ListenUp: Lonleyspeck: Settle

Lonleyspeck: Settle

With a spacey, minimal melody and poetic lyrics, Lonelyspeck’s (aka Sione Bouts Teumohenga) new track “Settle” is mesmerizing. From the artist’s second EP, Lave, the song’s lyrics are sparse and delivered with a vulnerability and tenderness. With unexpected……

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Drone you worry, child!


We’ve seen drones finding applications in the coast guard service before. This isn’t the first time the drone has become a life-saving gadget, but the Recon Drone for Parrot makes a bold attempt of being a rescue drone that works under all odds. Its design takes inspiration from a helicopter (known to give assurance to the stranded), allowing it to maneuver through any sort of weather. A front mounted camera allows the drone to perform a surveillance run on the surface of the ocean in regular as well as thermal imaging, and on spotting a survivor the drone deploys one of two emergency flotation devices.

The drone is operated remotely using a joypad that gives the user full control of the drone’s movements while also providing footage from the drone’s camera.

The drone even has a flotation belt of its own, if it were to encounter an accident or error and plummet into the water. Quite a well-planned, holistic approach, isn’t it?

Designers: Aurélien Gravelotte, Augustin Wanert, Maxence Hoet & Maxence Fournier.

















Foot-Operated Door Opening Mechanisms

Every guy has seen this: You’re in a public restroom, some dude finishes up at the urinal, does not wash his hands and simply exits—pulling the door open with his hand, of course.

In a movie theater or restaurant it’s just gross, but in a medical environment, door handles are a worrisome source of germ transmission. Thus a host of companies sell foot-operated door-opening mechanisms, primarily for doors that don’t have latch bolts. The StepNpull, alternately branded as the ToePull, resemble angle irons with an extra lip that’s serrated:

The Clean Escape and the Footpull have you open the door by hooking underneath with your toes:

The Toe Opener lets you decide whether to go over or under:

As does the DoorWave, which is a bit designy-er:

All of the designs above are simple pulls. But this elaborate German-engineered design, which is connected internally to the latch bolt of a conventional door, is probably the sexiest:

Created by inventor Sascha Klein, it’s called the Metiba foot-operated door opener. And yes, it can be used both ways:

Reader Submitted: Play Steam VR Games on Your Smartphone with NOLO VR

The new NOLO VR Motion Tracking System is engineered to provide an affordable, yet immersive VR experience and turn any mobile headset into a room-scale VR system. Powered by Po-larTraq, LYRobotix’s proprietary spatial positioning technology, NOLO not only enhances Google Cardboard games and other mobile-only VR experiences, but the tracking system opens up a whole new world of VR gaming by integrating with Steam VR, Valve’s popular game distribution service, by working in conjunction with Riftcat’s VRidge.

View the full project here

First Trailer for Tarantino-Inspired Crime Thriller 'The Mason Brothers'

A perfect getaway is a clean getaway. A group of outlaws attempt to reveal their brothers killer from a neighboring gang after being set up during a bank heist. The Mason Brothers is both written and directed by American filmmaker Keith Sutliff, making his feature directorial debut after a number of short films previously. Sutliff earned a degree in Criminal Justice before moving to Los Angeles to pursue filmmaking, inspired by films like The Untouchables, Reservoir Dogs, and Drive. This film hasn’t premiered at any film festivals. Adler will release The Mason Brothers in select theaters starting April 14th this spring…(Read…)

HOST: Barware For Dummies That Doesn't Look Awful

Like many neurotic aesthetes, I use different gear when I’m hosting and when I’m by myself, and and drinking is no exception. Despite the best efforts of talented and patient bartender friends, my tastes in drinking are decidedly utilitarian (read: lazy) and I’m not likely to break out a Tom Dixon-y cocktail shaker on my own when I can just muddle along in a glass. I’m not proud of my over-poured Old Fashioneds, but most well-designed barware feels like the haptic equivalent of clocks without numbers and the well-marked alternatives often feel crappy. Enter HOST, a design project I wish were real. 

Designed by Ryan Hume, the HOST shaker is a drinker’s multi-tool that doesn’t lose sight of the clean barware edge. It incorporates measurements in both cap and glass, and a reversible silicone citrus juicer and strainer built in. There’s also a bottle opener in the base, which seems like it might potentially be tricky to clean, but I appreciate the gesture.

