Eight Almost-Too-Good-To-Be-Guilt-Free Holiday Indulgences!

imageIt’s a pretty well known fact that we all tend to gain a few pounds during the holidays. The endless holiday parties, Christmas cookies and spiked apple cider are just too hard to resist for most of us. But with all the parties, it’s actually the time of year I want to look my best in my little black cocktail dresses. One way to curb a nagging sweet tooth? Sugary sweet beauty products that have all the holiday cheer and feel without all the consequences. Turn your pre-party bubble bath in a delicious creme brulee soak with Laura Mercier’s honey bath. Light some sweet scented candles all over the house to give off the warm holiday feel of hot buttered rum and cookies baking. A chocolate or pumpkin spiced lip balm will keep you satisfied with high shine, great taste and perfectly kissable lips for those under-the-mistletoe smooches. Check out the SLIDESHOW for more sweet treats that will keep you looking hot in your body-conscious frocks!

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