Measuring shot-glass with international scales.

Yesterday’s sunday walk took us to one of the DesignTorget shops in Stockholm. We fiddled about with a lot of tempting stocking fillers, but the one that caught our eye and made us whip out the plastic was this little shot-glass measuring glass. With four different scales (teaspoons, tablespoons, ounces and milliliters) it will make our life with our foreign cookbooks a little easier. Not that we haven’t used other ways of converting measures before, but this will be fast and convenient. The glass was SEK 45:- (approx. USD 5:60) but unless you’re living in Sweden you’re not likely to stumble upon one of the DesignTorget shops. If you want one, we’ve found the exact same one on Amazon. And at a better price, too – USD 3:50-brbr

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