publications, creating a brand name and credibility for themselves in the process.

The world of journalism has seen rapid change in recent years. As freelance journalists integrate themselves within the media landscape, they are offering a wide range of skills, perspectives, and flexibility in today’s information age.

El Michels Affair feat. Piya Malik: Kahbi

El Michels Affair returns with “Kahbi,” a one-off track following their excellent 2021 album, Yeti Season. The psych-leaning track features singer-songwriter and frequent collaborator Piya Malik, along with plenty of Turkish funk and Bollywood elements that create an amalgam elevated by Malik’s haunting vocals.

Kahbi by El Michels Affair

Leaked iPhone 14 Pro dummy prototype shows a much larger camera bump, and no more notch

2022 seems to be the year that the iPhone finally breaks up with the notch.

Whoever Dave2D‘s sources are, they certainly must be pretty important people. The YouTuber managed to get his hands on a pretty realistic-looking iPhone 14 Pro dummy unit – the kind Apple hands out to case/accessory designers beforehand to help them manufacture and launch upgraded accessories as soon as the phone drops. It’s rumored that Apple will be dropping just 4 iPhones this fall (the company is discontinuing the Mini), and while the 14 and 14 Max look relatively unchanged, the higher-end 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max have some significant design upgrades – notably the absence of the camera notch for something much more discreet.

Apple debuted the notch in 2018 – nearly 4 years ago. Since then, almost every company’s moved on to bigger and better things, but the iPhone-maker couldn’t seem to shake off the intrusive design detail. In fact, in a year where even MUCH smaller companies were making phones with tighter bezels and camera cutouts, Apple was faithfully committed to giving their iPhones an ugly, obtrusive forehead like a parent getting their children bad haircuts. It’s funny that Apple even figured out 5G before they figured out notch-less displays.

However, if Dave2D’s secret source is to be believed, Apple’s finally figured out a workaround, with a rather fitting ‘i’ shaped camera cutout on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. This creates the iPhone X moment for the Pro range, with a design that people can now instantly distinguish as a different, more premium model (the same way the notched iPhone X actually distinguished itself from the iPhone 8). For someone who’s used Android all his life, this doesn’t feel too different, but if you’re a serial iOS-head, this new camera cutout will instantly be the first thing your eye immediately travels to… because for the first time, you have hardware that is actually ‘inside’ the screen’s real estate.

It’s not entirely certain why Apple chose this unique cutout (the company should have figured out under-display FaceID by now, right?) but some speculate that this is the best the company could do given the dire circumstances and timelines. Apple ditched their Chinese front-facing camera manufacturer for a South Korean maker at the very last minute due to quality and developmental issues. Rumor has it that this new camera system turned out to be thrice as expensive as the regular notch, but given the fact that the company is running on a tight deadline with their iPhone event just 4-ish months away, it was the best they could do. Maybe the iPhone 15 will look better, right?

Front-facing camera aside, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are rumored to have Apple’s latest A16 Bionic chip. The specs of this chip are the kind of details that nobody will really know up until Tim Cook or Phil Schiller actually gives us the whole story.

Other notable details include a similar but slightly larger camera bump. Apple seems to be pushing the envelope with just making their iPhone cameras bigger so they have larger sensors, and the iPhone 14 Pro seems to be no exception. Another feature that comes as no surprise? Lightning connector on the base. Apple has until 2024-25 to adopt the USB-C format before the folks at the EU get pissed, so chances are this might be the last, if not second-last iPhone with Apple’s proprietary lightning connector. Makes sense, considering the company also sells iPhone accessories like the AirPods and the MagSafe battery pack that use the same cable/port.

Apple is scheduled to announce the iPhone 14 this September or October. While this prototype here seems to paint a pretty reliable picture of what to expect, there are still a few more details that need mentioning, like the colors, price, and the new killer feature that sets this iPhone apart from others. (It was the Cinematic Mode last year)

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Beth Orton: Weather Alive

The title track from singer-songwriter Beth Orton’s first album in six years, “Weather Alive” threads together a dreamlike soundscape with lyrical reflections on reality. Stretching beyond seven minutes, the melodic song comes with an equally ruminative music video, directed by Eliot Lee Hazel. Orton self-produced all eight tracks from the forthcoming LP (out 23 September) at her home studio in London. “Through the writing of these songs and the making of this music, I found my way back to the world around me, a way to reach nature and the people I love and care about,” Orton says. “This record is a sensory exploration that allowed for a connection to a consciousness that I was searching for. Through the resonance of sound and a beaten up old piano I bought in Camden Market while living in a city I had no intention of staying in, I found acceptance and a way of healing.”

