Smart water purifier one of Index 2007 winners.

The Danish design competition Index rewards design that can make life on this planet a little (or a lot) easier. The other year the smart personal water purifier LifeStraw won one of the prizes. We have covered LifeStraw previously. One of this year’s winners is a smart lid that transforms discarded soda- or beer cans into a safe disposal for medical sharps. Our previous post here. An idea that we have not seen before, however, is the 2007 winner in the Home category; the Solar Bottle water cleaner. The Solar Bottle utilizes the known fact that heat and UV radiation cleans water from bacteria and harmful micro organisms. The new design makes this process faster and more efficient. The four liter bottle is wide and flat, thus exposing a larger surface towards the sun; one side is dark colored, which enhances infrared absorption and speeds up heating. The carrying handle, finally, is designed to allow adjustment to achieve the most efficient angle towards the sun. Design Alberto Meda and Francisco Gomez Paz. More on Index 2007. brbr

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