Help loading moving boxes.

Moved house recently? Neither have we, but we still remember what is was like. One of the more irritating things was keeping the flaps of the storage boxes open while loading them. You often pack with one hand and try to keep the flaps out of the way with the other. Now we have found a solution to this problem. Instead of wrestling with the flaps, you just fold the flap outward and slide a Tiger Taco over the fold. A Tiger Taco is a piece of steel or plastic, bent to a u-shape like a taco that locks the flaps in an open position. Smart. Four orange steel Tiger Tacos are USD 18:95. Their plastic brethren are USD 4:95 also for four.brbr

Dishtowel mitts.

Get the mitts on and start drying those dishes. The gloves or mitts have a terry-cloth surface and a water proof layer so you do not have to get your hands wet. We know it is a lot more convenient to use the dishwasher, but these mitts would probably be great when you want perfectly spotless wine glasses without any fingerprints. Available in red or white and USD 15:- a pair.brbr

Bath mat with built-in slippers.

Of course you need a bathroom rug to avoid flooding the entire room after you have had your morning shower. If you want to move around before you are dry, you can always slide the rug forward with your feet. We have done this many times without much trouble, but designer Paolo Ulian has conceived an even more elegant solution; a bath mat with integrated slippers. It is USD 50:-, which may be a bit harsh. But there is something more disturbing than the price tag. Have a look at the picture. Aren’t there too many hairy legs? brbr

Trio – the peeler with three blades.

This must be the Swiss Army Peeler. It sports three different blades hidden in the handle, and you shift by pulling one blade in, positioning another by turning the knob at the end, and pushing the new one forward with your thumb. A bit like those fat ball point pens with different colored points. The peeler, named Trio (surprise) has one ordinary straight blade for taters or squash, a serrated one for tomatoes, and a julienne cutter to make cool carrot curls. When you are not using it, all blades can be stored in the handle. The Trio is USD 14:95.brbr

Smart furniture idea hides clutter.

We do try to keep our entrance tidy, but it is not exactly easy. Cellphones, keys, wallets, sunglasses, bike pumps, you name it. At one time or another, they all end up on our hall table. Berlin designer Ralf Schmitz has made an effort to solve this problem with the Handschuhbox, (glove box), above. It has sliding lids or trays, is available in walnut or mahogany with accent colors and it is EUR 209:- (approx. USD 302:-) plus shipping.brbr

Automatic pet feeder no. 2.

We had hardly published the last post when we stumbled over this one. An automatic programmable pet feeding machine. It sports a digital programmable timer to make the four food trays open at the exact time you want your pet to eat. You can even record your own voice, thus allowing you to call Fido to dinner. The containers are good for both dry and wet food, and there is even room for a freezer block to keep the stuff from going stale. USD 90:-.brbr

Party plate no. 4.

It seems that good ideas always come with company. Either these ideas float around in the air like some kind of virus, just waiting to pounce on some unexpecting person. Or maybe the simple truth is that people rip each other off, and change them just a bit not to be too obvious. Anyway, we find it interesting enough to feature the forth party plate so far. This time in plastic and for sale in the US. It is USD 13:- for four of them. Available in red.brbr

Ottoman transformer turns into guest bed.

Couches with fold-out beds are commonplace, and so are the almost infinitely variable murphybeds. But tis is something new. The ottoman/bed is the first we have seen. The actual bed looks a bit narrow, since it has be folded into the ottoman, but if you have limited space and no room for another sofa, this must be a great solution. It is USD 399:- plus an additional USD 100:- for shipping.brbr

Butter cooler with built-in spreader.

This butter box has its own cooler that you freeze in the freezer. When you want to serve the butter you place one or two sticks of butter on the ice cold tray. There the butter is promised to keep cool for two hours. Maybe an idea for a real long and s-l-o-w sunday breakfast? Only USD 7:95 and then you get a special spreader that attaches to the lid.brbr

Drawing straight lines with a folding rule.

Of course any master carpenter with fingers like oak do this without any help. But for the rest of us who who have fingers soft as wieners, this could actually be a great help. The 90° ruler guide has a slot fitting the classic Swedish folding ruler, provides a firm grip and we are sure we could now draw straight lines without getting splinters in our fingers. From Kawator Produkter (no website, alas) in the Swedish town of Sandviken. We paid SEK 40:- (approx. USD 6:-) just because we could not resist owning one.brbr