Nonprofit Catalogs 25,000 Lbs. of Underwater Garbage Collected from 72 Miles of Lake Tahoe

Beach cleanups are a trendy thing for plastic-producing companies to sponsor. Everyone loves looking at a clean beach, so problem solved! Hey, don’t go near the water, and certainly don’t look in the water. Pay attention to this newly-cleaned beach!

Film producer Colin West learned that, like an iceberg, the garbage you see on a beach is just a tiny fraction of a larger garbage collection underwater. He subsequently founded Clean Up the Lake, a nonprofit dedicated to gathering submerged garbage in Lake Tahoe. West, a scuba diver, recruited volunteers and raised funds to scour the lake’s 72-mile perimeter. Logistics meant they could not do the entire lake, but settled for everything from the immediate shore down to a maximum depth of 25 feet.

72 miles is nothing to sneeze at. It took West and his team of volunteers over a year, and they just completed the task this month, hauling up 25,281 pounds of garbage. Divers made trip after trip, taking empty mesh bags down to their depth limit and returing to the surface when the bags were full.

All of the garbage was painstakingly sorted and GPS-located, creating data for scientists to parse.

The types of garbage found are eye-opening. In addition to what you’d expect—plastic packaging, beer cans, sunglasses, broken boat parts, fishing gear—they also found condoms, tampons, fluorescent light bulbs, tires, electronic appliances, construction waste, palette wrap, carpet, furniture, batteries. Notably, in a news interview, West refused to say on camera what some of the more “interesting” objects they found were. (I’m imagining discarded weapons, or worse, linked to ongoing murder investigations.)

If you’re an ID student or researcher interested in the subject of what types of garbage ends up in the water, I recommend downloading this report that Clean Up the Lake put together. Check out page 44, which exhaustively lists the garbage items by category.

For now, that 72-mile stretch of Lake Tahoe is pristine.

Next Clean Up the Lake will target other lakes to apply their process to. You can learn more, or donate and/or get involved yourself, here.

Hertz Adding Insane 900-Horsepower Shelby Mustangs to Their Rental Fleets

You know the cliché about people who have near-death experiences, but survive and start living wild, to make the most out of life? Maybe the same thing applies to rental car companies. During the pandemic they were so desperate for cash that they started selling off their fleets. But now that travel is back, Hertz is reinvigorating their periodic and nutsy Rent-a-Racer program.

The company has announced they’re adding Ford Mustang Shelby models, the GT-H (white, above) and the supercharged GT500-H (black, below) to their fleets. These are muscle cars with 5.0- and 5.2-liter V8’s that make 450 and 900 horsepower, respectively.

For $400/day, and with a 70-mile daily limit, traveling salespersons and whomever else can now step off of a plane and get behind the wheel of one of America’s most powerful production vehicles. How that person will actually wind up at their satellite office, and not living their best lives while trying to outrun State Troopers on the nearest expressway, remains to be seen.

The Shelby’s will be available to rent this summer.

Webinar Tomorrow: How To Nail Perfect Lighting Setups in Keyshot

Using light to make your model look just right is both art and science. In this Core77 Crash Course, industrial designer and rendering expert McKay Nilson will cover the details on lighting set ups in Keyshot, and what to use when.View the full content here

A.M. Boys: Give Me Time

A.M. Boys—a Brooklyn duo composed of songwriter and electronic musician John Blonde and record producer, engineer and musician Chris Moore—released the cerebral and vibe-soaked third single from their forthcoming debut album, Distance Decay (out June 3). Dubbed “Give Me Time,” the spacious track’s origins percolated up out of a jam session. It “started as a live improv during an after-party at our recording studio, Glowmatic Sound,” Blonde tells COOL HUNTING. “Chris’ beat got everyone moving. I had lyrics in a journal and they fit well into the groove right away. I think it’s a song about resilience and patience. When we recorded the album version, I added the final lyrics. I had recently read a short story by Truman Capote that inspired a line in the second verse. Specifically to A.M. Boys: as long as we stay curious we have everything.”

This swanky hot rod got the looks to kill with a powerful heart beating under its hood

If you’ve got a thing for hot rods, then this muscular roadster will be the fresh pipedream you wish somehow makes it into reality. Automotive giants need to realize how badly we need such hot rods to be widely available in the market.

