Stylehive’s Stylescopes Show That Accessorizing Is A Cinch!

imageIt’s no news that nowadays belts are more about fashion than function. Gone are the days that belts should only be discreet and embellishment-free for maximum waistband-cinching without the buckle bulges. Now they’re all about accessorizing, bedazzling, shaping looser ensembles, or even adding pops of color to otherwise drab monochrome outfits. So with all the stylish choices in the realm of belts, how does a girl choose? Look no further than Stylehive’s Stylescopes to see what kind of waist-hugger is written in your fashion future! Geminis can ditch the chunky jewelry and dress up an LBD with a hammered gold belt for some flash, and the Virgo gals can hop on the chain trend and toughen up a girly dress with this multi-strand silver belt. Take a look at the slideshow to see what kind of belt will make your sign’s next outfit!

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