Vintage Fashionistas Prepare Their Thanksgiving Feasts in Style

imageSo Turkey Day is a just a few weeks away, and maybe your family allows you to wear Uggs to the dinner table. But maybe not. Maybe you’re going to be meeting his parents for the first time this year. Or maybe it’s your turn to channel Martha Stewart and host all the relatives at your place for the first time. Maybe you want to be thankful while feeling confident and looking great. (And certainly looking great will help you feel more confident!) If so, then you’ll love this selection of dresses for the Thanksgiving Hostess-with-the-Mostest. After consuming waaaaay too many calories, these knit and jersey beauties will still be comfortable. And, if you do happen to dribble a bit of cranberry sauce on their deep, rich prints, no one will notice. And that makes them perfect Thanksgiving Day dresses for vintage fashionistas. Now just click the slideshow to see the selection.

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