Tdot Braille Keyboard is compact, lightweight, and convenient to use

The Design Intelligence Awards (DIA 2022) is happening soon, and we cannot wait to learn about new and innovative designs to grace the consumer market. Of course, not all designs will probably make it big, but every design has potential because every project that becomes a finalist is intelligently designed.

Last year, the Tdot Braille Keyboard was introduced as a special keyboard for the visually impaired. While the available braille keyboards are ready, they can be very expensive. Most of them are also heavy and not that convenient to use. The T-Dot enters the game by offering a lightweight experience at an affordable price.

Designer: KunYoong IBC

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Tdot Braille Keyboard Features

Tdot Braille Keyboard IF Design Award

Thanks to the modified Perkins-type structure, the T-Dot Braille Keyboard weighs only 59g and comes with a comfortable grip. The structure now is T-fold which allows the device to be smaller. In addition, it comes with one jog wheel and 12 input keys, resulting in enhanced navigation. Users are expected to type with more convenience now and added speed.

Like most Braille keyboards, this one offers convenience and portability. You don’t have to bring a heavy accessory as the T-Dot is very compact. It is one revolutionary design that the visually impaired will love.

Tdot Braille Keyboard

T-Dot isn’t just compact as it also looks trendy with all the different colors available. Moreover, with its size, you can easily wear one around your neck to bring it everywhere with you. It was also recognized at the Design Intelligence Awards and is now available in the market.

Tdot Braille Keyboard Demo

Tdot Braille Keyboard Colors DIA

Ease of use is offered because it automatically switches to a letter as soon as you type Braille on the keyboard. This lets you type characters right on your computer, smartphone, or tablet with the T-Dot keyboard. It works over Bluetooth connectivity so the connection is pretty reliable. You can also use “voice” to enter screen contents or input braille. Other notable features include Braille input, reverse braille translation, track point, and screen-control function. The device is compatible with Mac, iOS, MS, and Android.

Tdot Braille Keyboards

Tdot Braille Keyboard How it Works

You can purchase the Folding Type Braille Input Bluetooth Keyboard for Blind (Tdot) in different key regions like Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East and online HERE. And if you have similar ideas and designs, you may want to present them at the DIA 2022. Click here to enroll for the 2022 Design Intelligence Awards FOR FREE!

Tdot Braille Keyboard Colors

Tripod Folding Bluetooth Braille Input

Folding Type Braille Input Bluetooth Keyboard for Blind(Tdot)

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KEF LS60 Wireless Speaker delivers high-fidelity experience in a contemporary form

KEF LS60 Wireless All-in-One Floor Speakers

There are plenty of options for speaker systems, but it’s not easy to find the best that can deliver excellent audio and aesthetics that could match its quality. In this day and age, speakers no longer look like black, boring boxes. Instead, there is plenty of audio equipment that is stylishly designed and skillfully crafted.

KEF has just introduced a new wireless audio system that is floor standing. The LS60 Wireless is the first wireless floor standing system from the brand that we know delivers extremely high-performance products. The new wireless speaker system offers a more natural and elevated sound that is seamless and connected. In addition, it’s able to bring high-fidelity audio in a revolutionary form.

Designer: Michael Young

KEF LS60 Wireless All-in-One Floor Speakers System

Designer Michael Young has worked with KEF to develop a product part of a new collection released in time for the company’s 60th anniversary. The British brand famous for its high-end speakers is also known for stunning design and innovative technology, as the LS60 Wireless can prove. The LS60 Wireless boasts a contemporary aesthetic and class-defining performance. Expect sound that is powerful, full-bodied, and very rich. The speaker system’s audio is powerful enough to fill a whole room.

KEF LS60 Wireless All-in-One Floor System

LS60 Wireless Driver Design

The floor-standing LS60 Wireless system is ideal for the audio listening experience, whether for watching moves, listening to classical music, or playing party music with loud bass. It’s not just about looking pretty as the speaker also features the latest wireless audio technology. It runs on a 12th Generation Uni-Q driver, Uni-Core bass drivers, and Metamaterial Absorption Technology. A single unit can offer optimized bass performance, low distortion, and more impactful sound with this tech.

LS60 Wireless Driver Royal Blue

Do not underestimate the KEF LS60 Wireless Speaker because beyond its sleek form; it can deliver truly powerful and compelling audio. And with the W2 wireless platform, the speaker system offers reliable wireless compatibility. It also works perfectly with the compatible KEF Connect app, letting you stream podcasts and music. The speaker system also works with your TV, gaming console, or turntable.

