bye bye 2008 … hello 2009!

I would like to wish you a magnificent and wonderful 2009 and I want to THANK YOU enormously for all your continues support, comments and emails … there were so many designs, artwork and crafts that I wish I could have shown you also in 2008, but there is just not enough space and time when working by yourself … but before we leave 2008 I really would like to share this with you …


Onkruid‘ … beautiful textile products inspired by weed, the tablecloth comes in 4 versions, made and designed in the Netherlands by Mara Skujeniece … see more amazing work by Mara right here


… and the beautiful 100% bamboo Magazine rack and chair by Lara de Greef and her Olympic Goldcups. Here you can read more about the very talented Dutch designer Lara de Greef.


… and how about this fantastic book … Vive la Fête … a DIY styling book for all occasions …  not your usual Christmas tree will be shown here! It is time for celebration with very different styling, playful homemade garlands and a mega-ultra-special personal vase for an extremely unique birthday … Vive la Fête … is brought to you by the fantastic Dutch stylingduo FriedaMaria and the beautiful photography is by Tjitske van LeeuwenUitgeverij Snor (mustache) published the book and you can order the book right here … at BijzonderMooi


When you visit the amazing website from FriedaMaria you will be bombarded by beautiful images, styling ideas and a lot of inspiration … it was a feast for me this morning to see all the ideas and totally understand why many international magazines and companies like to work with these brilliant ladies … Ontwerpstudio FriedaMaria

:: HAPPY NEW YEAR :: here’s to a splendid 2009 :: and may this New Year bring you all you are wishing for …

I will be back on Monday January 5 2009 ……………………………

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