Alice‘s DIY handmade origami Christmas decorations …

AliceOrigami wreaths are very easy to make and involve nothing more than some scissors and scraps of paper. I re-used some magazines, catalogues, old maps, and old wrapping paper. A nice little task to do when watching all those Christmas movies!

I got my instructions from the excellent step by step tutorial here :: There are also a lot more designs; I found a useful page here:


To summarise this is the method that I used:

1. Cut out eight rectangular pieces of paper that are half as wide as
they are long. So in this instance I used paper 4cm by 8cm.

2. Fold each piece once in half along the length.

3. With the folded edges uppermost fold the top left and right corners down at right angles.

4. Then fold the piece in half across the width so that the flaps of the folded corners are inside.

5. Now you are left with a square end and a pointed end. The top of the
square end has two pockets. Take each piece and poke the pointed ends
into the pockets of another.

When you have linked all eight together you will have your wreath.


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