There are three color options: Royal Blue, Titanium Grey, and Mineral White. The matte finish provides an elegant look and feel. Any color can blend into most interiors but expect the LS60 Wireless Ffloorstanding System to be a real standout. KEF is one brand to trust when it comes to high-end audio products as we’ve seen in the KEF Home Theater System from years ago. We also can’t forget that KEF Muon Speaker that was designed by Ross Lovegrove.

LS60 Wireless Speaker System

LS60 Wireless Speakers System

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Zipper Bookshelf lets you display favorite books in an experimental design

What you normally look for in a bookshelf is functionality over form. You need something where you can store your books and decorations. But sometimes, you also need something that looks good and will show off just some of your selected titles. For that, you can choose some kind of unique design that will make it not just a piece of furniture but a decorative showcase for your favorite books. The Zipper Bookshelf is one such creative execution for a metal bookshelf.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

The Germany-based designer thought of creating a bookshelf that can represent the analogy of opening a book “where the pages diverge”. For this, he got inspiration from an unlikely source: the zipper. The bottom of the structure starts out simply enough with some regular-looking shelves that will fit some thin books or at least one thick coffee table book. It then breaks apart as you go to the top and open up, just like you would a zipper.

The top can display your books like they were on tree branches, positioning it in a “special” way, not just in a box-like regular shelf. This “dissolving wall” type of design actually makes the shelf lighter as it gets to the top. This actually gives you a little more space for more books at the “branches” as compared to the thin shelves at the bottom. Even though the shelves are bending, it still seems pretty stable as well, most likely because of the heavy core which prevents it from falling over.

The Zipper Bookshelf has a minimalistic metal aesthetic and also gives a pop of color. The concept renders show an orange metal finish but there will probably be other colors available as well. I will not mind having a bookshelf like this if it eventually becomes an actual product and show off some of my best books.

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A Perfectly Useless Afternoon Wristwatch

Designed by Kristof Devos and hand-assembled in London by Mr Jones Watches, the “a perfectly useless afternoon” wristwatch features a character comfortably lounging on a pool float atop its dial. Charmingly, the direction of the character’s foot indicates the hour, and the position of a nearby floating duck signifies the minutes. It’s a vibrant and summery timepiece that acts as a reminder to dedicate time to relaxation.

Star Lounger Chair wants to give you a warm embrace and a comfortable seat

Troy Smith Studio Star Lounger Details

The Star Lounger looks like something that wants to give you a warm hug. The star-shaped chair will probably remind you of Patrick Star from the Spongebob cartoon series. The lounge chair appears comfortable enough to put you in a cozy embrace.

On its own, the Star Lounger can stand as an art piece or a decor. It’s like a sculpture you want to show off, serving an important function. It’s a chair that can be perfect for lobbies and rooms where you want to chill and relax.

Designer: Troy Smith

Troy Smith Studio Star Lounger Chair

Troy Smith Studio Star Lounger Chair Marble

The Start Lounger is a star alright but can shine brighter wherever you decide to place it. Each piece is crafted from the best materials like stretch velvet fabric and brass caps. The end result is a luxurious lounge chair that is plush and comes with premium finishes.

The upholstered lounge chair is beautiful with its craftsmanship, design, and art. Designer Troy Smith took inspiration from a star and decided to use stretch velvet to achieve an elegant and beautiful furniture piece. As a result, the Star Lounger delivers meticulous craftsmanship that is hard to come by these days.

This conceptual piece of furniture is unique. The brass and stretch velvet combination delivers a feeling of luxury while still being comfortable. The Canadian designer has spent time being creative and researching and planning to design and create the chair. It breaks the mold for a lounger chair and even goes beyond the desire to produce a sculptural work of art.

Troy Smith Studio Star Lounger Chair Gold

Troy Smith Studio Star Lounger Chair Black Stretch Velvet

The Star Lounger definitely combines beautiful form and function. There isn’t much innovation, but the design alone will make you stop and stare and even sit on the lounge chair. It has a bit of humor as it appears wanting to want you to sit on the chair and be embraced. It’s actually more of a giant starfish that wants to hug you or wants you to sit on his lap.

Troy Smith Studio Star Lounger Design

Troy Smith Studio Star Lounger Wood

This Star Lounger is handmade by skilled artisans. It features a sturdy hardwood interior frame, high-density foam, brass, and velvet—so you can say it’s a bit eclectic. The upholstery is solid, so we are guaranteed of a well-made furniture piece. This chair stands out with the detailed finishes, including the cast brass legs and caps.

Troy Smith usually delivers a hands-on approach starting with design and then production. This intimacy with every creation makes every piece like the Star Lounger very special. We think it is because it doesn’t just serve as a regular lounge chair. Instead, it makes you smile and gives you comfort whenever you need it.

Troy Smith Studio Star Lounger Chair Yellow

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