Hot In The Hive: Meringue Rings

imageI have to admit that while I work in the notoriously food phobic fashion industry, I love all aspects of food. If you’re ever a fly on the wall of the Stylehive office, you can hear most of us gab about the latest cheap eats or restaurants we’ve been to. So of course, I’ve got to have some fashion accessories that look like food like my Ritz Cracker earrings and gum drop necklace. My fingers have been feeling lonely from the lack of food related goodies, but today’s the day! I found these super charming Meringue Rings that look good enough to eat. These realistic treats may look like they’re made of sugar and egg whites, but it’s actually silicone. They come in three sizes and inexpensive enough to buy as stocking stuffers for all your food loving fashionista friends. Just don’t be tempted to nibble on them!

Price: $22
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