Smart Stuff June 2007 round-up.

It’s always hard to choose, but with the superb clarity of hindsight we’ll look back at June 2007 and pick 5 inventions to make the June 2007 round-up (in no rank order):

• The Worldbike (more) from Kenya, since it helps to solve a problem that really needs to be solved.

• Henry Liu’s method of using fly ash as a building material (more), since this too is a problem that has waited too long for a solution. Mr. Liu’s idea looks promising.

• The digital luggage scale (more) since it would solve a problem that has cost us way too much cash already.

• The potato scrub glove (more) from Clas Ohlson since it has proved to be such a fun little gift to friends and acquaintances.

• The thermo acoustic stove/fridge/generator construction (more) since it, as the Worldbike, promises to solve a problem that really needs a solution.

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