Finally. A brick floor only 0.6 inches thick.

We’ve always admired brick floors. They have an air of age, warmth and general quality about them. Our brick floor plans have never gotten off the ground, however, since we’ve never had a place where we could get away with a floor that’s four inches thick. Now, we discover, there actually exists a new kind of brick floor that can be put into ordinary rooms wherever you can put in tiles. Enter the thin brick floor, only 15 mm (0,6 inches) thick. It is the company Isholtsten in Laholm, Sweden, who has developed a method to make floor bricks suitably thin. The clay comes from Hedemora, Sweden. The prick tiles are set in fix rather than ordinary mortar, and the bricks are finally treated with linseed oil. The floor is SEK 950:- per square meter (that’s about USD 140:-) or USD 13:- per square foot if we have not miscalculated. One of these days…brbr

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