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Studio Violet‘s Chlotespeg church


Split ordinary wood clothespegs. Glue them to a formation/building (church or what you like). Use thin wood boards to make a roof, glue. Paint all of it, or not. Saw a hole for a door, and if you want, make a cord holder for a lamp (40 watt) and light it up.

Studioviolet_mix {click for large image right here}

Add what ever you want to decorate and build a whole world around it. Here we´ve used a cone, candy balls on thin steel wire, recyled paper to cut out a bird, roof plates and stones. Voila, ready to play!Studioviolet_dark

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… just a little bit more about Studio Violet … Camilla Engman and Elisabeth Dunker are two, I think, famous artists/designers/stylists/creators who recently opened a studio together in Göteborg, Sweden. Not only are they working on their own separate projects, but they also combined forces and launched their first gorgeous product-line together … here are some images of the journals, cards and posters, all available in their online shop!



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