Emergency battery for your mobile.

We have previously posted on the Charge2Go, a device that can suck the power out of an ordinary AA battery to inject it into your starving cellphone. We’ve also posted on the hand cranked chargers from Dino and the one from Freeplay. Not to mention the Cellboost, that looks like a small extra battery. Now here’s another take on the emergency power issue. The Reload bag of cellphone juice for emergencies when your phone is dying and you have an important call to make. It comes with adapters for a bunch of models from Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericson, LG, and Siemens. Available from Infoferenda for SEK 49:- (approx USD 7:-) and from Elkparts (with a SAAB logo) for GBP 9:99 (approx. USD 20:-) or USD 17:25. That is one expensive SAAB logo…brbr

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