Down with the mother of all colds.

Been in bed for the past two and a half days with an impressive cough, sore throat, headache and a head full of mucus. The cough is such as one needs to hold on to something not to fall over. Sides are aching for coughing so much, hope no ribs are damaged. Posting will be slow for a few days until this goes away. Love/Ed.brbr

Safety handle for your summer beer enjoyment.

As we are posting on drinks related stuff (and in the middle of this year’s hottest heat wave) we must have a look at this aluminum beer handle. Everybody must have experienced how fast even a well chilled can of beer gets warm just from your body temperature holding it in your hand. Or how easy it is to drop a perfectly good brewski because your hand is sweaty or the can is wet from condensation. Now, all these risks can be avoided with the Beerhandle that snaps easily to any 12-oz can. (Does not look like they have any handles for the bigger European 17-oz [0,5 liter] cans, however.) The handle is USD 9:88 a piece and available in four colors.brbr

How to chill a drink really quickly.

We suppose that you (like us) have been in the situation where the only drinks in the house are at room temperature because you (like us) have forgotten to put them in the fridge. However, there is a way to save the day, and it works with both cans and bottles, soft drinks and beer. Here’s how:br
1. Get your miserably luke warm cans or bottles and put them on your kitchen
2. Fill a bowl with cold water and ice cubes from the freezer. Ice and water in 50/50 proportions usually works
3. Get out the salt. Ordinary cheap table salt will do. No need to waste the expensive sea
4. Add a small handful of salt to your ice and water. The salt will lower the water’s freezing point, and this means that the water can get colder than the regular 32°F (0°C).br
5. Put a test can or bottle into the icy salted water and stir rapidly. Stirring speeds up the heat transfer from the can to the water. Wait two minutes and taste the beverage. If it’s not cold enough, put some more cans into the icy water, stir like before, but this time wait three or four minutes before you take them
6. Pour and drink. Enjoy.brbr

Wine chiller that chills the wine, not the bottle.

The Ravi is a wine chiller that chills the wine as it is poured. The wine is chilled as it flows through the chilling tube that has been prepared by freezing in the freezer. As the chilled tube is warmed up by the room’s hotter temperature the wine needs to pass slower through the tube to get the right temperature. This is achieved by an air valve that is controlled by the thumb. The Ravi is (among other places) available from Amazon where it is USD 50:- . We have also previously posted on another similar product; the Leopold cooling staff. More on the cooling staff after the link.


Shtaggle. It’s tagging for iTunes. Tags, record labels, moods, lyrics. The shizzle dizzle – says Steve.

Gone for vacation.

We’ve gone to Gotland for a spot of vacation. We’ll be back on July 15 with some new cool stuff. Love/Ed.