Ginnifer Goodwin Wears A Dress Made Of Hospital Scrubs

image If you ever get a chance to walk around the streets of San Francisco, aside from endless views of the fog and rolling hills you’ll notice numerous buildings that make up the Academy of Art University. Since the Stylehive office is neighbors with an Academy of Art building, I’ve seen some super snappy dressers milling about the neighborhood. Based on their long history at New York Fashion Week, I know that their students will make it in the art and fashion worlds. And it already looks like a few students got a head start! Priscilla Guimarais, Kumiko Haruyama, Nui Tanapornwattana, Audrey Wang and Tramaine Tillman created a collection of sustainable dresses for a class project. “Big Love” and “He’s Just Not That Into You” actress Ginnifer Goodwin wore one such piece from the collection at 20th Anniversary Environmental Media Association Awards in Los Angeles. Made of hospital scrubs, the fabric was treated, dyed and pleated in a fabulous strapless dress. The future is bright and totally green for the lucky students and I can’t wait to see more! Photo credit: Associated Press

Make A Bold Statement With Colorblock Home Decor

image The colorblock craze is one that I like very much. There is nothing more sophisticated than that classic combo of black and white. Bright, solid hues matched with black or each other make for an eye-catching and fashionable ensemble. It’s such an easy and appealing way to add interest and color, it’s a wonder that it hasn’t caught on in home decor as well. Be a trend-setter and apply this tried and true style statement to your home. You can choose a few of your favorite colors and use them in a number of accents. Throw pillows and rugs are an easy way to go and make boring rooms more colorful and energetic. Items like placemats and shower curtains are also fun and easy ways to spruce up your living space and give your home a harmonious theme without having to spend too much! Click on the slideshow for some great colorblock ideas that you can bring into your home!

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Hot In The Hive: R.I.P. Tombstone Nail Color

image So far, we’ve given you lots of options for Halloween makeup, in case you’re looking for an excuse to splurge on more dramatic products and shades you may normally not allow yourself to indulge in on any average day. But what if your beauty budget doesn’t exactly allow for high-end costume-y makeup you know you’ll never use again until it’s way past its expiration date? Luckily, the lines carried at Sephora aren’t the only ones boasting Halloween-friendly products — bargain drugstore brands are going festive with their shades too. Wet ‘N Wild’s costume-specific line, Fantasy Makers, has just released their own mini-collection of R.I.P. Tombstone Nail Polish just for the spooky season. While the three different shades (shiny black, multicolored glitter, and a sheer glow-in-the-dark shade) are pretty “Halloweenie,” they’re inexpensive enough to be worth the splurge. Plus, the bottle is totally cute, in an appropriately morbid sort of way…

Price: $2.50 each
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Dress Up Your Gadgets In Mulberry Accessories For Apple Products

image Your Apple laptops, iPhones and more will get more chic soon with the launch of the new Mulberry accessories for Apple products. The line of bags and gadget holders for men and women feature protective padding, headphone access, and Mulberry’s luxe leather and designs. The collection includes bags in Mulberry’s natural leathers as well as gorgeous MacBook and MacBook Pro sleeves and small bags in the season’s colors or a bold smudged leopard print. The goods will be available Nov 1st in stores the UK, then starting December 1st, they will be available online. Sign up via the Mulberry web site to receive a reminder when they arrive. Click over to Coquette to read more on the latest fashion news and trends!

Furnish Your Home With One-Of-A-Kind Designs From Baker Furniture

image “Enchanting,” “exclusive” and “one-of-a-kind” are words that describe legendary design icon Tony Duquette, his lavish LA estate “Dawnridge,” and Baker Furniture’s luxury line by Hutton Wilkinson. Join Wilkinson, (who worked with Duquette for 30 years as an apprentice, assistant and then business partner) as he gives us a glimpse inside a magical home where inspiration and beauty reside. “The Select Works of Tony Duquette” line features recreations of his furniture, lighting and accessories and is available at Baker Furniture locations worldwide. Wilkinson also creates bold, colorful jewelry pieces that follow the Duquette design aesthetic– and as he says, “If it’s not fabulous, it’s meaningless.”

