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To celebrate the first day of December I would like to start with something special …. I have invited some fantastic artists, bloggers and friends to send Bloesem some tips and images of how to create some nice Christmas decoration and we call it          :: The Bloesem Holiday Season Decoration Month :: 

Today the lovely Nina from Nina in Vorm is our first guest …Posttitle_HolidayGuest

Nina’s Creative Christmas Cookies


I’ve been a huge lover of ceramics, (vintage) crockery and tableware for quite some time now, both as a maker and a collector. But lately I’ve also started to become more interested in serving something special on those plates and trays and in those mugs, cups and bowls. Two people mainly inspired me in my growing interest for creative, fun and colorful food design and display: first of all Cesca Bondy, who’s a real breakfast artist serving and photographing breakfasts each morning that look like true works of art.


Second inspiration is Lisa Goudzwaard, who owns a creative catering company and who creates very fun and special ‘eadible art’. I once did a workshop with her and learnt the little trick that I’m using today in this little ‘Christmas project’: making colorful, creative cookies!


I have to say I’m not a traditional Christmas person, who likes all Santa decorations in red and green. Also, I don’t feel very related to Christmas as a Holiday. I do however like the December holidays to take time to bake and cook a lot, and experiment with new and creative recipes. The cookies that I made here are very simple sand cookies, but by adding food dyes in different colors and by using your own imagination, you can get very nice results.

I like to serve my creative cookies as a part of a high tea/coffee, on my favorite vintage and hand-decorated plates. They taste a tiny bit funny (though good enough!), but how cheerful they look! And I think both children and grown-ups have a great time making these… 😉

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