Modifying a roadster car for better performance, or as I should say “automobile of 1948 or earlier that has undergone some modernization to the engine, transmission, interior, or anything else” – in line with the National Street Rod Association’s definition, is a hot rod. The trend of hot rod cars sprung up in America when classic or even modern four-wheelers underwent a metamorphosis with large engines optimized for speed. No doubt motorheads would give anything to own a hot rod, isn’t it true?

Designer: Kevin Kaufhold

My love with hot rod cars evoked from my childhood days, playing around with Hot Wheels cars that were my priced possessions, way beyond any other toy. This concept hot rod dubbed Fratoria instantly evoked the good old memories, and I felt the urge to express my emotions. It looks to be based on the most famous hot rod choice for tuners – yes, I’m talking about the Ford Model T. Preserving the classic character of the iconic four-wheeler, but giving it a very measured modern look, the designer creates a worthy wallpaper racer, shining in its metallic silver and grey combo.

The big rear exhaust has the typical Batmobile feels, and the livery all over the body makes it ready for a WRC Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge. The hot rod assumes a belligerent stance from the front, while the side profile has the classic long-bodied form. The driver’s cockpit is reinforced with structurally strong yet lightweight material just in case the car goes for a tumble off the road. Overall, the details of this beautiful roadster are well crafted and radiate a powerful presence on the road.

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Topographic 3D objects make use of ocean plastic waste

Charles Birshaw Topographic Coffee Table Details

Charles Birshaw is slowly becoming known for his impressive designs. He has a knack for coming up with new creations transformed from waste into desirable art. They don’t just appear as art but also with unique functions.

The last pair we featured was the modular mule that can be transformed into a clog. Again, the Modular Mule explores the boundaries of design. This time around, the designer introduces two new products: a coffee table and a 3D art decor.

Designer: Charles Birshaw

Charles Birshaw Topographic Coffee Table Details

The Topographic Coffee Table is made of ocean plastic. It is another product of material innovation and the designer’s desire to explore boundaries of design. The latest collection from Birshaw is the ‘Topopgraphics Objects’ series made from ocean plastic.

The London-based industrial designer aims to make lifestyle products that are more environment-friendly. Birshaw said, “The project stemmed from my current notion and thought process of seamlessly integrating materials that we particularly need to find a use for into lifestyle products. As opposed to the traditional design strategy to use less of a substance we need to avoid entirely.”

Charles Birshaw Topographic Coffee Table Concept

For the Topographic Coffee Table, the designer used Topographic maps as inspiration and basis for his art. Topographic models have been made to serve as a base for a table. It’s like having a diorama of a mountain or a place and having them displayed in the living room.

Another 3D model is also available, but it’s more of a wall-hung piece of the famous Mount Fuji. This one is also made of ocean plastic but now with a marble effect. The coffee table also has a similar effect, but you can’t really appreciate it up close.

Charles Birshaw Topographic 3D Art 6

Charles Birshaw Topographic Coffee Table Sample

Two versions of the coffee tables are imagined and made. One table uses compression molded ocean plastic while the other takes advantage of the cast-ground plastic mixture. These products result from waste plastic separated according to colors and then melted to mold and create blocks. The blocks are then used to make the topographic models using a CNC milling machine. The final product is then enclosed or covered in glass.

Charles Birshaw Topographic Coffee Table Renders

The designer Charles Birshaw continues to experiment with this topographic 3D art. The Mount Fuji wall hung shows us how recycled ocean plastic can be transformed into something beautiful. The 3D art wall art and coffee table can be considered functional sculptures because of their form and function. One serves as a beautiful and one-of-a-kind decor. The table is a furniture piece that supports your other stuff at home and is usually placed in the middle of a living room.

Charles Birshaw Topographic 3D Art 5

Charles Birshaw Topographic 3D Art 4

Charles Birshaw Topographic 3D Art

Charles Birshaw Topographic Coffee Table Recycled Plastic 2

Charles Birshaw Topographic 3D Art 3

Charles Birshaw Topographic Coffee Table Design Concept

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An Engineer's DIY Computers with Alternative Form Factors

I didn’t know you could order off-the-shelf circular LCD screens. I also didn’t realize that in sci-fi videogames, it’s not uncommon to see computers with circular screens. (I’m not a gamer and have no idea what games these screenshots are from.)

In any case, Berlin-based engineer Penk Chen knew both of these things, and had the skills to do something about it:

As mentioned in the Tweet, all of his open-source build details are here.

