Recession Chic: 10 Must-Have Messenger Bags Under $75!

imageIf your lengthy list of resolutions has so far only amounted to a big 2010 FAIL, it may not be entirely your fault. Sometimes when you get too ambitious with your start-of-the-year goals, your plans can contradict each other. For example, it’s hard to spend more quality time with your family while still leaving sufficient time for the gym. And it’s nearly impossible to be stylish, stay organized, and keep yourself on a budget all at the same time. Or is it? I’m here to let you know that you can confidently throw that beat-up old backpack in the trash — there are more fashionable alternatives for staying neat and organized on the go for work or school. Keep your laptop safe and close at hand with a messenger bag from Target (only $24.99!), or if you’d prefer something a little more versatile, this messenger backpack from Urban Outfitters can be used for anything from school to a celebratory post-work happy hour (yes, you can still go out on a budget too!). Browse the slideshow for more of my favorite cute carry-alls at recession-friendly costs!

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