Most importantly, it seems like it would get me to make myself less boring or regrettable drinks without getting out the crystal.

Immersion in Dubrovnik City by Andrea Tamburrini

Andrea Tamburrini est un passionné de voyages. L’architecture, les jeux de lumières, les paysages grandioses… tout est prétexte à rendre ses photographies plus attirantes les unes que les autres. Originaire d’Italie, ce photographe capture chaque endroit où il va pour en créer de jolis souvenirs, publiés en grande partie sur son compte Instagram.

En voyage à Dubrovnik en partenariat avec Nissan et Fubiz, l’instagrameur n’a pas hésiter à prendre quelques clichés de la ville croate à bord de la nouvelle Micra. Une citadine dont le design sportif et moderne se mêle parfaitement à l’architecture et aux lieux typiques de cette région au charme fou. Le résultat est à découvrir ci-dessous.

Magical Underwater Photographs by Salvo Bombara

On connaissait l’effet enchanteur, intemporel et presque féérique des photos prises sous l’eau et ce ne sont pas celles du photographe Salvo Bombara qui viendront prouver le contraire. L’artiste italien immortalise ses modèles immergés grâce à un jeu de lumière qui contraste avec l’obscurité des profondeurs. Une série de photos à découvrir, au rendu illuminé, quasi divin.

Clutter and productivity

Order a copy today of ​Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter​ by Unclutterer’s Editor-in-Chief Erin Rooney Doland.

A few years ago, we pointed out a study conducted by the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute which demonstrates how a cluttered environment can negatively affect productivity:

“Multiple stimuli present in the visual field at the same time compete for neural representation by mutually suppressing their evoked activity throughout visual cortex, providing a neural correlate for the limited processing capacity of the visual system.”

In other words, having lots of “stuff” in your visual field can make it difficult to achieve the focus needed for meaningful work.

It’s a compelling finding and one that I relate to. How often have I delayed the start of a project because my desk is a mess? Many. This is anecdotal of course, but I don’t believe that’s always a function of procrastination. After tidying up, I feel like, “Ahh, now I can work.”

Of course, I don’t want to work in a spartan, decor-free room, either. So what do I keep around my work space? Here’s a quick tour of the few items that I allow in my immediate work space.


On my desk you’ll find the expected. A computer, keyboard and mouse. There’s a coffee mug fill of pens. The mug has sentimental value to me, as I bought it while on a family vacation. Seeing it makes me smile. Next you’ll find a stack of 3×5 index cards and a desktop “inbox,” much like this one.

Lastly, there’s a coaster for the odd drink (tea, etc.). Notably absent: photos. I know many people feel motivated or happy when looking at photos of loved ones. I understand that, but those images make me wish I was with them and not at work! So no family photos for me.


To the left of my desk is a bulletin board with quick-reference material. I’ve written about my love of bulletin boards before. Mine stores phone numbers I need to know, policies that must be public and a few other similar items.

Computer screen

I like a tidy computer desktop as well. For me, that means the wallpaper must be either a solid color or depicting a simple image. Also, I can’t handle a screen littered with icons. I know that many people like to keep icons representing oft-used documents and applications on the desktop, and I can respect that. I just prefer folders.

There’s a quick look. For me, visual clutter definitely interferes with my ability to focus on work. With that in mind, these are the few items I’m glad to have around. How about you?

Post written by David Caolo

Boston Dynamics Finally Unveils Video of New Jumping, Skating Robot

Following a leak earlier this month, all we had was a grainy snippet of video; but now Boston Dynamics has released the full video of Handle, their wheeled, figure-skating, jumping robot. Here it is shown doing a lot more than in the leaked clip:

What’s significant about this design is the wheels for feet. With Boston Dynamics’ other robots, which walk on either two or four legs, there is a lot of engineering required; on the other hand Handle, which “uses many of the same dynamics, balance and mobile manipulation principles? found in the quadruped and biped robots we build,” only requires “about 10 actuated joints, [making it] significantly less complex,” the company writes.

“Wheels are efficient on flat surfaces while legs can go almost anywhere: by combining wheels and legs Handle can have the best of both worlds.”

Some other stats of interest:

– The ‘bot is 6.5 feet tall
– It has a 4-foot vertical leap(!)
– It tops out at 9 miles per hour
– It has a 15-mile range on a single battery charge

You’ll note that in the video they showed it going down stairs, but not up; I wonder if it jumps to ascend staircases?