Der Ziesel

Der Ziesel is an off-road wheelchair. Powered by a Li-Ion battery, goes up to 22mph and..(Read…)

Timelapse Video: Tempus Fugit by Philipp Ebner

Locations present are the northern part of Switzerland near Zurich, the Blackforest region in..(Read…)

Oh, Deer!

Oh Deer from Tattly just launched.  ..(Read…)

How to Open a Bottle

How to open a bottle of Champagne with a knife/sword. How to open a beer with £10 note, and..(Read…)

Best Vines of November 2013 Compilation

Best Vines of November 2013 Compilation..(Read…)

Gif: Winter


Foaster, a toaster for your phones.

Foaster looks like a miniature toaster, keeps your two of Apple’s iPhone(5, 5S, and 5C)..(Read…)

Bulletproof Whiteboard

Made from Dyneema, a material used for truck armor in Afghanistan and for SWAT team shields, the..(Read…)


Canadian way of brewing coffee, one cup at a time.


The Northern Lights have attracted the night sky watchers for ages. “Aurora” – the collection of backlighted bathroom furniture, is ..