Bicycle with electric motor assist.

It’s not exactly cheap, but it could be a steal anyway. The Electric Motion Systems’ E+ electrically assisted bicycle could prove to provide a major improvement in your health, the health of the planet and, of course, the health of your finances. After the initial investment you could improve your health by biking to work instead of driving, you would use much less gas, and subsequently spend less money. The E+’s electric motor is situated in the rear hub and the battery in the front. This could make the bike a little front heavy, but we’ll reserve any opinions on its handling until we’ve had a chance to test drive it. Other things are more obviously smart, like the regenerative braking, which enables the battery to get charged each time the rider brakes, and the the handlebar-mounted LCD display which shows speed, distance traversed, battery level and whether or not cruise control is enabled. It is a hefty USD 3,495:-, but considering the price of gas lately…brbr

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