Babes In Boo-land: Halloween Costumes For Little Ones!

image At age one, I was a mouse, and front-page news for winning my small town’s Halloween costume contest. While my fifteen minutes of fame has come and gone, there may be a little one in your life who has a winning future too. Yes, sometimes toddlers don’t like costumes — or clothes in general, for that matter — but wrestling them into an over-sized, plush lobster may just be worth the hassle. It’s probably true that junior won’t remember his or her first anything let alone the first October 31st, but the pictures will live to tell the story of a good costume. The best thing about these costumes is that they’re timeless, and certainly reusable for the next little nugget that will fit into them. Don’t make them too scary though — the thought of getting a toddler into a costume is frightening enough. Click through the slideshow for some adorable Halloween costumes for babies!

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Small Space Storage Solutions For The Closet-less Fashionista

image Lately I’ve been looking at apartments with some friends who are looking to move to a new place. While many have spacious kitchens, lots of windows, and large bedrooms, I’ve found that some have tiny closets or no closet at all! I’m certainly not a fan of using the hallway closet to hold all of my clothes along with the vacuum cleaner, but there are definitely options that can keep your clothes safely in your room. If you have a small closet, keep all your dresses, shirts, and pants inside the closet. Then make the most of your free wall space by adding something like the Fleur-De-Lys Hook Rack to hang your jackets and coats. For larger storage solutions for the closet-less, go for an armoire like this bamboo wardrobe (cute dog not included). An armoire may seem like a fortune to spend, but if you get a quality piece you love, you’ll keep it forever. Lastly, for the minimalist (in style and budget), a simple rolling rack may do just fine for less than $20. Take a peek at my slideshow to see it all!

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Style Flashback: Lisa Turtle From ‘Saved by the Bell’

image Jessie Spano was the brains and Kelly Kapowski was the beauty, but it was Lisa Turtle who had all the style. Saved by the Bell‘s resident style expert and gossip queen was sassy with sophisticated taste — heck, she was even accepted into the Fashion Institute of Technology on the show’s finale. But could we pull off her over-the-top look? To the rescue with some tips on making it work: our in-house fashion expert Brian. Brian says Lisa’s wild style is back in a big way with graphic fit-and-flare dresses and light-wash denim jackets. Turn down the volume on her high-intensity style by sticking to tamer prints with fewer colors. Check out more of Lisa Turtle’s style by clicking over to our friends at Lemondrop!

Hot In The Hive: Giuseppe Zanotti Swarovski-Embellished Sandals

image Giuseppe Zanotti was born in San Mauro Pascoli, an Italian town by the Adriatic Sea with a long tradition in shoemaking. He’s been making shoes for over twenty years, first as a design apprentice and now for his eponymous line. His designs are known for being high quality, unique, and of course, totally sexy. One of his latest creations is no exception to the rule. His Swarovski-embellished sandals are over the top and super glamorous. I think they’d be the perfect pair of shoes to wear if you’re going to a fashionable Halloween costume party whether you’re dressed as a witch or even as Victoria Beckham. Of course, if you’re going to spend over $1000 on a pair of shoes, you’ve got to be able to wear them again! You can wear them to get over an ex or to all the holiday parties coming up soon. If you don’t know how to already, start learning how to handle all the compliments you’re going to get!

Price: $1150
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Shop For Pink Beauty Products And Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

image We are now in the midst of Breast Cancer Awareness month and some of your favorite beauty and skincare brands have made it easier for you to remember the constant fight we’re facing to prevent and cure this disease. Clinique offers a face lotion in a decorated bottle, Shiseido is jumping on board with a shimmering eye palette, and Estee Lauder has a number of products to support their pink ribbon campaign- you can find out more about their efforts here. Many other products, like tweezers and hair straighteners, are showing up in that recognizable baby pink and proudly displaying small ribbon decals. Click on the slideshow to shop 10 beauty products that contribute to the cause.

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