MIT Creates Robots That Can Correctly Sort Objects by Reading Human Minds

MIT have developed robots that can correctly sort objects by reading human minds using an electroencephalograph monitor. For robots to do what we want, they need to understand us. Too often, this means having to meet them halfway: teaching them the intricacies of human language, for example, or giving them explicit commands for very specific tasks.But what if we could develop robots that were a more natural extension of us and that could actually do whatever we are thinking?..(Read…)

A Vibrant Look at 'Off to the Vet'

The Very First Episode of Simon’s Cat in Color.An exclusive sneak peek into how colour was used to make the first 12 minute animated Simon’s Cat film – ‘Off to the Vet’. Shot during the production process, featuring Simon Tofield, his cat and the Art Director. Stay tuned for more behind the scenes!..(Read…)

Little Girl Is Afraid Of Her Own Shadow

Solomon Underwood shared this short but adorable video of his two-year-old niece momentarily freaking out when she notices her shadow for the first time…(Read…)

Kids Try 100 Years of Cookies with Cookie Monster

Kids try 100 years of cookies with special guest Cookie Monster including mallomars, sugar cookies, nutter butters, macarons, and more…(Read…)

The Circle of Love

‘Circle of Love’ by musician Rudy Mancuso and actress Mikaela Hoover…(Read…)

Bit Bar,  A Full Hex Driver Set Into A Compact, TSA-Approved EDC

The Bit Bar stores 8 standard sized hex bits inside, a full hex-bit tool kit as part of your EDC. The slim TSA-Approved titanium sleeve stores & carries 8 ¼” hex bits of your choosing & comes loaded with #1 & #2 Phillips and Square Post bits, ¼” & 3/16” flatheads, & T15 & T20 Torx…(Read…)

Can You Hear The Difference Between Hot and Cold Water?

You Can Hear The Difference Between Hot and Cold Water..(Read…)

Mountain Bike Reviewer Reviews His Trail Dog, Poppy

BikeRadar’s former Technical Editor Jon Woodhouse talks us through his long-term test dog, Poppy…(Read…)

How BBC's 'Planet Earth II' Series Filmed Nature at Night

How BBC films the night side of Planet Earth..(Read…)

7 Things You Didn't Know About Wolverine

“Hugh Jackman hung up his claws for the final time in Logan, so we decided to celebrate the end of an era, with some obscure facts about Wolverine.”..(Read…)