Made in the Future: Colin Raney of IDEO explains the inner-workings of their side project—made possible with help from MIT Media Lab

Made in the Future

Hardcore sci-fi writers, NASA researchers and even government policymakers are tasked with dreaming up the next century’s goals for mankind, but cult design consulting firm IDEO wanted to explore a “not-so-distant” future from a designer’s perspective….

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First Smartwatch by Android Wear

Après le lancement de la plate-forme de Google pour les appareils portables, Motorola introduit Moto 360, la première montre effectuée Smartwatch sur Android. Moto 360 vous permet une quantité de fonctions, messages, téléphone, rappels, internet etc. Une création à découvrir en photos et vidéo dans la suite.

First Smartwatch powered by Android Wear 1
First Smartwatch powered by Android Wear 7
First Smartwatch powered by Android Wear 6
First Smartwatch powered by Android Wear 5
First Smartwatch powered by Android Wear 4
First Smartwatch powered by Android Wear 3
First Smartwatch powered by Android Wear 2

The 2014 Architizer A+ Awards: The second year of the global architecture award program has narrowed down its finalists and now it’s time for the public to vote

The 2014 Architizer A+ Awards

Cool Hunting is proud to be a media partner for the second annual Architizer A+ Awards. This year showed the debut of a new category, Product Awards, as well as new faces to the jury panel (including CH’s very own founder, Continue Reading…

Design Indaba 2014: The Conference: South Africa’s annual discourse on how creativity and innovation can affect real change throughout the world at large

Design Indaba 2014: The Conference

Many wondrously pioneering things happen daily in South Africa, yet surprisingly much of the world still seems slightly unaware of the nation’s enduring commitment to progressive reform. The country is often still regarded by much of the modern world as underdeveloped—and even worse, unconcerned or unable. But each year founder…

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Ingenious : A story of American automotive innovation and grassroots invention


It’s a common sentiment around the world that everything is bigger in the US—from parking lots to fast-food beverages. In his latest book “Ingenious,” author Jason Fagone proves that the…

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Illuminated Data Map of the World

The Global Data Chandelier est une installation artistique créée pour le cercle de réflexion et d’influence sur la politique étrangère des États-Unis, basé à Washington DC. Imaginée par Sosolimited, Hypersonic Engineering & Design, Plebian Design et Chris Parlato, elle est composée de 425 lampes et distribue visuellement en temps réel des informations économiques et écologiques.


Intel + Opening Ceremony’s Wearable Tech: We speak with Intel’s VP of New Devices Group Ayse Ildeniz on the fusion of tech and fashion through the collaboration with Barney’s, OC and the CFDA

Intel + Opening Ceremony's Wearable Tech

“The big smartphone wave came, and the tablets have come, and people’s interaction with technology has been changing, significantly increasing the amount of people technology has touched over the years,” explains Ayse Ildeniz, VP of New Devices Group at Intel during a…

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Moment Mobile Lenses: Two effective ways for phone photographers to enhance their images

Moment Mobile Lenses

As the phone continues to become the most widely used camera in the Western world, we’ve seen everything from moldable tripods and clever lens adaptors to the comical monopod selfie-assister. Though…

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Best of CH 2013: Crowdfunded Projects: From photography to tech and travel, Kickstarter and the ilk had a big year in helping set ideas in motion

Best of CH 2013: Crowdfunded Projects

Once again, crowdfunding showed no sign of slowing in 2013. While Kickstarter is still top dog in terms of introducing new ideas, traffic to similar sites like Indiegogo and Rally continues to pick up—meaning we may just still be seeing the tip of the iceberg that is the popularity of…

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Link About It: This Week’s Picks : Robert Capa’s surprising color photos, Google’s 2013 Zeitgeist, Nico Muhly’s review of Beyoncé and more

Link About It: This Week's Picks

1. Japanese Temari Spheres Temari spheres, a craft brought to Japan from China in the seventh century, are hand-embroidered using bits of thread—often from old kimonos—which are carefully crafted into spherical balls (though they’re most certainly…

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