Vintage Fashionistas Cheer For Pink And Orange!

imageYou don’t need to be a genius to determine that I am not a big fan of pink, based on a quick peek into my closet. Or orange, for that matter. So it’s hard for me to explain why I squeal with delight when I see these two colors together. I guess sometimes what seems like two fashion wrongs can actually make a big fashion right! And lots of folks agree. Like Jonathan Adler, for instance, who believes there’s no better way to banish the blues than with this bright color combination. Or Alexander Girard and so many other designers in the 1960s who married these two tangy shades in home decor and advertising as well as in fashion. Today’s slideshow features some outstanding vintage examples of this zesty color pairing, which is like putting on an instant good mood (or enjoying a nice big scoop of rainbow sherbet). Who can possibly stay dreary while wearing something this bright and cheery? Click the slideshow to get inspired!

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