Hanukkah Trinkets And Treats For Eight Crazy Nights!

imageAs a kid, I fondly remember being far more excited about Hanukkah than say, my own birthday. I mean come on– eight nights of presents is so much better than one! Of course, that tradition sadly ended when I was around 10, and not long after, I was a tad crushed to find that the menorah I so diligently crafted in preschool (eight Lifesavers-turned-candle holders glued to a wooden plank- so modern!) had been replaced with a stainless steel one– growing up is tough. Nevertheless, I still look forward to the holiday with the same childlike excitement. Hanukkah begins at sundown this Friday, so click on the slideshow to see an assortment of Hanukkah trinkets and treats– jelly donuts and latkes not included!

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