Scandinavian Design at Austere, Downtown Los Angeles: The new concept retail space brings Sweden’s classic aesthetic to SoCal

Scandinavian Design at Austere, Downtown Los Angeles

It was an old auto showroom sitting empty at 9th Avenue and Hill Street in downtown Los Angeles, but as soon as brand consultant Fredrik Calstrom—who originally hails from Sweden and now lives in New York—laid his eyes on it, he quickly knew…

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FoundersCard Expands: The membership-based program continues to partner with awesome brands (Audi, Bang & Olufsen, British Airways) and is now hosting exclusive events around the world

FoundersCard Expands

Advertorial content: Creatives, makers and independents all share the same basic desire: the freedom of choice. However, with the mounting pressures of a growing global marketplace, there is an increasing need for designers and artists not only to produce compelling…

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Oroma Elewa Launches Online Store: The Pop’Africana founder opens a webshop full of treasures found on her extensive adventurous travels

Oroma Elewa Launches Online Store

Already a CH favorite, Oroma Elewa has just stepped it up a notch, launching her online store. As expected, it’s a place to admire (and purchase) some of the…

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Abandoned Shopping Centers Photography

Seph Lawless a fait une série intitulée « Black Friday » dans laquelle il prend des photographies d’un centre commercial abandonné et dévasté, localisé à Cleveland, une ville qui a connu une grande désertion à cause du chômage dans les métiers liés à l’industrie. A découvrir en images dans la suite de l’article.

Seph Lawless’s portfolio.
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Trash & Diamond, Beijing: The city’s first real second-hand store opens a new location in Wudaokou to the delight of treasure-seekers

Trash & Diamond, Beijing

Last spring, Fang Fang (who studied graphic design and advertising before working as an Art Director for brands including Apple China and Mini) left her prestigious job and partnered with her friend Lin to open the first…

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Ippodo: Kyoto-based and three centuries old, the store brings premium green tea (and a limited edition spring matcha) to NYC


Just a few blocks from the hustle and bustle of Grand Central Station lies the serene Ippodo, hidden inside the ground level of Michelin-starred restaurant Kajitsu, which specializes in…

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City Guides: New York City: Ahead of this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, an updated guide to New York City

City Guides: New York City

Just ahead of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week—which begins this Thursday, 6 February—we decided to update our NYC City Guide for the many sartorially minded visitors that are currently visiting this magnificent city. From post-show cocktails to shopping and coffee breaks, our guide to…

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TRNK: An online home design marketplace boasting masculine style through shoppable stories


The task of turning a place to put your stuff into a real home can often take years. Even in cities with abundant shopping options, finding the little things that give your place personality can be difficult. With this in mind, former fashion…

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Word of Mouth: Arts District, Los Angeles: The Ace Hotel, an indoor bouldering gym, new restaurants and more spaces opening up downtown

Word of Mouth: Arts District, Los Angeles

The Arts District in downtown Los Angeles, east of City Hall and Little Tokyo, has long been known as a haven for artists and creatives. The industrial buildings mix multi-use living and working spaces with bars, food, factories and all kinds of…

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Topshop Bloom

Topshop a une nouvelle fois fait appel au Studio Neon pour imaginer la vitrine présentée pour les fêtes de fin d’année à la boutique d’Oxford Circus à Londres. Proposant une installation de plus de 150 pétales en mouvement, cette création du plus bel effet appelée Bloom est à découvrir en vidéo dans la suite.

Topshop Bloom10
Topshop Bloom9
Topshop Bloom8
Topshop Bloom7
Topshop Bloom6
Topshop Bloom5
Topshop Bloom4
Topshop Bloom2
Topshop Bloom
Topshop Bloom11
Topshop Bloom3