3 Years At The Same Place

Un impressionnant time-lapse durant plus de 3 ans sur le même lieu, autour de la démolition et de la construction de l’immense “Tour Sequana”. Environ 45 000 photographies éditées sous After Effects par Pierre Jolivet avec un Pentax K110D. Une bande-son de Massive Attack – Montage.


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A modern coat stand designed around a ‘standard’ Ø23mm replacement hardwood broom handle. Utilising this mass manufactured standard..

Amazing iPad Animations

Un travail d’illusion d’optique avec ces 5 images statiques présentées sur iPad, auquel est ajouté une superposition de feuille transparente avec des lignes noires sur l’écran. Une utilisation de Photoshop afin de créer les visuels. A découvrir en vidéo dans la suite.


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Daily Obsesh – Hedgehog Nail Brush

imageGot a couple bucks to spare? Then maybe you need to spend it on this adorable Hedgehog Nail Brush from Urban Outfitters! If you like to keep your nails looking great, then your nail products should look just as good as you do!

This little guy’s got a smile on his face and the cutest hedgehog body, how can you not love him? With contrasting colors making up the bristles and the body you and your new hedgehog buddy will be smiling from ear to ear! Get that grime off your nails and add some color to your day! The package is delivered in a blind box which means you’ll be surprised by the color you receive! Send it to a friend and put a smile on their face, or purchase one for yourself and see what color you get! Not into nail-care? Now might be a great time to start!

Where to BuyUrban Outfitters

Price – $4.00

Who Found ItLtopiol was the first to add the ‘Hedgehog Nail Brush‘ to the Hive.

Daily Sales Round-Up! – October 11

imagePrep School Days

While some of us may not have had to experience wearing school uniforms, the preppy school look stays appealing year after year, generation after generation. Mostly because it’s conservative stylings stay as an ‘appropriate’ staple, collared shirts, pleated skirts, and cardigans, as well as blazers and other neatly structured pieces are in fashion for all seasons. Plus, just a few detail changes and this clean-cut look translates well into our adult years! Check out HauteLook and others because they know exactly what we mean!

HauteLook – Mackage, Larsen Grey, Monarchy (mens), Kasil

Rue La La – Andrew Marc, Hobo International, Ben Sherman

Ideeli – Donna Rico, Manoush, Furla, Pietro Allesandro

Gilt Groupe – Isabel Lu, Bensoni, 360 Sweater, Qi Cashmere, Ali Ro


Geography meets typography: The world in words.

Space Hotel

Un projet en développement avec Orbital Technologies, une société russe qui prévoit de lancer en orbite cette capsule devenant alors le premier hôtel de l’espace. Jusqu’à 7 personnes pourront y séjourner : le coût n’a pas été révélé, mais le lancement est prévu pour 2016.




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Mr Happy should have gone to Specsavers

Nostalgia can be a powerful tool in advertising, as the in-house creative team at Specsavers clearly realise, if their new ad is anything to go by. The ad features an array of characters from the classic BBC TV series Mr Men, and is centred around Mr Happy, who is unexpectedly grumpy…


Mr Happy is found lying in bed, with his mouth firmly turned down as he clutches a pair of glasses. The voiceover (which is a splendid impression of Arthur Lowe, who provided the voice to the original Mr Men cartoon series) then informs us that Mr Happy’s sour mood is caused by the various offers he missed out on by not going to Specsavers for his specs. We then see him stomping irritably around town, falling out with Mr Greedy, Mr Messy, Mr Tickle and Mr Bump in turn.


The ad was directed by Passion Pictures’ director Darren Walsh, who studied the animation in the original TV series in order to reproduce the retro 2D style, complete with imperfections. This is not the first time Specsavers have turned to retro children’s telly for inspiration, and the ad follows the brand’s Postman Pat-themed ad from last year, which was also directed by Walsh and had a similar attention to detail.


Agency: Specsavers Creative
Creative director: Graham Daldry
Creatives: Simon Bougourd, Neil Brush, Michael Hutchinson, Aaron Scoones
Production company: Passion Pictures
Director: Darren Walsh

Coachella Festival 2010

Une superbe vidéo entièrement en tilt-shift par Sam O’Hare qui avait réalisé le court-métrage The Sandpit. Elle présente une vision unique du festival de Coachella, à travers le public, les scènes et l’ambiance. La bande son est signé Human. A découvrir en HD dans la suite.


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Soldiers by Suzanne Opton

Birkholz, 353 days in Iraq, 205 days in Afghanistan

Suzanne Opton’s striking and controversial portrait series of US soldiers is currently showing as part of the 2010 Brighton Photo Biennial.


Opton’s began photographing soldiers in 2004. For this first series, she asked for a particular pose, capturing the soldiers lying with their heads on one side, staring into the camera lens. According to Opton, the soldiers were more than willing to adopt this position, and she would wait until they became unguarded before she would take the shots. The resulting images are unsettling in their intimacy, and in some the faces resemble death masks, a quality that has led the work to become hugely contentious.

Bruno, 355 days in Iraq

Williams, 396 days in Iraq

This controversy was actively sought by Opton, who first began displaying the photographs at a time in the US when imagery that gave a questioning or potentially negative impression of war was virtually banned in the country. Rather than simply exhibit the images in a gallery space, where they would be seen by a limited audience, Opton displayed her photographs on billboards around the country, drawing a huge response, both positive and negative, from those who saw them. These reactions played out on her blog, soldiersface.com, where viewers continue to leave comments on the series to this day.

L Jefferson, length of service undisclosed

Claxton, 120 days in Afghanistan

Part of Opton’s intention was to highlight the individuals that serve in the US army, to counter the image of soldiers as being faceless drones. Alongside each photograph, Opton presents the name of the soldier featured and where and how long they have served, giving a small insight into the experiences of the people shown.


Andrew Cotrel, Iraq

Jordan Paquette, Iraq

For a second series of work, Many Wars, which is also on display as part of the BPB, Opton offers even more information about her subjects. The series shows US war veterans who have served in conflicts including Iraq, Vietnam and World War II and are all suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. For these photographs, Opton offered the veterans a prop of a piece of cloth to use as they liked. Some wrapped themselves in it as if seeking comfort, while on others it appears almost as a shroud. Alongside these images, Opton presents a text explaining the veterans’ experiences and how they now feel about the wars in which they fought. To read some of the texts, visit suzanneopton.com.

Steve Hensel, Iraq

Shea McClure, Iraq

Opton’s work appears as part of the New Ways of Looking group show at the Brighton Photo Biennial. It is on show at the former Co-op department store in the city until November 14. More info is at bpb.org.uk.