This isn’t the first computer with an unusual form factor that Chen’s built. His Penkesu Computer is “a retro-style handheld device powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W [with] a 7.9 inch widescreen display (1280 x 400 resolution), and a 48-key ortholinear mechanical keyboard.”

And his CutiePi Tablet, which he’s planning to sell (though it’s also open-source) features “an 8-inch multi-touch screen, a 5000 mAh battery, and the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4.”

I’m pretty impressed with the housings, which Chen designed and 3D printed himself. For a guy who doesn’t have any background in ID, I think he’s done an admirable job with the cases for all three machines.

An Off-Road Electric Bike–With Gas Tanks in the Wheels

Reportedly in production, the Ultra Bike 2×2 is a very unusual vehicle concept. It’s a utilitarian off-road electric bike, with a 1KW motor in each wheel powered by a 48V battery in the lower center of the frame. The unusual part is that the wheel rims are actually fuel tanks meant to hold 6 gallons of gasoline.

Why do you need gas, for an electric bike? Because that white thing you see in the frame, in the area where a fuel tank would normally be, is actually a gas-powered generator.

You can use the generator to charge the bike’s battery to extend its 40-mile range, or to power objects (up to 800W) in remote locations. You can also pop the generator out of the frame to use it away from the bike.

The Ultra Bike’s gigantic, low-pressure tires certainly make it look competent in snow and mud:

It is telling, or at least suspicion-inducing, that they’ve omitted some key things from the video. How easy or difficult is it to fill, and draw fuel from, the in-wheel fuel tanks?

And how well do those pontoons work, if at all?

Nevertheless, the company claims they have inventory and are currently selling the bikes, though the surprisingly low asking prices again raise suspicion: The starting price is just $1,990.

Ferrari Roma Tailor Made, Specially Crafted for COOL HUNTING

A glorious amalgam of Japanese and Italian craftsmanship and style

In 2019 we were invited by Ferrari to participate in their Tailor Made customization program with the encouragement to expand and explore the use of colors, materials and finishes further than the luxury automaker has ever done before. We had just returned from our CH Japan trip, and as we were still inspired by indigo and traditional Japanese crafts we decided to bring some of the artisans in from our Omakase collaborations to help create our dream car.

The video we share here tells the story of how we transformed our inspirations and passions into a Ferrari Roma unlike any other. We didn’t begin our journey with the intention of creating an Italian-Japanese love story, but we most certainly ended it that way.

The Ferrari Roma Tailor Made, Specially Crafted for COOL HUNTING conveys the nuance of craft we employed and the ease of our partnership with Ferrari. After years in development, we’re so excited to share this project—especially as it makes appearances in the US until it ends up with one lucky owner.

We’ll be sharing stories celebrating the work and contributions of each artisan in the coming weeks.

Hero image courtesy of Ferrari

This fan created LEGO Batmobile edges the official LEGO build in realism

Matt Reeves unearthed the more human side of Batman in the latest flick, as Bruce Wayne frees Gotham City from the gripping clutches of a sadistic killer. The Batmobile that the lonely hero builds in his underground cave helps out in this quest. Behind the scenes, digital artist Ash Thorp played a major role in creating this lean mean machine which deliberately had to be not as larger than life creation as the previous Batmobile builds, but enough to make fans associate their own life with the crime-fighting hero.

Ash laid the foundation for the initial designs of the caped crusader’s machine to be showcased in the movie, and now another digital artist pays homage to the creation in the LEGO form, and we can’t help but love it. Just like the initial design blueprints of Ash’s released version, this Batmobile has the same air of mysteriousness to it. Be it the matte black color, toughened wheel rims, or the reinforced bumper build for the kill.

Designer: TaeYang Lee

Inspired by the rollecoaster movie plot, TaeYang Lee tried to recreate the film’s mood but didn’t come good with his own expectations. Later on, he discovered Mecabricks, a LEGO modeling tool, and hence came into existence this cool build. Just like the on-screen Batmobile this one too is set in a dark gloomy world which magnifies its sinister character. Those beaming headlights that seem to stare you right in the eye, or the flaming exhaust that warns you not to cross the periphery!

The rear-mounted 650 hp Chevy V8 engine oozes the same powerful domineer, and the roof of the 1969 Dodge Charger – both of which have been replicated with the finest of details. I would even go to the extent and say, this one is much better in realism and finer details than the original LEGO Batmobile. Though, we have to consider, this one is created digitally, and how it will look in real life – actually (crafted from LEGO bricks) is another question.

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