Hot In The Hive: Philosophy Winter Escape Set

imageWhat is it about festive drinks like hot apple cider and eggnog that gets me into the holiday mood (even when the unseasonable 70 degree weather outside is really betraying my pre-Christmas spirit)? No matter what the forecast, one sip of hot chocolate and I’m instantly transported out of my uncomfortable heels and straight to the ski lodge, all warm and cozy in a Snuggie (or not). But what’s even better — now you can enjoy the yummy winter-warmness of the season even in the shower! Philosophy’s Winter Escape Set comes complete with a trio of peppermint hot chocolate-themed products: shower gel, lotion, and lip shine, all wrapped in an adorable winter cottage box. Sure, it’s not the same as drinking cocoa by the fire (I’m pretty sure downing this won’t taste good), but lathering up with anything cocoa and marshmallow-scented, paired with the comfy steaminess of your shower, is probably the next best thing! The set also makes a super cute gift to anyone who loves at-home pampering!

Price: $25
Who Found It: xgalexy was the first to add the Philosophy Winter Escape Set to the Hive.

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