Resealable Soda Can with Ads


I discovered this really interesting packaging concept that allows for a soda can to be resealed called Soda-Seal. The concept was invented by Johan de Broyer of Ukraine and co-inventor, Robert Davis of Davis Advertising. Robert is credited with design and development of patent drawings, 3-D models and video animations of the concept in action.  

Watch video animations here and here. The latest video is here.

(video screen shots above and link references are courtesy of Davis Advertising, Inc.)

In Johan’s words, "They say the best ideas are often the simplest: but in reality, the best are the ones that can make money.

My Invention of the Advertising Soda Seal is not just as a way of
keeping our drinks sparkling, but opening up a new advertising media
across the 250 billion drinks cans consumed annually.

My Invention of the Advertising Soda Seal costs no more to manufacture
than existing cans and offers the golden ticket of extra value for the
consumer and revenues for the drinks companies.

There are numerous benefits including:

• Net-zero production cost. The “mini-billboard” advertising message is
sold to co-promoters. Advertising revenues will offset the cost of

• Advertising messaging can include hidden codes, prizes, logos,
branding, websites, scent, flavor and other messaging technologies.

• Prevents potential injury or death from bee and wasp stings when
these insects (attracted to sugars) enter open soft drink cans which
are drunk by unsuspecting victims."

What I like about this concept vs. others I’ve seen, is that this
seems to work with existing can-making technology. Very little
modification to equipment should be necessary to make this work. Also,
the only added component of a disc makes this quite cost effective. You
can opt to have an ad or promotional message printed on the inner disc,
which reveals itself when rotated. Overall, this is a product
innovation that’s likely to become a reality (not just a concept that
will stay that way.)

(note: 1.22.09 – this post has been edited to include missing design credits.)

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