The battery mower is back with improved battery tech.

Ordinary lawn mowers are supposed to be among the biggest air polluters in any community. Two-stroke engines, gas mixed with oil, no exhaust catalysts, spillage… Electrically powered mowers are of course a lot better for the environment, but everyone is not comfortable trailing a long power cord across the lawn. The optimal tool would be the battery powered lawnmower, but these have been hampered with heavy batteries, short operating time, and exacting care. Now, however, these issues may well be resolved and the battery mowers may become a real alternative. The new battery lawnmowers have lithium-ion batteries that are lighter, more powerful, and does not need the complicated care the old ones required. Here is one of them, the Bosch Rotak 43 LI for about SEK 4.000:- (approx. USD 590:-) in stores.brbr

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