Stylehive’s “Hive It” Button Is Now On!

imageLet’s go on a little shopping trip, shall we? First stop: Why, you ask? Go to the web site and see for yourself! Go to any product page- say, this I ‘Heart’ Ronson crinkle top– and under the “Add To Bag” button, you’ll see a row of icons belonging to Facebook, MySpace, Stylehive, and Kaboodle. Recognize the orange one? That’s our “Hive It” button- click on it and you’ll automatically bookmark the item! Just select your images and tags as usual, and voila! Hiving from is easy as that. Be sure you’re already logged in to your Stylehive account, and try it for yourself! Want to add the “Hive It” button to your web site or e-store? Go here to get started! Happy hiving!
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